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Rock Head: Prevents recoil damage.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

DDGon Adamant Life Orb

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Fire Fang / Zen Headbutt
Brick Break / Crunch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Shelgon's passable defenses make getting a Dragon Dance up much easier than with other NFEs such as Pupitar and Dragonair. It also gets a STAB base 80 attack with Dragon Claw, something that the other two do not have. After a Dragon Dance, this Shelgon reaches a Speed stat of 298, allowing it to outpace a max Speed Gligar and Misdreavus. This is rather important because after Crunch, Shelgon has the potential to OHKO even the bulky version of Misdreavus with a boosted Crunch. Even if Shelgon gets no Dragon Dance, it still has a 79% chance to OHKO BulkyDreavus, and can always OHKO a 252 HP / 0 Defense variation, making Crunch a consideration mostly if Misdreavus is a considerable threat to one's team. An alternative is Brick Break, which means Rhydon and Lairon cannot wall this set after Shelgon gets a Dragon Dance up, as Lairon takes a laughable 23% to 28% from a STAB Dragon Dance-boosted Dragon Claw otherwise, while it can wear Shelgon down easily with a STAB Head Smash. Rhydon, on the other hand, has no trouble with Dragon Claw either, only taking a maximum 51% damage if Rhydon runs 212 HP EVs. Piloswine, without Brick Break, can also do serious damage to Shelgon with Avalanche. Brick Break, after a Dragon Dance, gives Shelgon a 66% chance to OHKO a 132 HP Piloswine, always 2HKOs Rhydon and easily OHKOs Lairon.

The choice between Fire Fang and Zen Headbutt is only dependant on how prepared Shelgon should be for Machoke - with a Dragon Dance, Shelgon can always OHKO any Machoke who doesn't invest very heavily in Defense (max HP and at least 192 Defense factoring in Stealth Rock damage), otherwise it will always 2HKO the standard sets of Machoke with Dragon Claw unless it gets a +2 boost in Attack. Fire Fang has no chance of OHKOing Metang unless it gets 2 Dragon Dance boosts, but luckily, Shelgon can always 2HKO Metang with it if it doesn't invest more than 252 HP / 28 Defense.

Set Name Nature Item

Bulky Dancer Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Fire Fang
96 HP / 120 Atk / 194 Def / 96 Sp Def / 4 Spd

While this set doesn't provide a more immediate threat than the previous one, it takes advantage of Shelgon's passable defenses, and gives you more of an opportunity to set up 2 or 3 Dragon Dances, giving you higher Attack and Speed than the standard 252 Atk / 252 Spd variant would. As with the previous set, the choice of Brick Break or Crunch is measured on how much you fear Lairon or Shieldon, although Crunch does provide an answer to Ghost-types, namely Duskull, who is usually 3HKO'ed by this set unless Dragon Dance has been used at least once.

4 Speed allows Shelgon to outpace neutral-natured, 0 Speed Lombre and Metang, giving it a chance to set-up a Dragon Dance. After a Dragon Dance, Shelgon outpaces anything slower than a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Pupitar. After 3 Dragon Dances, Shelgon outpaces max Speed Kadabra and Electabuzz, meaning this Shelgon must be given synergy to allow it time to use those three Dragon Dances; otherwise it won't get as many KOs that it is meant to get. The Attack EVs ensure that Shelgon can always 2HKO any Metang who doesn't invest ridiculously into Defense with Fire Fang after it gets one Dragon Dance up.

Outrage is a devastating attack, OHKOing a max HP Croconaw, OHKOing minimum HP Gligar, OHKOing the standard Piloswine, 2HKOing Lead Gligar, OHKOing both standard sets of Grotle, and OHKOing a max HP Machoke and Marshtomp, after two Dragon Dance boosts, although using Outrage with just one Dragon Dance will give many disappointing 2HKOs. Crunch is used in the last slot to deal a KO against Haunter, Misdreavus and Kadabra without Shelgon having to resort to Outrage and be locked into it, as Brick Break gains no key KOs or 2HKOs that Outrage or Fire Fang already doesn't.

Team Benefit staryu metang

Shelgon serves as a passable set-up sweeper for an OU team, provided it is given the opportunity to set up Dragon Dances. Using it in conjunction with frail Water-types such as Carvanha, Staryu and Seadra can provide Shelgon a chance to switch-in from Grass and Electric attacks to pull off a Dragon Dance if the foe doesn't pack a powerful Special attack or STAB Ice attack. Marshtomp can attract Grass attacks to aid in Shelgon's initial set-up, and can set-up Stealth Rock before the opponent sends in their counter. It cna also take Ice Shard relatively well, allowing it to come in on Sneasel and Piloswine and do serious damage with Superpower or Surf, respectively. The standard DDGon variant of Shelgon is more dependant in setting-up than the bulky version, making dual screens very effective in aiding Shelgon. Bronzor and Metang are notable for this, as they are weak to Fire attacks that Shelgon resists, and can switch in from Shelgon when faced with a super-effective Ice- or Dragon-type attack. The aforementioned Staryu can also fulfill this role.

Counters piloswine metang rhydon

Metang only fears boosted Fire Fangs from Shelgon, and can 2HKO Shelgon with Ice Punch. Rhydon has plenty of Defense to be able to take any attacks without a +2 boost, and can hit with Ice Punch or a STAB Earthquake. Piloswine is likely the best counter, taking anything Shelgon can throw at it at least once, and able to retaliate with Avalanche for a possible KO. If Avalanche doesn't immediately KO Shelgon, an Ice Shard on the next turn will.


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