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Oblivious: Prevents attraction and the effects of Captivate.

Simple: Doubles stat increases and decreases.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

SimPile Calm Ability-Simple Leftovers

Moves EVs

Flamethrower / Earth Power
Protect / Earth Power
Toxic / Yawn
252 HP / 176 Def / 82 Sp Def

Numel has a lot of options with possible moveset, but the central idea is to use Stockpile here in conjunction with Simple to skyrocket Numel's defenses. Flamethrower and Earth Power aid Numel in slowly wearing down the foe, but Flamethrower is best used in OU because of Bronzor itself. Earth Power aids against Rhyhorn, Onix, Omanyte and Kabuto, all of whom are hardly scathed by Flamethrower. The latter can also carry Water-type attacks that, even with defense boosts, can do considerable damage. Toxic stall in conjunction with Earth Power allows Numel to take advantage of its heresy defense boosts to stall for Toxic damage, while Earth Power in conjunction ensures you're not walled by Steel- or Poison-types. Yawn is an option to give Numel a free Stockpile turn on the foe's switch, although Numel doesn't get reliable recovery, and therefore, can be seriously hit on the initial turn that Yawn is used, so use it with caution. Swallow is also an option to give Numel said recovery, but at the price of losing all of its Stockpile boosts, which can really hinder Numel. Again, such a turn would have to be used at an opportune time to be effective.

176 Defense allows Numel to always survive an unboosted Croconaw's Waterfall before Simple is used, and is enough to withstand Marshtomp's Waterfalls, as well. The remaining EVs were delegated to Special Defense to aid in taking Surfs after Simple is used.

Team Benefit mantyke poliwhirl croagunk doduo

Numel makes a very good staller for any UU team, and can even work in OU. However, it needs a golden opportunity to use its setup moves before it becomes effective. Using Pokemon such as Mantyke or Wingull to lure Electric attacks can give Numel a free switch-in to set-up Stockpile, while scaring away Choiced Magnemites who would at that point have no options against Numel. Croagunk can somewhat work as a teammate, as it can abuse Dry Skin to take advantage of Water attacks aimed at Numel, although both of these Pokemon are weak to Ground attacks. In OU, Poliwhirl works well as a teammate, as it can allow Numel to switch into Electric attacks, while allowing Numel to switch-back to it for free when faced with a Water attack because of Poliwhirl's Water Absorb.

Numel benefits greatly from entry hazards and Sandstorm to aid in damaging the foe, as its initial attacking moves often don't do considerable damage to foes that don't suffer a critical hit. Omanyte and Kabuto as Stealth Rock-users can sometimes lure an Electric-type attack to allow Numel a switch-in, but Grass-type attacks are something to keep note of. Numel also works as a useful status-absorber for Will-O-Wisp and Thunder Wave, making physical sweepers, in particular Carvanha, Doduo, Mankey and Murkrow, useful teammates. Common Thunder Wave-users such as Togetic (in OU), Drowzee, Flaaffy and Spoink have few options against Numel, especially after a Stockpile.

Counters mantyke tentacool carvanha wartortle

Mantyke is perhaps Numel's greatest counter, as it packs STAB Water-type attacks to wash out Numel, while being immune to Earth Power, and taking very little damage from Flamethrower thanks to its very high Special Defense. Tentacool can outspeed Numel and hit it with a STAB Surf, but Earth Power usually results in a 2HKO. Carvanha and Corphish can outspeed Numel and render its Stockpile business useless with Taunt, and threaten with a STAB Surf or Waterfall. Wartortle takes managable damage from Earth Power, and can take Numel down with a STAB Surf or Waterfall, but will have a harder time doing so after Stockpile.


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