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Serene Grace: Doubles the chances of secondary effects occurring.

Hustle: Damage from physical attacks is boosted by x1.5, but average accuracy is dropped to 80%.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Support Calm Leftovers

Moves EVs

Thunder Wave
Heal Bell / Encore
Seismic Toss / Tri Attack
Roost / Wish
252 HP / 16 Def / 240 Sp Def

Togetic's amazing movepool coupled with sky-high defenses make it an extremely capable team-supporter. It has numerous supportive options, too many to list in fact. This set is just a general compilation of what a support Togetic could look like.

Thunder Wave is a great move for Togetic, as it makes up for its terrible Speed and paralysis is always helpful for partnering sweepers. Heal Bell eliminates any troublesome status effects for Togetic's team, which is helpful for stall or for any team that struggles with paralysis or poison damage. Encore is also usable to gain free setup or, in the case of a stall team, to stop last-Pokemon CurseTomp or such. Tri-Attack is far preferable for its amazing chance of status effects, but on stall this chance is negative and Seismic Toss is generally better. Roost is for obvious healing, though Wish is completely usable if desired. Almost any of Togetic's supporting moves can be altered to fit needs and still be viable, so when using this set making changes is encouraged.

The EVs and nature accomplish specific tasks. With the given spread, Timid Choice Specs Electabuzz can never OHKO Togetic with Thunderbolt, while Timid Choice Specs Magmar will never 2HKO Togetic with Flamethrower counting Leftovers. A Fire Blast from said Magmar doesn't even come close to OHKOing Togetic counting Stealth Rock damage. Life Orb Kadabra can never 2HKO Togetic, and Timid Specs Kadabra's Psychic can be stalled out with Roost and Leftovers until a Special Defense drop occurs. Finally, Choice Specs Haunter will not KO Togetic with Thunderbolt unless it rolls absolute maximum damage. Modest Choice Specs Dragonair will never 2HKO Togetic with Draco Meteor, and will also never OHKO with Stealth Rock damage counted. Finally, Jolly LO Lairon has a miniscule chance to 2HKO with Double Edge, forcing it to resort to the less-accurate Head Smash and risk a miss.

Credit to Rampaging Lairon for this set.

Set Name Nature Item

SpecsTic Modest Ability-Serene Grace Choice Specs

Moves EVs

Tri Attack
Hidden Power Water / Water Pulse
Fire Blast
Shadow Ball / Wish / Hidden Power Flying
252 HP / 248 Sp Atk / 8 Spd

Togetic also functions well as a Choice Specs user. Without Nasty Plot, Togetic now has room finally for its best move: Tri-Attack. The 40% chance of inflicting a random status on the foe is quite nice, although perhaps the most welcomed part is Tri-Attack's decent power, while being a STAB move not named Hidden Power. Because of this, Togetic can now use Hidden Power for coverage. Hidden Power Water is the best use of it, as it obliterates Rhydon and company. However, should secondary STAB in Hidden Power Flying be wanted, Water Pulse is an acceptable alternative. Fire Blast is the choice for the third slot due to its super-effective hit on Bronzor and Metang. Shadow Ball is chosen for the last slot to hit Misdreavus and Haunter hard, who love to switch in on a locked Tri-Attack. However, if Hidden Power Flying was chosen over Water, it can be used here. Finally, Wish is the last option. It allows Togetic to scout for its initial switch-in, and then switch out safely to a counter while providing a cushion.

8 Speed ensures Togetic outspeeds a 0 Speed, neutral-natured Rhydon, while outspeeding the majority of Grotle. Special Attack is maximized to give Togetic the best damage output. Togetic is rather slow to begin with, so the remaining EVs are delegated to defenses to give Togetic a chance to hit most foes that it will encounter.

Credit to Rampaging Lairon for this set.

Set Name Nature Item

Plot Sweeper Modest / Calm Ability-Serene Grace Life Orb / Leftovers

Moves EVs

Nasty Plot
Hidden Power Flying
Water Pulse / Shadow Ball
Roost / Fire Blast
252 HP / 248 Sp Atk / 8 Spd

If any NFE fits the niche of "bulky stat-boosting sweeper," it's Togetic. With its monstrous defenses and nice Special Attack stat, it can use Nasty Plot to an extent that nothing else can. However, it has a limited movepool for coverage and poor STAB options. Unfortunately for Togetic, it misses out on Air Slash. Although Hidden Power Flying has near the same base power, the loss of Hidden Power for coverage cripples Togetic. Water Pulse is its best secondary attack, as it hits the Rock types who eat Hidden Power Flying time and time again, while hitting Steel/Psychic types and boasting a nifty 40% chance of Confusion. Shadow Ball is another option however, as it also hits everything for neutral and will drop the opponent's Special Defense 40% of the time. However, Lairon is not hit for neutral and immediately destroys Togetic. Roost is recommended in the final slot to take advantage of Togetic's amazing bulk, but Fire Blast can combine with Water Pulse to take out all Flying-resistors easily, as Water takes out the Rock types while Fire Blast eliminates the defensively-weak Electric types while frying Metang and Bronzor.

Togetic's EV spread is heavily customizable, and the one listed is merely a guideline. Max HP is invested for Togetic to retain its superior bulk while eight Speed EVs are used to outrun 4 Speed Lairon and Rhydon, allowing for a quick KO with Water Pulse. The rest are thrown into Special Attack. However, as stated already, this EV spread should be customized to fit the needs of Togetic's team. Using a Calm nature and an EV spread of 252 HP/200 SpAtk/56 SpDf is possible. 56 SpAtk EVs give a bonus point, and then the rest are dumped into Special Attack again. More Special Defense is usable too on teams that lack such resistances. A Bold nature with Defense EVs is less advisable because Togetic won't really be taking as many physical hits anyway, but using it is still acceptable. The last option, a purely offensive spread, is not advised however because Togetic is then attempting to be a faster sweeper, and is outclassed by even things such as Houndour.

Credit to Rampaging Lairon for this set.

Team Benefit piloswine gligar metang lairon

Togetic's amazing utility options and access to Nasty Plot make it unpredictable at the very least. Togetic is a near staple for any NFE stall team thanks to its amazing bulk and access to Roost, as well as Wish. On such teams, Piloswine works well, as it grants Togetic a switch-out from Electric attacks, while highly appreciating Thunder Wave and Wish support. It can also switch to Togetic when faced with a Fighting or Grass-type attack. Gligar also grants an Electric immunity and has high Defense and a neutrality to Rock, allowing it to switch into most Stone Edges, Rock Slides and most other physical threats, while also having access to Roost, although both suffer from Ice attacks. Lairon is also an amazing teammate because of its extremely high Defense, and at worst neutrality to Electric. It can switch into nearly any physical threat that Togetic may encounter, while being able to switch to Togetic when faced with Fighting and Ground attacks, as Togetic resists both. Metang resists Ice and Rock attacks, while being able to switch to Togetic on most Fire attacks, and any Ground attack used. Thankfully, the same Pokemon who work with Togetic as a stall teammate can also run an offensive set, giving teams many options to utilize when pairing Togetic with someone. This should be noted when using Togetic.

Counters piloswine rhydon gligar misdreavus

On the utility set, Rhydon and Graveler terrorize Togetic with an immunity to Thunder Wave and access to Stone Edge, although both fall to Water Pulse from the offensive sets. Machoke doesn't mind paralysis nor Seismic Toss, and can slam Togetic with a neutral Dynamicpunch, or use Ice Punch for a super-effective hit. Piloswine is also immune to Thunder Wave, only has trouble with Water Pulse, and can hit Togetic hard with boosted Ice Shards or Avalanches. Misdreavus with Taunt also stops the utility set cold with an immunity to both Seismic Toss and Tri Attack, while denying Togetic a chance to set up its utility moves, forcing it to switch out. Gligar works well in the same way, although Seismic Toss damage can be a pain if the foe predicts well.

Togetic absolutely hates Toxic, and without Heal Bell, has no way to recover from it, ruining both the sweeper and utility sets with a bit of Toxic stall.