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Shed Skin: Gives a 30% chance of healing status effects automatically each turn.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Offensive Tank Careful Leftovers

Moves EVs

Bug Bite
Iron Defense
Poison Sting
252 Atk / 252 Sp Def / 4 HP

Iron Defense is arguably the most notable attack here, but although Iron Defense skyrockets Silcoon's Defense to very high levels, its main counters, including Zubat and Cyndaquil, usually favor Special attacks. Most NUs will have a lot of trouble with Silcoon regardless because most sweepers, including both Nidorans, Starly, Pidgey and Seedot, all favor Physical attacks. The other 3 attacks listed are Silcoon's most useful ones, as it only gets a handful of attacks to really work with. Poison Sting is most useful for poisoning the foe, and unlike most other Poison Sting-users, Silcoon has a chance of making use of the poison damage if it can face off against a physical sweeper.

Team Benefit zubat squirtle nidoran male nidoran female

Silcoon provides a great physical wall for almost any NU team, and it should be noted that statistically, Silcoon has the exact same stats and useful moves as Cascoon. It can stand up against most Squirtles and Turtwigs who favor physical attacks, something that other Bug Bite-users such as Weedle, Wurmple and even Metapod cannot do. Good teammates include Squirtle, who can cushion Fire attacks that threaten Silcoon, and helps against Zubats. Silcoon has trouble against Bulbasaur, who can Toxic stall it to death, so one's own Zubat can also work as a teammate, however one must be wary of STAB Fire attacks.

As with Cascoon, Silcoon's best use is for walling attacks. Using Nidoran-M or Nidoran-F to set up Toxic Spikes and using Silcoon to wall off damage is arguably its best strategy because of its rather limited movepool. Both Cascoon and Silcoon, however, need full support from Cyndaquil and other Fire attack-users because they cannot take any type of Flamethrower.

Counters zubat cyndaquil

As with all Bug-type NUs, Zubat is the best counter against Silcoon. While physical variants will have a tougher time if Silcoon pulls off an Iron Defense, any Zubat with Heat Wave, Air Slash or Sludge Bomb usually mean the death of Silcoon. Cyndaquil can hit Silcoon with a STAB Flamethrower, which does not hit its high Defense stat, while Silcoon is nearly answerless back, apart from poison from a Poison Sting. Torchic is in the same category. Bulbasaur can use Toxic and/or Leech Seed against Silcoon, and can stall it out, as Silcoon generally doesn't have enough power to take down any Bulbasaur that invests in Defense.


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