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Compoundeyes: Boosts accuracy by 30%.

Tinted Lens: The power of not-very-effective moves are doubled.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Spikes Setter Jolly Ability-Compoundeyes Leftovers

Moves EVs

Sleep Powder
Toxic Spikes
Stun Spore / Protect
Bug Bite
188 HP / 60 Def / 8 Sp Def / 252 Spd

One of the most useful Toxic Spikes users in UU NFE, Venonat works as a "poor man's Roselia" to teams. Its access to Sleep Powder and Stun Spore allow it to cripple the foe's team in the same manner as Roselia, but with less Speed to back it up. Still, Venonat only needs to survive two turns to get Toxic Spikes up, which with Morning Sun put into account, is easy once Venonat is sent into a foe that it can survive three hits from. On serious stall teams, Protect can work in the third moveslot to stall for Toxic damage, and mainly depends where on your team you are using Venonat; leads typically work with Stun Spore, as common switch-ins to Venonat include Scarf Houndour, Scarf Quilava, Drifloon, Magby and Ponyta, who will not appreciate being paralyzed. Bug Bite is used in the last moveslot to reliably 2HKO Exeggcute, and proves to be Venonat's most powerful physical attack.

A Jolly Nature with 252 Speed is enough to outspeed anything slower than a max Speed Totodile. Max Speed Larvitar, Porygon, Sandshrew and Snover are all outsped, allowing Venonat to put them to sleep with Sleep Powder, or set a layer of Toxic Spikes up. For teams who want a more reliable answer to Kirlia, a switch to 56 Defense / 0 Sp Def / 24 Atk can be used to effectively outspeed a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Kirlia, and KO it 90% of the time if it switches into Venonat hoping to attack with a STAB Psychic.

Team Benefit geodude rhyhorn kabuto larvitar aron

As a Toxic Spikes setter, many UU NFEs give Venonat competition, and one should only consider Venonat through its access to Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. Tentacool, Nidorina, Nidorino, Pineco and Omanyte are all for the most part sturdier than Venonat, and do their role of setting up Toxic Spikes better because of this. None of these Pokemon, however, can cripple teams with paralysis or Sleep Powder. Toxic stall teams who rely more on tanks rather than walls, or possibly a set-upper will benefit from Venonat in its ability to inflict these two status conditions, possibly giving it a chance to sweep later in the game when the foe's sleeping Pokemon is likely intact due to the switch-out, or paralyzed from Stun Spore. Rock-types such as Geodude, Rhyhorn, Kabuto and Larvitar all work well in such sweepers when considering synergy in their resistances to Fire and Flying attacks that Venonat is weak to. Aron is also an option; in exchange for being neutral to Fire attacks, it is resistant to Psychic attacks that Venonat is weak to.

Counters chimchar houndour stunky croagunk zubat pidgeotto

Any Taunter who is resistant to Bug attacks shuts down Venonat. Chimchar is the most notable for this, as it carries a STAB Flamethrower that can KO Venonat, leaving the player to either attack with Flamethrower off-the-bat for a OHKO on it, or use Taunt to force it to switch while Chimchar sets up, or even to switch to a common counter for Chimchar to deal with it accordingly. Houndour and Stunky also learn Taunt, with the former being able to outspeed Venonat, although they are both neutral to Bug. Grimer, though slower, can absorb Toxic Spikes, has access to Taunt, is resistant to Bug, and can hit Venonat with Flamethrower for a 2HKO. Zubat and Croagunk both carry x4 resistances to Bug, and can also use Taunt to shut down Venonat, while attacking with a STAB Sludge Bomb (or Heat Wave from the former), both of whom can outspeed Venonat. Glameow can outspeed Venonat, Taunt it, and has access to Aerial Ace to 2HKO Venonat.

Pidgeotto doesn't enjoy being put to sleep or being paralyzed, but can slam Venonat with a STAB Brave Bird, while taking little damage from Bug Bite. However, it takes a +Speed Nature and at least 48 Speed to outspeed Venonat before it infects Pidgeotto. Hoothoot carries Insomnia, protecting it from Sleep Powder, bulkier versions not minding Paralysis as much as faster Pokemon, and can hit Venonat with a STAB Air Slash, Aerial Ace or Wing Attack, while being resistant to Bug Bite.


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