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Sticky Hold: Prevents item loss.

Storm Drain: Water-type attacks are attracted to this Pokemon.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Stockpile Bold Leftovers

Moves EVs

Toxic / Body Slam
236 HP / 232 Def / 16 Sp Atk / 24 Sp Def

One of the few NFEs with access to reliable recovery and Stockpile, Shellos makes a good UU wall after it accumulates even just 2 Stockpiles. Recover is the keystone to this set, as it allows Shellos to recover off damage received from using Stockpile so that the defense boosts will be useful before falling to a low-enough HP range to be KO'ed. Toxic is Shellos' only true answer to bulky Water-types such as Prinplup and Poliwhirl and (in OU) Marshtomp and Slowpoke. However, without Body Slam, this set is completely walled by Croagunk, where the standard Dry Skin variant renders Surf useless.

16 Sp Atk ensures that Shellos always OHKO's a max Sp Def Rhyhorn, while always OHKO'ing a neutral-natured, 0 Sp Def Quilava after factoring in Stealth Rock damage. The remaining EVs are used to maximize Shellos' overall defenses to make use of Stockpile.

Set Name Nature Item

CounterCoat Bold Leftovers

Moves EVs

Mirror Coat
252 HP / 192 Def / 12 Sp Def / 52 Spd

Access to both Counter and Mirror Coat, as well as Recover, makes Shellos an effective CounterCoat user. Marshtomp is the only other NFE that can utilize this strategy, but the selling point of Shellos is that it has access to reliable recovery, where Marshtomp must utilize Rest to heal itself.

192 Defense ensures that a neutral-natured, 200 Atk Croagunk is always OHKO'ed when Counter is used against its Thunderpunch. 52 Speed ensures you outspeed 0 Speed Nincada, Omanyte and Cubone to KO these Pokemon with Surf, rather than relying on Counter.

Set Name Nature Item

CurseLos Careful Leftovers

Moves EVs

Body Slam
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 6 Atk

Shellos doesn't get Waterfall, unfortunately, but the charging-up turn of Dive can provide for additional Leftovers recover, and coupled with Recover, can make Shellos harder to take down. Return is not recommended in the third slot, as paralysis with this set would be much more beneficial than 22 more points of raw power, considering Shellos' very low Speed after Curse is used.

Team Benefit phanpy lickitung baltoy vibrava

While the Stockpile sets aren't as effective in OU because of the time that is needed to set it up, and Shellos' relatively slow Speed and defenses prior to Stockpile being used, Shellos' access to Recover and Stockpile should not be overlooked. Lileep and Hippopotas are the only other NFEs that have access to reliable recovery and Stockpile, but Hippoptas' Sand Steam ability isn't always favorable for one's team. Another very useful tactic that shouldn't be overlooked is Shellos' ability to trap Trick-users and set-up one of its moves. If Shellos has Sticky Hold, it will not lose its Leftovers, and therefore, make Trick fail. This means the foe will be stuck using Trick, forcing a switch, giving Shellos time to set up. Using bulky Pokemon such as Baltoy, Lickitung, Phanpy and Shieldon to attract these Pokemon can provide Shellos with a free set-up turn on the turn the foe switches. Vibrava is notable, as it is neutral to Grass, and attracts Ice-type attacks, namely Ice Shard, that Shellos can switch into. Seel, Phanpy and Sheller, the most common UU Ice Shard-users, can usually do little damage to Shellos as it sets up Stockpile or Curse.

Counters croagunk wailmer wartortle nuzleaf exeggcute

In UU, Croagunk is one of the best counters. While it doesn't enjoy Body Slam, it can hit Shellos with Thunderpunch or Poison Jab, and is immune to Surf, Shellos' main attacking move. Bulky Grass-types such as Ivysaur, Exeggcute and Gloom give Shellos serious trouble, as they only have to fear a rather weak Body Slam, and don't mind the paralysis. Taunt-users who are resistant to Water also work very well, as without Stockpile or Recover, Shellos cannot weather many attacks. This includes Nuzleaf, who can hit Shellos with a STAB Energy Ball, although it won't enjoy being paralyzed. Toxic is also a huge thorn in Shellos' side, and bulky Water-types carrying it, such as Wartortle, Prinplup and Wailmer, can win one-on-one against Shellos in stalling.


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