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Oblivious: Prevents attraction and the effects of Captivate.

Snow Cloak: Raises evasion in a hailstorm.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Offensive Tank Adamant Life Orb / Choice Band

Moves EVs

Ice Shard
Rock Slide / Stone Edge / Superpower
132 HP / 252 Atk / 124 Sp Def

Piloswine is one of the few OU NFEs that can learn Ice Shard, and can use it well. With 100 base Attack and a Life Orb, Ice Shard can do around 90% damage to even a 252 HP / 0 Gligar. Avalanche provides Piloswine with a stronger STAB Ice attack when Ice Shard doesn't cut it, and the priority factor doesn't matter. Earthquake hits many OU NFEs for super-effective damage, and is Piloswine's main attacking move. The choice between a Rock attack and Superpower in the last slot mostly depends on Bronzor alone, as the coverage of Ground and Ice accommodate for the Fighting element it brings. The decision of Rock Slide and Stone Edge is purely up to preference, in regards to accuracy over power. A Choice Band is a useful alternative, but only works better on teams where there is stronger synergy with Piloswine, and where there is less reliability for Piloswine to sweep. What makes a CB set notably different is the guaranteed OHKO on a 252 HP / 0 Defense Gligar with Ice Shard, something that the Life Orb set cannot muscle.

Attack is maximized to give Piloswine the best attacking output, which this set aims to do. The remaining EVs are delegated to Piloswine's Special Defense to aid in Water- and Grass-type attacks that hinder it, allowing it to hit back with the appropriate move.

Team Benefit staravia tentacool electabuzz

Piloswine's access to Ice Shard to deal with common threats such as ScarfBite, Kadabra and Gligar is backed up very well by its impressive Attack and physical defenses, making Piloswine a very useful candidate for any team that has issues with these Pokemon. However with only one immunity and little resistances, Piloswine is hard to switch into, meaning it can't be relied on heavily without sometimes sacrificing a Pokemon in order to switch it in. This means synergy with Electric attacks will better aid one's team in not having to go that route. Staravia works well as a teammate, as it attracts Electabuzz and Misdreavus fairly well in hopes of using Thunderbolt, allowing Piloswine to switch-in and counter them. Bulky Water-types can work also, such as Wartortle, Poliwhirl and Croconaw, although a Grass resistance somewhere else on the team is wise. Tentacool, a useful Rapid Spin-user, also works well by luring Electric attacks, and can safely be switched into nearly any Water-type or Fire-type attack that Piloswine may face. Tentacool also has a resistance to Fighting, another weakness that Piloswine carries.

Bulky Water-types are an issue for Piloswine, making Grovyle, offensive forms of Grotle, or one's own Electabuzz useful teammates. While Electabuzz itself doesn't offer any notable synergy, it does do its role well in countering these threats that Piloswine can be faced with, allowing other teammates to deal with synergy. Bulky Grass-types do share a Fire weakness with Piloswine, but also counter Water-type attacks, as well as accommodating for Piloswine's Grass weakness.

Piloswine also offers an interesting immunity to both Sandstorm and Hail, and in tandem with its impressive tanking ability, makes it nearly a staple on a NFE Sandstorm or Hail team. Of course, Snow Cloak as Piloswine's ability would be the best option if a Hail team is the case. Hippopotas has poor synergy with Piloswine, however, and Snover hardly has the defenses to switch into a Water-type attack, while absolutely fearing any type of Fire attack, which Piloswine is also weak to. Therefore, additional teammates are needed to make up for this issue.

Counters marshtomp croconaw wartortle

Marshtomp has enough defenses to take most of Piloswine's attacks, isn't shaken by Ice Shard, and can hit Piloswine with Surf or Muddy Water. Wartortle, Poliwhirl, Prinplup and Croconaw all work the same way. Monferno only fears Earthquake, and can hit Piloswine with a STAB Close Combat or Flamethrower. Bronzor with Levitate only fears a neutral Superpower, and can set up screens or Stealth Rock against Piloswine, although Bronzor will have issues hitting Piloswine for considerable damage with its low attacking stats.


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