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Ice Body: Restores 1/16 of the user's HP each turn if Hail is in effect.

Thick Fat: Halves the power of Ice- and Fire-type attacks against this Pokemon.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Stockpile Calm Ability-Thick Fat Leftovers

Moves EVs

Signal Beam
252 HP / 88 Def / 64 Sp Atk / 56 Sp Def / 48 Spd

One of the few effective tanks in OU, Sealeo can use Stockpile and Rest well in conjunction to make it notably hard to take down by most attacks. Even with respectable defenses, Sealeo should be first used against something that it easily walls so that it can have a free turn to use Stockpile. Sealeo will usually need the Stockpile boost(s) to be able to ward off attacks while it recovers itself with Rest. Afterward, Signal Beam and Surf are used to dent the foe's team. Bug and Water provide decent coverage against most OU NFEs, none being resistant to both attacks. Signal Beam in itself isn't the best move Sealeo has by any means, but is Sealeo's best option as a secondary attack, and aids in countering Kadabra, Grovyle and Tangela, the latter two being hardly scathed by Surf.

64 Special Attack ensures that Sealeo's Surf always OHKOs a neutral-natured, 0 HP and 0 Sp Def Magmar with Surf, while always 2HKOing any Gligar who doesn't invest very heavily in Special Defense. 44 Speed ensures Sealeo outspeeds most forms of Piloswine, Marshtomp and Lombre to give Sealeo a chance to use Stockpile or Surf on these foes, although the latter should be attacked with Signal Beam. The remaining EVs are delegated to maximize Sealeo's defenses to aid in the effects of Stockpile.

Set Name Nature Item

Hail No! Calm Ability-Ice Body Leftovers

Moves EVs

252 HP / 112 Def / 96 Sp Def / 48 Spd

This Sealeo is meant to have Hail support, which makes it a nightmare to take down if the foe is not prepared. Stockpile is initially used to raise Sealeo's Defense and Special Defense, which usually, again, requires Sealeo to be sent in on something it resists well. From there, Protect can be used to restore 25% of Sealeo's health thanks to Leftovers and Ice Body in conjunction (Hail must be in effect, of course), or Blizzard, now with 100% accuracy, can be used to hammer the foe. For bulkier Pokemon who don't take much damage from Blizzard, such as Croconaw, Nosepass, Wartortle, Marshtomp and Prinplup, Toxic can be used. From there, Protect can be used for Toxic stall while Sealeo recovers more and more damage, while being protected by Stockpile to slowly wear the foe down. This set has issues with Steel-types, especially Metang, so one's team should have a counter or two to these types of Pokemon as backup, or better yet scout the foe's team for them and dispose of them before attempting this set.

48 Speed, as with the previous set, allows Sealeo to outspeed Lombre, Piloswine and Marshtomp before they can attack with Superpower or a STAB Grass attack, respectibly. The remaining EVs are used to maximize Sealeo's defenses

Set Name Nature Item

Switch Forcer Calm Leftovers / Chesto Berry

Moves EVs

Ice Beam
Stockpile / Rest
252 HP / 160 Def / 96 Sp Def

This Sealeo is made for teams that utilize multiple entry hazards, especially Toxic Spikes. With Sealeo's sturdy defenses and access to both Yawn and Roar, it can easily infect the foe's team with Toxic Spikes, or cause quite a bit of residual Spikes and/or Stealth Rock damage before being taken down, and also works very well as a scouter for revealing your foe's team. It fits well in both Hail teams (Ice Body would be the preferred ability), and entry-hazard teams (Thick Fat) thanks to its nice synergy with Roselia. Ice Beam is mainly for Flying-types, especially Gligar, who take no damage from Spikes nor Toxic Spikes. Rest + Chesto is a safer option to allow Sealeo to continue its switch-forcing, especially on entry-hazard relying teams, although Leftovers and Stockpile together can also be used to make Sealeo harder to take down on Hail teams, utilizing the Hail + Ice Body combination to use as recovery.

The EVs are delegated entirely to defenses to aid in the switch-forcing. It should be noted that while 4 EVs does allow Sealeo to outspeed Machoke before it is hit with Dynamicpunch, outspeeding it proves to be of little use, as Sealeo can do almost nothing to Machoke unless it has taken heavy damage, in which case Ice Beam may prove a OHKO, but even with Stockpile, Sealeo will have serious issues with Dynamicpunch.

Team Benefit tentacool gligar graveler snover marshtomp lairon metang

One of the few potent walls in OU NFE, Sealeo is hampered heavily by its Stealth Rock weakness. Sealeo is difficult to synergize with as far as Rapid Spinners are concerned, as well. Tentacool, Wartortle and Staryu are the most notable Rapid Spin-users, but share an Electric weakness with Sealeo, while the latter two share a Grass weakness. Pineco is also usable, and can switch to Sealeo when faced with a Fire attack, and allows Sealeo a switch-out from Fighting attacks, but provides little less synergy-wise, and is rather slow. Baltoy also learns Rapid Spin and provides passable coverage alongside Sealeo, but can be a challenge to use in OU NFE. Once Sealeo is switched in, it becomes relatively easy to set up if one can lure an Ice or Water attack. Gligar works as a fantastic lure for these attacks, allowing Sealeo to set up. Its only weaknesses, Ice and Water, do very little to damage Sealeo, while giving Sealeo a switchout from Fighting and Electric attacks. Other Ground-types in general work well as lures, such as Piloswine, Graveler and Onix, although they do share a Fighting weakness.

Much like Walrein in other tiers, the Hail support set mainly requires Snover, and so teammates that resist Rock and Fighting attacks, or have high Defense, namely Gligar and Marshtomp, are useful teammates. Metang and Lairon give the Hail support set issues, making Gligar another useful teammate alongside Sealeo, as it can counter these Pokemon with a STAB Earthquake.

Counters machoke sneasel nosepass

Machoke works very well with its access to a STAB Dynamicpunch, which can cripple even Sealeos that manage to pull of a Stockpile or two, while only fearing a STAB Blizzard or in some cases, Toxic. Sneasel laughs at even Blizzard, doesn't mind Toxic very much, and can chip away at Sealeo with Brick Break, or shut down most of its options with Taunt. Nosepass is hardly scathed by anything other than Toxic, and can retaliate with its own Toxic, hindering Sealeo's defenses very badly. While a rare move, Stone Edge from Nosepass does considerable damage, as well.


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