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Speed Boost: Raises this Pokemon's Speed by 1 stage each turn.

Compoundeyes: Boosts accuracy by 30%.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

HypnoYanma Timid Life Orb / Wide Lens

Moves EVs

Bug Buzz
Air Slash
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Compoundeyes may not be as effective as Speed Boost for a sweep, but having 78% (or 91% in Diamond and Pearl) accuracy Hypnosis on such a fast Pokemon is very good. Hypnosis is first used most of the time, which gets a very nice accuracy boost courtesy of Compoundeyes. Air Slash also benefits from Compoundeyes, making sure that it hits 100% of the time. On the turn after Hypnosis is successful, Substitute is used on the switch to be safe from hits. After the foe's counter is revealed, Air Slash or Bug Buzz can be used to scout the foe's main retaliating attack, allowing you to switch to a counter of your own.

The choice between Life Orb and Wide Lens is a matter of Hypnosis accuracy. With Life Orb, you get more power but lose the ability to set up a maximum amount of Substitutes. Wide Lens is there to boost Hypnosis's accuracy to 84% with Compouneyes, but really has no other use. You can put the last 4 EVs in Def or anything beside HP so you can perform Substitute 4 times and survive Stealth Rock 2 times.

Credit to Skochko for this set.

Set Name Nature Item

Sweeper Modest Life Orb

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Ice
Bug Buzz
Air Slash
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

This Yanma works as a sweeper by taking advantage of Speed Boost to allow it to outspeed nearly any NFE. It is important to rid the field of Stealth Rock, and ensure the foe's priority attack-users are dealt with before attempting to sweep with this set, however, as Yanma falls to nearly any Ice Shard, STAB Aqua Jet or STAB Bullet Punch. Hidden Power Ice is Yanma's best attack against Gligar, Graveler, Onix, Gabite and Shelgon, while Bug Buzz and Air Slash provide Yanma its main STAB attacks. Shadow Ball may seem appealing, and is an option if your team needs a better answer to Haunter and Misdreavus, although it should be kept in mind that both attacks hit Psychics, most notably Kadabra, for KOs. Air Slash also gives Yanma a reliable answer to Monferno, who cannot break through Yanma with its most common priority attack, Vacuum Wave or Mach Punch.

After a Speed Boost, this Yanma is tied with ScarfBite with the given Speed EVs. It is important to note that Yanma should have an odd-numbered HP stat with this set to allow it 2 switches into Stealth Rock, and to give it 11 hits with Life Orb. Special Attack is maximized to remedy Yanma's barely passable Special Attack.

Team Benefit monferno wartortle tentacool

As far as Sleep inducers, Yanma is as close to perfect accuracy as one can get in OU NFE, outside of a Spore-user such as Shroomish or Paras, who are both more suited for UU. Yanma also carries many weaknesses with its Bug / Flying combination that are hard to synergize with, and so only works at best on a team when its Hypnosis boost can be fully taken advantage of by other set-up sweepers. Bronzor with Heatproof synergizes fairly well with Yanma, and can use the Hypnosis turn to setup screens or Stealth Rock. While both are weak to Flying attacks, Monferno grants an Ice and Fire resistance, which can allow it a Swords Dance or Nasty Plot on a switch, allowing it to potentially sweep.

Yanma is horribly crippled by Stealth Rock (taking around 50% damage from it), so a Rapid Spinner is highly recommended when using it. Synergy is somewhat tricky with a Rapid Spinner for Yanma, however. Wartortle holds the title as the best Rapid Spin-user in NFE, making it a strong consideration, although it in no way synergizes with Yanma. Tentacool grants Yanma a switch-in to Ground attacks, although the Electric weakness remains.

Counters marshtomp monferno murkrow

Sneasel outspeeds Yanma before a Speed boost, and can KO with either Ice Shard or Ice Punch. Marshtomp takes little damage from most of Yanma's attacks, and can attack with Ice Punch. Nosepass takes little damage from all of Yanma's attacks, and can hit hard with Rock attacks, even with its relatively low offenses. Piloswine is at most neutral to Yanma's most common attacks, and can threaten with Ice Shard. Diglett and Murkrow only fear switching into Hidden Power Ice, and can cause serious damage with Sucker Punch, although one should be wary of the first set for potential Substitutes, which can take Sucker Punch on the next turn, allowing Yanma to hit with Hidden Power Ice.


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