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Lightningrod: Electric attacks will always hit this Pokemon.

Rock Head: Prevents recoil damage.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

RP Rhydon Jolly Muscle Band

Moves EVs

Rock Polish
Stone Edge / Rock Slide
Fire Punch
252 Atk / 116 Spd / 142 Sp Def

Rock Polish makes Rhydon a very fearsome sweeper coupled with STAB QuakeSlide. Stone Edge and Rock Slide bring up the ever-debatable situation of accuracy over power, and so the third moveslot is mainly up to preference. Fire Punch gives Rhydon coverage against Bronzor, Sneasel (if you choose Stone Edge, and don't wish to chance the accuracy), Grovyle, Grotle and other bulky Grass-types who would otherwise may be able to take one of Rhydon's attacks, and KO back with a Grass attack. In theory, Life Orb could be used on this set, although Rhydon doesn't gain any key KOs with the extra x1.1 boost, and the Life Orb recoil can become very unattractive, especially if Rhydon has taken previous damage from setting up Rock Polish.

116 Speed allows Rhydon to outpace max Speed Diglett, Grovyle and Haunter after a single Rock Polish. Sneasel, Electabuzz and Kadabra are not outsped, and would require 200 Speed EVs with a Jolly Nature to outspeed, although Jolly Sneasels require even more. Attack is maximized to aid in sweeping, while the remaining EVs are dumped into Special Defense to help in taking Special Ice, Grass and Water attacks that very often deal serious damage, and for the latter two, usually a KO.

Set Name Nature Item

SubPunch Adamant Leftovers

Moves EVs

Focus Punch
Shadow Claw
212 HP / 252 Atk / 44 Sp Def

Rhydon has the glory of getting 404-HP Substitutes, making this set work very well against common Seismic Toss and Night Shade users such as Togetic and Misdreavus. Focus Punch is the main attacking move on this set, which pairs with Shadow Claw for unresisted damage in OU NFE. Earthquake provides Rhydon a general STAB attack, and KOs Electabuzz, Magmar and Metang, and hits Marshtomp harder. The key with this set is to send Rhydon in on something that it scares away in fear of the Rock Polish set, such as Bronzor, Lairon, Nosepass or Shelgon. Rhydon needs the free turn to use Substitute, as its very low Speed and exploitable Special Defense make using it when facing most other foes useless.

212 HP is needed to give Rhydon the 404 HP factor that makes its Substitutes unbreakable by common Seismic Toss and Night Shade-users. Attack is maximized to aid in attacking potential, while the remaining EVs are delegated to help Rhydon's poor Special Defense, although it makes little difference when faced with Grass or Water attacks.

Set Name Nature Item

CBDon Adamant Choice Band

Moves EVs

Aqua Tail / Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Rock Slide / Stone Edge
252 Atk / 164 Spd / 92 Sp Def

This works as a hit-and-run variant of Rhydon, and is not meant to stay in the entire game. With Rhydon's low Special Defense and Speed, it is usually faced with sweepers or tanks that pack Grass and Water-type attacks that naturally plague it on the very next turn that Rhydon attacks, and so switches from Rhydon are common, meaning Rhydon won't feel the ill effects of a Choice Band as often as other Pokemon. However, this is where the beauty of Rhydon shines through - With 164 Speed, this set proves a nasty surprise for bulky Grass and Water-types that normally mean the end of Rhydon, as it allows Rhydon to outspeed a neutral-natured, 0 Speed Grotle, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Lombre and Prinplup, all of whom would normally outspeed and KO Rhydon with a STAB Water or Grass-type attack, respectively. If the foe switches one of these Pokemon in and you predict correctly, it allows Rhydon to outspeed on the next turn, allowing Rhydon to KO all of the above Pokemon who don't invest very heavily in Defense. Rock Slide and Stone Edge, as stated before, are all based on preference of accuracy over power, while Earthquake is Rhydon's main attacking move when you have discovered that bulky Grass and Water-types have been dealt with on the foe's team. Fire Punch is mainly chosen for Bronzor, as Rhydon's other attacks give it sufficient coverage in OU NFE to do its job, although Aqua Tail is recommended to give Rhydon coverage against Gligar, and hits far more OU NFEs for super-effective damage than Fire Punch, which is relevant on a Choice user since it will be locked into one attack. While Thunderpunch seems attractive in the first spot to cover Water-types, it should be noted that Earthquake does nearly equal damage thanks to STAB.

Set Name Nature Item

Dual Setup Jolly Life Orb

Moves EVs

Rock Polish
Swords Dance
Stone Edge
60 HP / 252 Atk / 196 Spd

While this set may seem gimmicky at first glance, Rhydon's very high Defense and HP means it actually has the chance to set up both Swords Dance and Rock Polish if the user can manage to take down or cripple the foe's main counters for it. It works better in mid game when you define if your foe is working on stall or all-out offense, as it allows Rhydon to use the appropriate setup attack first, and proceed with the remaining one, or simply start attacking from there. When it gets right down to it, albeit Bronzor, Rhydon has no need for a third attack as it stands unless the user's team has an insane issue with Tangela, as Earthquake and Stone Edge hit everything in OU for at least neutral damage. While Bronzor is resistant to QuakeSlide courtesy of Levitate, it can barely do anything to Rhydon other than put it to sleep, allowing Rhydon to set up against it. After a Swords Dance, Rhydon still only manages a 3HKO against nearly all Bronzor, however.

After a Rock Polish, Rhydon outpaces a Jolly Sneasel by one point. An option is to invest 248 Speed to allow Rhydon to outpace Scarf Quilava and Staravia. The EVs should be subtracted from HP if this is the case.

Team Benefit haunter sneasel hippopotas magmar

While Rhydon has very impressive HP, Attack and Defense, its low Special Defense and Speed make it a challenge to use effectively. This means that team support is essential for Rhydon's success. One must ensure that bulky Grass and Water-types are completely out of the picture before Rhydon is sent in to attempt a sweep. Grotle, Marshtomp, Bayleef, Croconaw, Poliwhirl and Tangela should all be easily countered by other teammates on a team using Rhydon. Diglett works well for most of these Pokemon with its ability to ensure they don't escape thanks to Arena Trap, and cause serious damage with a STAB Earthquake or Aerial Ace, although it will almost never OHKO any of these threats. Haunter can learn Energy Ball, and can attack Grass-types with a STAB Shadow Ball, while being resistant to Grass. Sneasel also works well for Grass-types, but cannot guarantee KOs on the bulky Water-types that are listed.

Rhydon truly shines in a Sandstorm team, which boosts its rather low Special Defense to give it a chance to attack or set-up. Hippopotas is of course notable here, but both suffer a weakness to Grass, Water and Ice attacks. This makes one's own bulky Water-type or Grass-type useful. Lombre is as close to all 3 as one can really get resistance-wise, although it may have trouble fitting into a Sandstorm team. Fire types such as Magmar, Monferno and Numel can aid in Grass and Ice synergy, but must rely on someone else for Water-based attacks.

Counters tangela bayleef poliwhirl marshtomp piloswine

Bulky Water-types and Grass-types are Rhydon's main nemeses. Prinplup, Wartortle, Poliwhirl, Grotle, Bayleef, Croconaw, Marshtomp and Ivysaur all mean huge trouble with their high Defense to be able to weather one of Rhydon's attacks, and the threat of a STAB x4 Grass or Water-type attack. While some Rhydon carry Fire Punch to handle Grass-types, they can switch into a predicted Earthquake and cause, in most situations, a OHKO. Piloswine is also an issue with its own high HP, Attack and Defense stats, allowing it to hit Rhydon with a STAB Earthquake while surviving Rhydon's own Earthquake. But because Piloswine outpaces Rhydon unless it invests crudely into Speed or gets Rock Polish up, Piloswine will in most cases come out on top one-on-one.


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