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Levitate: This Pokemon is immune to Ground-type attacks.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

ScarfBrava Naughty Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Grass
192 Atk / 64 Sp Atk / 252 Spd

Vibrava's at-best mediocre Speed and passable attacking stats make good use of a Choice Scarf. Vibrava still cannot deal with many priority attacks, but this set still works extremely well as one of UU NFE's best revenge killers. Outrage is Vibrava's strongest physical STAB attack, and is Vibrava's main sweeping tool once you ensure that priority users, especially Swinub, Seel, Shellder and Snover, are dealt with. Hidden Power Grass seems like a very odd option at first, but proves as Vibrava's best answer to Onix, Rhyhorn, Omanyte and Shellder, who all sport a very high amount of Defense that shy Vibrava away from physical attacks, as Outrage cannot even 3HKO the standard Onix and Rhyhorn, while Omanyte is also 3HKOed and can threaten Vibrava with Ice Beam. Hidden Power Grass remedies this by ensuring a 2HKO on all of these threats, meaning if these Pokemon switch in hoping for Outrage or possibly U-Turn, they will be forced to either switch or die due to the next incoming Hidden Power. Earthquake is a secondary STAB attack, hitting Aron, Shieldon, Luxio (who fails to outspeed even with a Choice Scarf unless it goes with nearly max Speed), Mankey, Ponyta, most forms of Kabuto and max Defense Tentacool for a clean OHKO. U-Turn is very important on this set because it allows Vibrava to scout for Ice Sharders that mean the end of it. U-Turn should always be used first if you aren't fully sure of your foe's team, or cannot afford to introduce a potential Ice Shard counter at a certain point in the game.

With the given EVs, Vibrava's Hidden Power Grass is always a 2HKO on even max Special Defense Onix, Rhyhorn and Omanyte. With max Speed and an Adamant Nature, Vibrava ties with Mankey in terms of Speed. If outspeeding Mankey is not a concern, an option is to use an EV spread of 224 Atk / 64 Sp Atk / 220 Speed. This Attack increase will give Vibrava a 92% chance to OHKO a minimum Defense Loudred with Outrage, versus a normal 74% chance (factoring in Stealth Rock damage). It also gives Vibrava's Outrage an 85% chance of 2HKOing a 252 HP / 0 Defense Cubone with Leftovers, versus a normal 54% chance, factoring in Stealth Rock damage. In addition, if Vibrava has the misfortune of using Earthquake while a foe sends in a 0 Defense Nuzleaf, Earthquake has an 84% chance of 2HKOing Nuzleaf when factoring in Stealth Rock damage, versus an alternative 58% chance.

Team Benefit chinchou quilava ponyta meditite beldum

One of the few NFEs that resist QuakeSlide, Vibrava makes a rather unique UU NFE sweeper, giving a team very usable resistances. However, it is highly hampered by Ice Shard, meaning these Pokemon should be easily dealt with for the rest of the team. Chinchou proves as one of the best anti-Ice Shard Pokemon with its usable Defense and HP stat, resistance to Ice Shard itself, and access to STAB Thunderbolt, which shuts down Seel and Shellder, and it also gets Surf to handle Swinub and Phanpy. Snover and Snorunt are the only other Ice Sharders in UU NFE, with only Snover being a considerable threat, as it can hit Chinchou hard with Wood Hammer or Energy Ball, and is at worst neutral to Ice Beam. A Fire-type such as Ponyta or Quilava can also work, threatening Snover, Snorunt and Swinub with Fire attacks, while being able to cover Seel, Shellder, Swinub and Phanpy with Hidden Power Grass.

Ground lures work well to introduce Vibrava into a switch-in, especially Baltoy. Psychic Pokemon such as Meditite and Drowzee can lure Baltoy in. Even if it uses Light Screen or Reflect, Scarf Vibrava can hit it hard with Hidden Power Grass or Outrage, respectively. Tentacool is also an excellent teammate, offering weaknesses to Ground and Electric that Vibrava can switch into for free. While Tentacool can't take Ice Sharders down as easily, it is resistant to Ice Shard, and doesn't take a huge amount of damage from any of them, bar Swinub's Earthquake. Beldum can also introduce Vibrava into a switch-in, offering a Fire and Ground weakness, while still being resistant to Ice and Dragon, Vibrava's only weaknesses.

Counters seel phanpy metang shellder lickitung piloswine

Nearly any Ice Shard makes quick work of Vibrava. In UU, this means Seel, Phanpy, Shellder, Swinub, Snover and Snorunt. Shellder is notable for switching-in because of its high Defense, where other Ice Shard-users would be KOed or 2HKOed by one of Vibrava's attacks. Prinplup is bulky enough to handle most of Vibrava's attacks, and can counter with Avalanche or Ice Beam for a KO. Lickitung has enough Defense, as well, and can counter with Ice Punch.

In OU, Ice Shard-users include Sneasel and Piloswine, the former being Vibrava's best counter. It has enough Defense to take even Outrage, and can KO Vibrava back with Ice Shard. Metang only fears Earthquake, and can also KO with Ice Punch. While Shelgon doesn't pack an Ice attack, it has enough Defense to come in on anything other than Outrage, and hit back with its own Outrage, or Dragon Claw, for serious damage.


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