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Trace: Copies the foe's ability.

Download: User gets a stat boost depending on the foe's stats.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Standard Bold Ability-Trace Leftovers

Moves EVs

Thunder Wave
Ice Beam
Tri Attack
252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Sp Atk

Porygon2 is, with a bit of competition from Dusclops, the bulkiest NFE in the metagame. This set attempts to balance bulk along with Porygon2's already respectible Special Attack stat to provide somewhat of a 'bulky sweep'. Thunder Wave shuts down Sneasel, Kadabra, Electabuzz and Magmar who may try to come in and hit Porygon2 with a Fighting attack, all of whom are Recover + Tri Attack fodder afterward. Ice Beam guarantees Porygon a OHKO on the standard Scarf Gabite, who can only do around 38% maximum with Outrage (Jolly nature), and OHKOs the standard Shelgon and Dragonair. While mix Dragonair can do a good amount of damage with Draco Meteor, Porygon2 can easily recover it off, and is then left answerless thanks to the Special Attack drop. While this set is for the most part walled by Steel-types, it should be noted that no Steel-type Pokemon is an immediate threat to Porygon2 thanks to its defenses and access to Recover. Metang has no hope of 2HKOing Porygon2 bar a critical hit, while Porygon2 can switch between Tri Attack and Recover to eventually take it down, since Metang has no form of reliable recovery. Without a Yache Berry, Gligar is also OHKOed unless it invests 100% into its Special Defense, and even then, it has a 50% chance to OHKO.

Both abilities are usable with this set, and have their own risks and rewards. Trace allows Porygon2 to recover from Chansey's Toxic via a switch-out and switch-in against a foe's Poliwhirl as it attempts to use Surf or Waterfall. Tracing Serene Grace from Chansey or Togetic could lead to a game-breaking event of freeze or status luck from one of Porygon2's attacks, and by tracing Flame Body from a foe's Magmar, Pokemon such as Vigoroth, Dusclops, Scyther and some forms of Munchlax may think twice in attempting to 2HKO or 3HKO Porygon2, fearing a burn which will leave them extremely crippled. After a Special Attack boost from Download, Porygon2 gets no key OHKOs or 2HKOs, making it much less useful. It secures a 2HKO against Sneasel with Tri Attack however, although such a benefit is only applicable if Sneasel doesn't take Stealth Rock damage.

The EVs on this set are important to allow Porygon2 to compete against the majority of threats in the Uber tier. Sneasel's Brick Break never 2HKOs, even with a Choice Band, allowing Porygon2 to 2HKO back with Tri Attack. Vigoroth's Focus Punch, even with an Adamant Nature, is always a 2HKO, allowing Porygon2 to retaliate with Tri Attack to break Vigoroth's Substitute if it has one up. The invested 24 Sp Atk are recommended to give Porygon2 a 66% chance of 2HKOing Sneasel with Tri Attack in the event that Stealth Rock hasn't been set up during Sneasel's switch-in, where it otherwise only has a 33% chance.

Credit to PDC for this set.

Team Benefit haunter sneasel

For teams looking for a wall, Porygon2 is one of the best answers for an Uber team. Chansey also works, except Porygon2 can take many more physical hits, and has access to Tri Attack, doing a good amount of damage to anything that doesn't resist it. A Ghost-type like Haunter or Dusclops pairs well with Porygon2, as the ever-present Fighting attacks that are most used in Ubers play will plague Porygon2. Haunter works better because of its Toxic immunity that Dusclops fears even more than Porygon2 itself, and gives a team a very usable Special sweeper. Sneasel works well by countering opposing Dusclops, Chansey and Munchlax that give Porygon2 a lot of trouble, as Tri Attack doesn't affect Dusclops, and Munchlax and Chansey can easily shrug it off.

Counters nosepass metang dusclops electabuzz

Toxic is one of Porygon2's worst enemies. Bulky Toxic stallers such as Bronzor, Metang and Nosepass work the best to sabotage Porygon2's defenses, although Toxic on them is rather uncommon. Chansey works well in walling of Porygon2's attacks, but if Porygon2 has Recover, it can eventually stall Chansey out unless it carries Toxic. Dusclops is immune to Tri Attack, and can use Focus Punch behind a Substitute to seriously dent Porygon2. Electabuzz is faster than Porygon2, and can hit it hard with Focus Blast, although its accuracy is shaky, and it won't enjoy a STAB Tri Attack.


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