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Arena Trap: Prevents the opponent from switching. Does not work against Flying-type foes, and those with Levitate.

Hyper Cutter: Prevents Attack reduction.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

SubTrapper Adamant Ability-Arena Trap Life Orb

Moves EVs

Rock Slide
Quick Attack
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd

Trapinch makes a great asset to a team that has a particular weakness to one Pokemon that needs to be exterminated to allow the rest of the team to work. Trapinch's Arena Trap ensure the foe cannot switch out this dangerous foe, allowing you to attack it and get it down before it dominates your team later on. Substitute works very well against Choiced or Encored Electric attacks, allowing Trapinch to set-up a Substitute on the useless turn that the foe gets, aiding Trapinch in attacking the foe's next switch-in. Rock Slide takes care of Drifloon, Hoothoot, Mantyke (if it is the foe's switch-in, that is) and Wingull, while combining with Earthquake for QuakeSlide. Earthquake is for general STAB, and manages common Pokemon that are favored for trapping, such as Flaaffy, Skorupi, Quilava, Magnemite and Croagunk. Quick Attack gives Trapinch a much-appreciated priority move in the event that Rock Slide or Earthquake fall short of a KO.

252 HP is maxed out to give Trapinch the highest HP for its Substitutes. Trapinch has relatively low defenses, and cannot withstand too much damage, anyway. 4 Speed allows you to outspeed neutral-natured, 0 Speed Slowpoke, Pineco, Wooper, Bonsly and Wooper.

Set Name Nature Item

CBPinch Adamant Ability-Arena Trap Choice Band

Moves EVs

Quick Attack
Rock Slide
252 Atk / 252 Sp Def / 4 Spd

Same EVs as above, but this Trapinch's goal is to immediately dispense of team enemies that could threaten a potential sweep from your team. While Trapinch's defenses are all but stellar, it has enough of a chance to survive a MixMar's Flamethrower in time for it to KO back with Earthquake. Electabuzz also falls short of a OHKO with Hidden Power Grass or Water, allowing Trapinch to KO with Earthquake. Furthermore, it is not walled by the likes of Haunter and Misdreavus thanks to Crunch, although both of them can freely switch out.

The Attack EVs are generic, giving Trapinch the maximum damage output after its main use of physically attacking. 4 Speed allows you to outspeed a neutral-natured, 0 Speed Pineco, Slowpoke and Bonsly, allowing you to hammer them with the respectable super-effective attack. The defensive EVs, however, are completely dependant on who is giving your team the most trouble. The Special Defense EVs are simply there for Electabuzz and Magmar, two very common issues for OU NFE teams. Trapinch's defenses are maximized by simply investing 252 into either Defense or Special Defense because of its stats, however. Investing all in Defense means Trapinch can always OHKO a Metang with Earthquake, while suffering at worst a 2HKO from Ice Punch, factoring in Stealth Rock damage. Sneasel, however, will invariably OHKO Trapinch with Ice Punch, and can always outspeed, making Trapinch a nearly useless check for Sneasel.

Team Benefit lombre ivysaur grotle doduo

Thanks to Arena Trap, a relatively rare ability, Trapinch is an amazing Pokemon for any team who has a glaring weakness to any certain non-Levitate/non-Flying Pokemon who have the potential to ruin an entire NFE team. Its access to QuakeSlide means coverage is not usually an issue unless your problem is Heatproof Bronzor. However, after the initial extermination of your desired threat, Trapinch is easily counterable by nearly any Ice, Grass or Water attack because of its considerably low defenses. The Choice Band set is also terrible set-up fodder when this occurs. Pairing Trapinch with a Grass Pokemon, particularly Grotle with its high defenses, can give Trapinch a good switch-out on the turn the foe sends in their counter. Lombre can also work thanks to its huge Water resistance and neutrality to Ice and Grass attacks, but cannot take the majority of Swords Dance-boosted attacks from the likes of Gligar or Sneasel. The type of lure that pairs well with Trapinch usually depends on the particular Pokemon that you wish to be able to take down with Trapinch's Arena Trap. For example, teams with a large Electabuzz weakness may elect to use Mantyke to force a Thunderbolt from Electabuzz from which Trapinch can switch into. Teams who are weak to Rhyhorn demand that Pokemon such as Pidgeotto or Doduo are used so Trapinch can switch into a Stone Edge. Keep in mind, however, that Trapinch isn't a defensive warehouse. With its very low Speed and only passable defenses, it cannot manage 3HKOs from many threats, whether they be physical or special. Depending on Trapinch's immunity to Electric and resistance to Rock is key.

Counters grotle ivysaur gastly gligar

Nearly any STAB Water, Grass or Ice attacks can take Trapinch down with one hit. Bulky Grass-types such as Bayleef, Gloom, Ivysaur, Tangela and Grotle take manageable damage from Crunch and Rock Slide, resist Earthquake, and can hit Trapinch with a STAB Energy Ball. Marshtomp has enough defense to take even the Choice Band set's Earthquake, and can hit with Ice Punch, Waterfall or Surf. Haunter and Gastly are immune to Quick Attack and Earthquake, and can hit Trapinch with Energy Ball, although one must be wary of Crunch. Gligar laughs at any attack Trapinch carries, and can use Trapinch as set-up fodder for Swords Dance. Rhydon doesn't enjoy a Choice Band-boosted Earthquake, but can use Trapinch as Rock Polish or Swords Dance set-up fodder if it uses Crunch or Rock Slide. Sneasel shuts Trapinch down entirely with a STAB Ice Punch, and the ability to always outspeed Trapinch, although the only thing it can really switch into is Crunch.


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