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Chlorophyll: Doubles the Pokemon's Speed in strong sunlight.

Leaf Guard: Prevents status effects in strong sunlight.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

SunnyBeamer Modest Ability-Chlorophyll Life Orb

Moves EVs

Shock Wave
Hidden Power Fire
252 Sp Atk / 168 Spd / 88 Sp Def

Tangela's Speed issue is completely erased with this set, putting it at a Speed of 396, which effectively outspeeds the standard ScarfBite. Solarbeam is Tangela's main attack to use, while Hidden Power Fire provides it a boosted Fire attack to deal with Steel-types and rivaling Grass-types. Ancientpower proves Tangela's only main attack against Fire-types, mainly Magmar and Charmeleon. Shock Wave is for the most part filler as being Tangela's next most useful Special attack, and does the most damage to Mantyke. Solarbeam for the most part does more damage to Water-types thanks to STAB and higher base power, while Flying-types can be struck with Ancientpower, making Shock Wave less viable.

As previously mentioned, the Speed EVs are aimed to allow Tangela to outspeed an Adamant 252 Speed Scarf Gabite after Sunny Day is put into effect. Special Attack is maximized to aid in overall attacking power, which is needed in most part due to Tangela's low base power for most of its moves, despite its respectable Special Attack stat. The remaining EVs are delegated to Tangela's defenses.

Set Name Nature Item

Scarf Timid Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Energy Ball
Hidden Power Ice
Shock Wave
Ancientpower / Wring Out
252 Sp Atk / 240 Spd / 16 Def

For non-Sunny Day teams, this set provides a solution to Tangela's Speed problem. Tangela has a barely passable Special movepool, but has just enough to make a passable sweeper. Energy Ball is Tangela's main STAB attack, while Hidden Power Ice hits many OU NFEs for super-effective damage, which is important considering Tangela will be locked into one move because of its Choice Scarf. It also gives Tangela an answer to Gligar, who otherwise is always 2HKO'ed at best. Shock Wave and Ancientpower seem odd, but are among Tangela's most powerful options for Special attacks. Wring Out is an alternative over Ancientpower, although it is best used only once, as it loses power after Tangela first uses it.

240 Speed allows Tangela to outspeed the standard Scarf Cranidos, which also means outspeeding Electabuzz, Sneasel and Kadabra, although all three of them are at best 2HKOs.

Set Name Nature Item

Double Powder Calm Wide Lens

Moves EVs

Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Leech Seed
Leaf Storm
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Spd

This is a bulkier set that serves a nasty surprise if the foe predicts a more offensive set. Sleep Powder is first used to put the foe to Sleep, then Stun Spore is used to paralyze the foe's next switch-in, crippling one-third of the foe's team straight out. If the foe ends up sending in a wall or tank that doesn't mind being paralyzed, Leech Seed can be used the next turn, which many tanks such as Piloswine, Bronzor and Nosepass, will not enjoy. Leaf Storm, while having no EV investment, still packs quite a punch, OHKOing even the most specially defensive of Marshtomps, as well as the standard Piloswine, Croconaw and Poliwhirl, while also OHKOing Kadabra if it has taken Stealth Rock damage.

Defenses are maximized to allow Tangela the best chance at surviving attacks to infect the foe's team with status. 4 Speed is invested to outspeed neutral-natured, 0 Speed Bayleef and Ivysaur, while also outspeeding Luxio, who are the most notable in OU NFE that one may encounter; Tangela also outspeeds Mime Jr., Barboach, Riolu and a handful of other UU NFEs with this set.

Team Benefit magmar monferno nosepass

While Tangela makes a useful utility user and Scarfed sweeper, it really shines on Sunny Day teams thanks to its access to Chlorophyll, while having very low Speed. Fire-types in general work well with Tangela, giving it a switch-out from Ice, Fire and Bug attacks. On Sunny Day teams, Magmar is notable for this, as is Monferno to an extent, although the latter is weak to Flying attacks. These Pokemon will also appreciate the sun, as it will boost their Fire attacks, and if coupled with a Life Orb, can cause impressive damage even to those who normally resist Fire attacks. Even in non-Sunny Day teams, the aforementioned pair well simply for their synergy. For Sunny Day setters, Magmar still fits the bill well, as well as Lairon, who provides Tangela a switch-out from Ice attacks, while giving Lairon a switch-out from Ground attacks. Nosepass also works very well as a Sunny Day setter, as it is resistant to Fire and Flying, while serving as an effective lure for Water, Grass, Ground and Flying attacks that Tangela can switch into.

Counters magmar sneasel shelgon

Magmar is bulky enough to take anything except Ancientpower, and can hit with a STAB Flamethrower, which Tangela will not appreciate if Sunny Day is in effect. Sneasel is hardly harmed by anything other than Ancientpower as well, and can hit Tangela with Ice Punch, although it is in most cases a 2HKO. Shelgon only fears Hidden Power Ice, and can hit Tangela with Fire Fang, which again, is multiplied if Sunny Day is in effect.


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