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Keen Eye: Prevents accuracy loss.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Special Sweeper Timid Life Orb

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Water
Air Slash
Shock Wave
Ice Beam
252 Sp Atk / 240 Spd / 16 Def

It's sad that Wingull doesn't get Surf or Hydro Pump, but Hidden Power Water with a Life Orb is still a reasonably powerful attack. With Ice Beam and Shock Wave, no UU NFE bar Chinchou is resistant to Wingull's attacks, meaning it can hit anything for at least neutral damage. Air Slash hits Croagunk, Riolu, Mankey and most forms of Makuhita (anything higher than 0 HP / 252 Sp Def will survive) for a clean OHKO, while being a better option against Grass types thanks to its flinch rate. Ice Beam is mainly to cover Bagon and Dratini, proving to be Wingull's best remainder for an attacking option, as Ominous Wind hits almost nothing for more damage than its other attacks, apart from Shuppet. Shock Wave covers opposing Water types, KOing the standard Remoraid, and 2HKOing minimum-defense Totodile, Krabby, Carvanha, and 2HKOing most forms of Finneon, Psyduck, Wailmer, Corphish and Buizel, feats it cannot muscle without an Electric move.

Some may be inclined to use Water Pulse / Hidden Power Electric to do more damage to Water-type Pokemon. However, it should be noted that no UU NFE Water-types are affected by this change. Tentacool, Carvanha, Wailmer, Wartortle, Shellder and Marill all take no KO changes with the miniscule power increase. The only inclination is for a OHKO against Totodile when factoring in Stealth Rock damage. In addition, Anorith is almost always OHKOed with Hidden Power Water when factoring in Stealth Rock damage, whereas Water Pulse has only a meager 2% chance of accomplishing this. Hidden Power Water is also needed to secure a OHKO on a maximum Special Defense Onix, who is 85% of the time 2HKOed by Water Pulse.

Because Wingull has Hidden Power Water, it cannot reach its maximum Speed, and drops into a Speed "dead zone", meaning Magby is the next considerable Pokemon to outspeed. 240 puts Wingull at a Speed of 292, which accomplishes this. Special Attack, of course, is maximized to do the most damage, while the remaining EVs are dumped into Defense to aid in priority attacks. It is inadvisable to switch to a +Sp Atk Nature on this set because this means Wingull cannot outspeed Magby, Elekid, Skiploom, Gastly, Anorith, Doduo and Stunky, which can all threaten Wingull with a clean OHKO, or threaten to put it to sleep or paralyze it in Skiploom's case.

Team Benefit graveler vibrava chinchou baltoy

Wingull is an excellent lure for Ground attacks thanks to its x4 weakness to it. Using Ground teammates such as Graveler, Vibrava and Baltoy can give these Pokemon a free switch-in to set up or attack the foe. Chinchou with Volt Absorb is also a useful candidate for a free switch-in, and attracts Ground attacks better than the other listed Pokemon, possibly letting Wingull switch back into an opposing Onix or Gible attempting to use Earthquake. With a Life Orb and a Stealth Rock weakness, Wingull can take a lot of residual damage. This means a Rapid Spinner, again Baltoy, can serve Wingull very well in giving it a less painful switch-in. Anti-leads such as Skiploom, Onix, Meowth, Drifloon and Stunky can help in stopping Stealth Rock from being set up in the first place. Stunky is notable in that its only weakness is Ground, meaning the only way a foe can seriously damage it or threaten a OHKO is with a Ground attack, which Wingull will happily switch into.

Counters chinchou flaaffy drowzee

Wingull has terrible defenses, and an extremely exploitable x4 weakness to Electric attacks. Chinchou is Wingull's single best counter in that it resists each and every one of Wingull's viable attacking options, and even the very rare Ominous Wind fails to 2HKO. It can freely switch into a predicted Shock Wave and shut down Wingull with one Thunderbolt. Bulky Electric Pokemon such as Flaaffy and Luxio can also switch into almost anything Wingull can throw at them, and immediately threaten with an Electric attack. While Voltorb can't switch into anything but Air Slash, it is faster than Wingull, and can immediately shut it down with Thunderbolt.

Priority moves are also a huge issue to Wingull, especially if Stealth Rock is up. Shuppet and Grimer can cause heavy damage to Wingull with Shadow Sneak, although only Grimer will take a manageable hit from any of Wingull's attacks. In spite of only doing half damage, Aqua Jet users such as Marill, Wartortle, Kabuto and Carvanha can still do a huge number on Wingull when factoring in Stealth Rock and Life Orb recoil. Wartortle and Prinplup in themselves can take on Wingull even with nothing but Waterfall or Aqua Jet in that both of them are 3HKOed by Wingull's Shock Wave. Drowzee and Shieldon have enough Special Defense to ward off Wingull's attacks (bar Hidden Power Water on Shieldon), and can threaten back with a neutral Psychic or Stone Edge, respectively.


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