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Poison Point: Has a 30% chance of poisoning the foe if this Pokemon is hit by a physical move.

Sniper: Critical hits do x3 the normal damage instead of x2.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Dragon Dance Jolly Life Orb

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
252 Atk / 232 Spd / 24 Def

Although this focuses on Seadra's only average Attack power, Life Orb boosts coupled with an Attack boost for the most part makes up for it. Seadra is a notable Dragon Dance-user for its ability to, with this set, outspeed even ScarfBite, leaving other Scarf-users such as Mankey, Staravia and even max Speed Sneasel too slow to hit Seadra before it hits with a boosted Life Orb'ed attack. Waterfall is Seadra's main STAB attack, while Return gives Seadra nearly perfect coverage alongside Waterfall. For times where Seadra cannot manage a Dragon Dance, a Life Orb-boosted Outrage with its still respectable Speed stat can still provide a decent sweep, which makes this set more notable, since it doesn't desperately need a Dragon Dance boost before it can do any considerable damage. For this set, Sniper is the preferred ability, giving Seadra a chance to KO bulky tanks such as Marshtomp and Machoke, who otherwise would be troublesome to deal an instant KO to. Arguably, Poison Point could be used for stall-oriented teams if Seadra faces a revenge kill, however it's a bit gimmicky if one doesn't have a teammate that can take full advantage of it.

232 Speed allows Seadra to outspeed the standard ScarfBite after a Dragon Dance, although it should be noted that with full health, and after Stealth Rock damage, Seadra only has a 75% chance of OHKOing ScarfBite with Waterfall. Attack is maximized to aid Seadra in overall attacking power, while the remaining EVs were added to Defense to aid in setting up Dragon Dance against physical tanks.

Set Name Nature Item

SpecsDra Timid Ability-Sniper Choice Specs

Moves EVs

Surf / Muddy Water
Ice Beam
Signal Beam
Hidden Power Grass
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 6 Def

This set focuses on Seadra's usable 85 Speed stat, and Specs to boost its Special Attack to a respectable 433. The choice of Surf or Muddy Water is an argument of accuracy over the chance to possibly lower the foe's Accuracy, which can at times save Seadra from a KO. Of course, if Muddy Water misses, Seadra will likely take serious damage, or possibly KO'ed itself. Signal Beam is notable in its ability to almost always KO Sneasel (dealing a minimum of 99% on the standard set), most likely KOing it. Hidden Power Grass covers other Water-types, as well as Marshtomp.

252 Speed ties Seadra with max Speed Aipom, Staryu, Gligar, Misdreavus and Taillow. A switch to 232 Speed allows Seadra to still outspeed max Speed Gabite, and if you really fear Magby, a jump to 240 Speed is also an option. Seadra has little need for the few extra Defense EVs, however.

Set Name Nature Item

ScarfDra Modest Ability-Sniper Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Surf / Muddy Water
Ice Beam
Signal Beam / Hidden Power Grass
Hidden Power Fighting / Hidden Power Grass
252 Sp Atk / 228 Spd / 28 Def

In exchange for a lower Special Attack stat, this set allows Seadra to outspeed Magmar, Electabuzz, Kadabra, Sneasel and even neutral-natured ScarfBite for a revenge kill with one of the listed attacks. This set is recommended for Seadra if your team has trouble with any of the previously-mentioned Pokemon, and works especially better for Rain Dance teams if you choose Surf or Muddy Water as your main attack. The choice between the last two attacks depends on how badly Sneasel or Kadabra counter your team. Signal Beam and Hidden Power Fighting allow you to counter both of them, but leaves you open to other Water-types, in particular Mantyke, who would resist all of Seadra's attacks, as well as allowing Marshtomp to come in for the most part unconcerned. Hidden Power Grass and Signal Beam is recommended if you have another reliable Sneasel counter, as this set doesn't have the power of the previous set to OHKO Sneasel with Signal Beam.

228 Speed allows Seadra to outspeed anything slower than a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Scarfed Gabite. Special Attack was maximized to give the best overall attacking power, while the remaining EVs were dumped into Defense to aid in taking hits. Seadra doesn't outspeed anything notable with maximized Speed.

Team Benefit kadabra haunter grovyle weepinbell skiploom

Seadra is an 'okay' user of Dragon Dance, and is best a benefit on a team if it needs a resistance to Fire, Water or Ice attacks, or needs the extra Speed and Defense that Seadra brings. Seadra is comparable to Croconaw in terms of role and typing, and the latter has higher defenses to allow it a better chance of setting-up, especially if the foe is using a Special attacker. What makes Seadra a bit more notable is that with its Speed, it usually only needs one Dragon Dance to be able to outspeed most foes. The downside being that its mediocre Attack power usually needs an additional boost to be able to sweep teams effectively. Seadra makes a much more respectable Choice user if your team needs a quick revenge killer, but only if your team can use the resistances that Seadra brings to your team, as Special sweepers such as Kadabra and Haunter, as well as mixed sweepers such as Electabuzz and Magmar, give Seadra some competition. Seadra pairs well with most Grass-types by attracting Ice and Fire attacks. Defensively-lacking Grass-types such as Grovyle, Skiploom and Weepinbell work well with Seadra, as they can switch to Seadra when faced with attacks such as Ice Shard, Ice Punch and Fire Punch, which prey on Seadra's high Defense stat.

Counters tangela grotle poliwhirl lombre

Due to perfect type-coverage, the Dragon Dance set is a bit harder to find resistances to. Tangela and Grotle are two notable Pokemon, as they have enough Defense to be able to take anything but a boosted Outrage, allowing them to KO with a STAB Energy Ball or, on the latter, Seed Bomb. On the Choice sets, as with any Choiced Pokemon, it's much easier to counter once its attack has been revealed. Mantyke is one of the best counters for both sets. It has resistances to all of Seadra's main attacks, and can attack with Hidden Power Electric. Poliwhirl can come in on an Ice Beam or Surf, and set-up Substitute, and then proceed to use Belly Drum on a switch. Lombre can come in on Surf or, on the Scarf set, Hidden Power Grass, and threaten with Energy Ball.


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