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Sturdy: Negates OHKO moves.

Magnet Pull: Prevents Steel-type foes from switching out. Increases chance of encountering Steel-types in the wild.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Supporting Wall Careful Ability-Magnet Pull Leftovers

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Def

With monstrous defenses and access to a handful of utility attacks, Nosepass can make a good status-inducer and Stealth Rock setter. Thunder Wave compliments Nosepass' Speed issue well, and ruins the likes of Kadabra, Electabuzz and Magmar, who may stay in trying to 2HKO Nosepass. Toxic is honestly one of Nosepass' most useful ways to induce damage on foes, and gives it a partial answer to Marshtomp, Graveler and Onix, who are all immune to Thunder Wave and take little damage from Explosion. After inducing status effects and setting up Stealth Rock, Explosion is used to inflict the most damaging attack that Nosepass carries in the majority of instances.

The EVs given give Nosepass the best overall tanking potential to help with setting up Stealth Rock and using its utility attacks. Nosepass' offenses are horrible, meaning it will hardly aid in making Nosepass a tank, and investing in its offensive skills interferes with its main role as a status inducer.

Set Name Nature Item

Toxic Stall Careful Ability-Magnet Pull Leftovers

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock / Substitute / Thunder Wave
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Def

This is an annoying set that uses Toxic to do more damage to foes that would normally expect to completely wall it and take it down, such as Marshtomp. Toxic is used on the first turn, then Protect if you don't suspect that the foe will use a setup move. Additional Protect and Rest stall is done until the foe faints, although the foe will very likely switch sooner or later. This is where the last moveslot comes in. Substitute can be used if Nosepass isn't sleeping to help with the stalling process again with the next foe, but if it's a Steel-type or Poison-type, Thunder Wave would often be more effective. Therefore, with this set, it is important that you scan your foe's team, and ensure Poison and Steel-types are disposed of, mainly Metang and Bronzor, before you start the Toxic stalling strategy. Stealth Rock is an option in the last slot if your team desperately needs a Stealth Rocker, as Nosepass has enough defenses and Rest to take the damage it will take in return in most cases. However, Thunder Wave is the superior option, as it gives Nosepass an answer to Golbat, the aforementioned Metang, Lairon to an extent, and Roselia, all of whom are not affected by Toxic.

Team Benefit golbat misdreavus grotle haunter

The best wall in OU NFE stat-wise, Nosepass provides a very nice utility user for any NFE team that doesn't have a notable Water or Grass weakness. Being a Rock-type, Nosepass pairs best with Grass-types to allow it to switch out from Grass- and Water-type attacks aimed at it. While it gets quite a few useful moves, its extremely low Attack and Special Attack stats means that it's best used as a utility-user. Even a super-effective Fire Punch only manages around 25% to a standard Bronzor. Golbat works well as a partner, especially the Nasty Plot variants, as it resists both Fighting and Ground that Nosepass is weak to, and appreciates the Thunder Wave hit on faster foes, which could also possibly give Golbat a free Nasty Plot if the foe keeps their usual Nosepass counter in. Haunter also works well, as it can switch into a Fighting or Ground attack with full immunity, giving the user a chance to hit hard with one of Haunter's attacks, although most Haunter variants are Choiced, and so the move must be picked wisely. Misdreavus grants the same immunities, but has overall lower attacking capabilities than Haunter, and works more like another utility user. For status-inflicting teams, Misdreavus and Nosepass work interestingly by having Thunder Wave and Will-O-Wisp that can potentially paralyze one foe, and burn the foe's switch-in to Misdreavus.

Counters marshtomp grotle wartortle machoke gligar rhydon

Nearly any bulky Pokemon packing a super-effective hit can work well, as Nosepass has limited recovery options, and is hardly a threat offensive-wise. Croconaw, Prinplup, Wartortle, Marshtomp and Poliwhirl all work very well with some defensive investment. Marshtomp is most notable for its immunity for Thunder Wave, however, although it doesn't enjoy Toxic. Gligar and Machoke are notable counters, as none of them suffer super-effective hits, and will hardly be shaken by Earthquake. Piloswine has plenty of defenses, and can take Nosepass down with a STAB Earthquake, while being immune to Thunder Wave, although Fire Punch can be a nasty surprise at times. Rhydon shuts down Nosepass completely with its very high Defense and HP, and can scare Nosepass away with a STAB Earthquake.


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