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Shed Skin: The user has a 30% chance of healing a status effect automatically each turn.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Mini DDTar Adamant Life Orb

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Rock Slide
252 Atk / 248 Spd / 8 Def

This set accommodates for Pupitar's mediocre Speed and Attack to prove as a decent setup sweeper. Crunch gives Pupitar coverage against Misdreavus and Haunter, as well as hitting Bronzor for neutral damage, while Rock Slide and Earthquake provide general STAB attacks.

248 Speed allows Pupitar to outspeed neutral-natured, 252 Speed Metangs, Lombres and Mantykes before a Dragon Dance to allow Pupitar to hit these Pokemon before being KOed back with the appropriate attacks, although it should be noted that Earthquake is almost never a OHKO against bulkier forms of Metang. After a Dragon Dance, this set hits a Speed of 300, enough to outspeed a max Speed Staryu, Misdreavus and Seadra for potential KOs, although Seadra will not be OHKOed unless it has taken previous damage.

Set Name Nature Item

Bulky DDTar Adamant Leftovers

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Stone Edge
100 HP / 116 Atk / 252 Def / 40 Spd

While this set doesn't provide as immediate of a threat as the first set, the extra bulk means Pupitar has a better chance of getting two Dragon Dances up, which ultimately gets it higher Attack and Speed than the previous set. The same attacks are used for the fact that this Pupitar is aimed to take down the same foes as the previous set, but with this set, Pupitar is nearly guaranteed a OHKO against a max Speed Seadra, as well as even the bulkiest Misdreavus, something the previous set could not manage.

After two Dragon Dances, this set gets a Speed of 296, which outspeeds the same threats as the last set with one Dragon Dance. This means that while a bulky DDTar takes an extra turn to use Dragon Dance to outspeed the same foes as the last set, the extra Attack boost is the key to KOing foes that the previous set would not be able to do. This means this kind of Pupitar is more suitable when a team has more synergy centered around Pupitar to give it the extra chance to use Dragon Dance, while more offensively-minded and fast-paced teams may favor the above set. 116 Atk gives Pupitar a 90% chance to 2HKO a 0 Defense Gligar with Stone Edge with no SR in play after only one Dragon Dance, allowing Pupitar to still start attacking once one Dragon Dance is set up if the foe switches to a Gligar.

Set Name Nature Item

R(e)PTar Adamant Life Orb

Moves EVs

Rock Polish
Stone Edge / Rock Slide
252 Atk / 148 Def / 108 Spd

This set sacrifices the raw attacking power that Dragon Dance utilizes in order to grant Pupitar key outpaces from foes that would normally leave it death fodder. After a Rock Polish, Pupitar outspeeds anything slower than a neutral-natured, 252 Spd Sneasel, which includes Kadabra, Grovyle and Magmar. Crunch is Pupitar's best option against Haunter and Misdreavus, as a STAB Earthquake still proves a OHKO against Kadabra, making it unnecessary for it. This set works better on a team where Pupitar's Speed is more important, and who needs key answers to Sneasel and Kadabra. However, synergy with Pupitar is still needed to ensure that it can use Rock Polish before being KOed by Kadabra's Psychic, or attacked by Sneasel's Ice Punch.

Team Benefit metang tangela grotle

While Pupitar unfortunately doesn't get many Special attacks to work with like its evolved form Tyranitar, it luckily retains Dragon Dance, which allows it to work well as a bulky sweeper. As with any set-uppers, synergy is key. While both share a common Ground weakness, Metang works as a teammate, as it is weak to Fire, and allows a switch-out from Grass attacks aimed at Pupitar. Metang can also learn Ice Punch and Thunderpunch, which helps against bulky Water and Grass-types that hinder Pupitar, although a Choice Band is needed to leave a considerable dent in Croconaw and Poliwhirl. One's own Grass type gives Pupitar a switch-in to Fire and Flying attacks, and allows Pupitar to switch away from its highly notable weaknesses to Water and Grass, as well as a weakness to Ground attacks. Tangela and Grotle work well in this respect, although they must be wary of Ice attacks.

Counters tangela bayleef poliwhirl piloswine marshtomp

Bulky Water and Grass-types such as Grotle, Bayleef, Tangela, Prinplup, Wartortle and Marshtomp work best, as they can handle most of Pupitar's unboosted attacks, and can retaliate with an x4 STAB Water or Grass attack. Grass-types work better, as they are resistant to Earthquake. None of these sets outspeed Pupitar, unless the Pokemon invests very heavily in Speed. Machoke only fears boosted Earthquakes, and can hit Pupitar with Dynamicpunch or Ice Punch for serious damage. Piloswine also works well, having enough Defense to take even a Dragon Dance-boosted Earthquake, and the ability to 2HKO back with its own Earthquake.


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