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Aftermath: Deals 25% damage to the foe if this Pokemon is KOed by contact damage.

Stench: Prevents Pokemon from appearing in the wild.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Banded Pseudo-Trapper Adamant Ability-Aftermath Choice Band

Moves EVs

Sucker Punch
Rock Smash / Dig
32 HP / 252 Atk / 224 Spe

Page information written by DialaceStarvy.

Stunky's offensive movepool is admittedly lacking, but it has just enough moves to be a good pseudo trapper. Sucker Punch and Pursuit forces frailer opponents into the "if I attack I'm dead, if I switch I'm dead" situation. However, having that said, this set needs extremely good prediction to work at its full potential. If you don't like predicting, Explosion is always there to OHKO almost everything and dent even Pokemon such as Onix. Ghosts who attempt to wall Explosion will also need to watch out for Pursuit.

Rock Smash is mainly a filler move and has a small chance to OHKO maximum Def Aron, who sponges Explosion and Stunky's other moves completely. Repeated hits from Rock Smash will most likely lower your opponent's defense at some point too, meaning that the need for switching will lower considerably. Dig is also usable although missing a turn can sometimes mean that the battle will end very shortly and not in your favor. Being stuck on the move is not a very good thing either. Iron Tail can be used for 2HKOing max Def Onix and other Rock Pokemon and the occasional defense drop is very useful too, but the unreliable accuracy and poor type coverage means that you're better off with the two mentioned filler moves.

The EVs given allow you to outspeed neutral natured base 70s, such as none-Scarfed Mankey, who threatens Stunky with Earthquake. Atk is maximized to allow Stunky to have a chance to OHKO Aron with Rock Smash.

Aftermath is a good ability to go along with this set. For example, even if you Pursuit at the wrong time, Aftermath will usually make sure that Stunky was not merely a fodder.

Team Benefit meditite koffing

Offensively, Meditite is undoubtedly the best partner for Stunky. Meditite benefits from having Ghosts taken down and its typing lures in Ghost types for Stunky to trap, such as Shuppet and Drifloon. Meditite can also take down Aron and Onix, who sponge most of Stunkys attacks and give Stunky problems when it is stuck on the wrong move.

Defensively, Koffing is a great partner. Koffing covers Stunky's only weakness, Ground, while Stunky covers Koffing's only weakness, Psychic. Koffing's weakness will also mean he'll attract Psychic types such as Abra and Natu. It should also be mentioned that Koffing can cripple and stall out most of Stunky's counters with Will-O-Wisp and Pain Split.

Counters onix rhyhorn mankey

A Banded Stunky is surprisingly difficult to counter because of the nearly unresisted combo of Pursuit and Rock Smash. Revenge killing it is also difficult because of Sucker Punch and walling it will be almost impossible with Explosion. Your best bet at walling it is with an Onix or Rhyhorn. An EV spread such as 252 HP/140 Atk/116 Def with an Impish nature is recommended for Onix. This allows Onix to take hits from Stunky and OHKO with Earthquake. However, Onix still has an average chance to be 2HKO'd by Iron Tail, and the chance of a Def drop makes that chance even higher.

Adamant Choice Scarf Mankey is a good check for Stunky. Mankey can switch in on any of Stunky's moves (bar Explosion) and OHKO with Earthquake. However, Mankey does take at least 67% from Sucker Punch so make sure you have plenty of HP before deciding to switch in. Machop does quite well against Stunky, although it will need to watch out for Explosion.


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