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Run Away: Guarantees fleeing from wild battles.

Guts: Raises Attack if inflicted with a status problem.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Sub Sweeper Adamant Ability-Guts Life Orb

Moves EVs

Sucker Punch
Flame Wheel / U-Turn
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 6 HP

Rattata isn't the most impressive sweeper in NFE, but this set works to make best use of Rattata's Attack power while protecting it from attacks that would normally OHKO it, which is a long list in terms of other sweepers. Substitute is used on a predicted foe using Sucker Punch, and then the appropriate attack is used to do as much damage as possible. Sucker Punch gives Rattata a nice priority attack that hits Duskull and Shuppet for super-effective damage, the former whom isn't scathed by either of Rattata's other attacks. Return is Rattata's main sweeping attack, which can leave a large dent in anything that doesn't resist it with its Life Orb and STAB boosts. Flame Wheel is mainly filler because of lack of other effective attacks, and is Rattata's only answer to Magnemite, who otherwise leaves Rattata answerless. U-Turn can also be used as a hit-and-run strategy if Rattata is still behind a substitute that is about to be broken by a faster sweeper.

With such low defenses, Rattata has little use for any type of defensive EVs or Special Attack options, so Attack and Speed is maximized to give Rattata the best sweeping potential. Adamant is the preferred nature in that Rattata carries Sucker Punch if it really needs a first-attack boost, but with a Jolly nature, Rattata has the potential to outspeed max Speed Pidgeotto, Mankey, Treecko, Houndour, Nidorino, Chimchar, Roselia, Natu and Drifloon (the latter two are easily handled with Sucker Punch, anyway), as well as neutral-natured, 252 Speed Skiploom, Gastly and Charmeleon.

Set Name Nature Item

Orb Sweeper Jolly Ability-Guts Toxic Orb

Moves EVs

Zen Headbutt
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

In exchange for being able to survive a foe's initial attack through a predicted Substitute setup, this set gives Rattata higher overall Speed, and slightly less Attack power. Rattata's physical movepool is a bit limited, leaving the listed attacks the most potent Rattata carries. Rattata also gets Dig for those who wish to do a heavier amount of damage to Aron, Shieldon and Magnemite, although it adds to the Toxic damage, allowing weaker priority attacks such as Bullet Punch Makuhita and Meditite to possibly come in and KO Rattata. Crunch and Return together go nearly unresisted in UU NFE bar, while Zen Headbutt is Rattata's most useful third attack for damaging Poison-types such as Gulpin, Nidorino, Nidorina, Grimer, Gloom, Koffing and Ivysaur.

As with other sets, Rattata's petty defenses and Special Attack mean one's best use of Rattata's EVs is to simply use them in Attack and Speed. This set, however, has the glory of outspeeding max Speed Pidgeotto, Mankey, Treecko, Houndour, Nidorino, Chimchar, Roselia, Natu, and Drifloon, as well as some forms of Skiploom, Gastly and Charmeleon.

Set Name Nature Item

Anti-Lead Jolly Ability-Guts Focus Sash

Moves EVs

Thunder Wave
Sucker Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Rattata can also function as an effective anti-lead. With access to Taunt for lead Roselia, Hippopotas, Prinplup, Clefairy and Anorith, Counter + Sucker Punch for Mankey, Onix and Riolu, and Thunder Wave to follow up with Taunt on Roselia/Voltorb leads, Rattata can give the rest of a player's team an easier time in revenge killing faster leads who choose to switch-out, and preventing Stealth Rock from being set up. This set should be used with care, however, as a foe predicting Taunt may elect to use a Physical attack, or even worse Special, and either force Rattata to switch, or have it use Sucker Punch/Thunder Wave as a final move.

Set Name Nature Item

FEAR Jolly Ability-Guts Focus Sash

Moves EVs

Sucker Punch
Quick Attack
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP

The legendary FEAR Rattata. This set is not recommended for UU NFE battles, as Rattata in many situations has more potential as a physical attacker or utility user. However, in OU NFE, Uber NFE, and even in higher tiers, this Rattata can guarantee at least one KO on a foe's team if played correctly. The strategy here is to allow Rattata to take an attack and live with 1 HP (which isn't complicated given its defenses), and then use Endeavor to bring the foe to 1 HP, as well. From there, Quick Attack is used (or Sucker Punch if the foe is a Ghost-type, and the foe attempts to KO Rattata) to KO the foe. Toxic is purely for Ghost-types not named Gastly or Haunter that may switch-in before or after Rattata's initial foe is dealt with. Nearly all Ghost-types will not appreciate being poisoned, as many focus on walling or tanking (the exception being Shuppet, who is hit hard by Sucker Punch). Drifloon is an exception to this because it can serve both roles, but Rattata outspeeds it to be able to hit it with either move as it stands.

When using this set, team support is imperative. Stealth Rock, Sandstorm, Hail, Spikes and Toxic Spikes all essentially ruin the Endeavor strategy, and must be cleared before Rattata is to use Endeavor, since it will not likely survive any kind of attack without a Focus Sash. In NFE, Rattata's Speed and Attack power may still be used to treat Rattata as somewhat of a revenge killer with two priority attacks, but its core Endeavor + priority attack combo is in many situations out of the question (unless the foe for some reason uses a status move, and Rattata uses Endeavor).

Team Benefit abra duskull trapinch wartortle carvanha

Low defenses and almost no resistances makes Rattata a hard Pokemon to synergize with. Ghost- and Psychic-types such as Abra, Duskull, Shuppet and Drowzee may lure Ghost attacks that Rattata can switch into, but nearly any other attack will put Rattata down to at least 40% HP. Instead, one should concentrate on Rattata's main role to determine other teammates and partners. Trapinch works well thanks to Arena Trap, as if Rattata uses U-Turn and switches to Trapinch, one can trap a foe and KO them if common counters such as Riolu or Croagunk are switched into Rattata in hopes of threatening it with Vacuum Wave. On the same set, Pursuit-users can be a large pain if they switch in on a resisted attack, meaning Houndour, Pidgeotto, Larvitar and Doduo are foes to consider countering. Wartortle, Seel, Kabuto, Prinplup and Carvanha can counter these four Pokemon for the most part, and are generally bulky enough to take a switch-in attack for Rattata, although Seel and Carvanha both share a Fighting weakness with Rattata.

Counters aron onix rhyhorn omanyte croagunk

Without the rare Flame Wheel, any Steel-type walls Rattata. Magnemite, Shieldon and Aron all take little damage from all of Rattata's attacks, and even Shieldon can score a 2HKO with Earthquake thanks to Rattata's very poor defenses. Onix, Geodude, Graveler, Omanyte and Larvitar wall Rattata to no end thanks to their high Defense and resistance to Return and Flame Wheel, while taking manageable damage from Sucker Punch, in the event these Pokemon don't decide to use Rattata as setup fodder. Croagunk, Riolu, Tyrogue and Magby all destroy Rattata with Mach Punch/Vacuum Wave, respectively, and only fear the FEAR set through a well-predicted Endeavor + priority attack combo.


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