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Shed Skin: The user has a 30% chance of healing a status effect automatically each turn.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Standard Adamant Leftovers

Moves EVs

Bug Bite
Iron Defense
252 Atk / 252 Sp Def / 4 HP

One of the best walls in NU NFE. With investment in Special Defense and access to Iron Defense, Metapod becomes very difficult to take down if one does not pack a Special Fire attack such as Flamethrower. While Metapod has a lacking movepool, it actually has a chance to chip away at a foe by raising its Defense, something that Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple cannot do, although the Attack drop is disappointing.

The EVs give Metapod the best resistance toward Special attacks such as Piplup's and Spheal's Surf, and Hidden Power from Burmy. Attack is maximized to give Metapod the best attacking output, making use of the defenses that it sets up.

Team Benefit pichu torchic cyndaquil

Metapod is one of the best walls in NU NFE, giving passable Defensive power to any NU team. With low defenses and a resistance to Ground attacks, it pairs well with Pichu, although Pichu is neutral to Special Fire attacks that hinder Metapod. It can take Aqua Jets and Fake Out from Squirtle relatively well, making teammates such as Torchic and Cyndaquil passable teammates, although it should be noted that Metapod cannot deal reliable damage against it. Because of Metapod's low Attack power, it benefits from Toxic support. One's own Toxic stall Squirtle can prove useful, as Metapod provides sturdy Defense to wall the majority of physical sweepers in NU, while being able to switch to Squirtle when faced with a Fire attack.

Counters zubat squirtle

As with most Bug-types, Zubat remains the best counter for Metapod. Its access to Heat Wave, Air Slash and Sludge Bomb threatens any Metapod for serious damage, while Metapod is helpless in terms of retaliation. Cyndaquil and Charmander are in the same position. Squirtle is hardly scathed by Tackle, and can use Toxic on Metapod, making Metapod nearly worthless because of its defensive strategy nullified. Any physically defensive Pokemon with Toxic spells the death of Metapod in almost all situations. It's lucky that there are no Ghosts in NU NFE.


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