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Torrent: Increases power of Water-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Lead Careful Leftovers

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock
Ice Punch
Surf / Muddy Water
252 HP / 156 Def / 96 Sp Def / 4 Spd

This set works much like Swampert in OU, where Marshtomp's sturdy defenses allow it to get up Stealth Rock relatively easy if it isn't met with a Grass-type attack. Ice Punch hits lead Golbat and Gligar for a 2HKO, while dealing heavier damage to Dragonair than Ice Beam. Surf 2HKOs the standard lead Graveler, as well as Onix and Rhydon. Earthquake provides Marshtomp a main STAB attack, and covers Magmar, Charmeleon and Electabuzz. The choice of Muddy Water or Surf is a matter of risk and reward, where the 90% accuracy drop could mean an accuracy loss for the foe, which at times could save Marshtomp from an attack that otherwise would harm it.

Marshtomp gains no key OHKOs or 2HKOs aganist any particularly common NFE leads without significant Attack or Special Attack investment, so defenses are maximized to give Marshtomp the best tanking ability. 4 Speed allows Marshtomp to outpace a neutral-natured, 0 Speed Piloswine, Shelgon and Metang to allow it to attack with the appropriate move if the foe is using such a variant of the listed Pokemon.

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Adamant Choice Band

Moves EVs

Ice Punch
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd

Marshtomp's access to the most common type weaknesses in the game makes it a potent attacker, especially with its naturally high defenses to take a hit or two. This set works best on teams that have an easier time dealing with bulky Water-types, in particular Mantyke, unless one predicts well with Return. This set demands more team synergy than other Marshtomp sets, as once the foe discovers or predicts that Marshtomp has a Choice Band, they will likely send in Water-types to block off Ice Punch or Waterfall, or Flying-types/Levitating Pokemon if Earthquake is chosen. Electric-types work well with this set because of this, particularly Electabuzz.

Maximum Attack is invested, of course, to bulk up Marshtomp's already passable Attack power. The remaining EVs are delegated to defenses, as Marshtomp has little need for other EVs, other than the 4 Speed to allow Marshtomp to outspeed Piloswine, who is still 2HKOed even with a Choice Banded Waterfall in most cases.

Team Benefit roselia haunter shelgon golbat grovyle

With Marshtomp's only notable weakness being Grass, and having enough defenses to shrug off most other attacks, it makes a very effective lure. Using Pokemon such as Golbat, Shelgon, Yanma, Roselia and Haunter as teammates for Marshtomp allows said Pokemon to switch in with relative ease, and attack or set up. Roselia is notable, as its access to Spikes alongside Marshtomp's Stealth Rock works well in setting up multiple entry hazards, and Roselia can switch to Marshtomp when faced with a Fire attack. In general, most other Grass-types work well, as they resist Marshtomp's main weakness, Grass, and can switch to Marshtomp when faced with a Fire, Poison, and even some Ice attacks. Grovyle is notable, as it can use the switch-in turn to set up Swords Dance to attempt a late-game sweep, or set-up variants of Grotle, who demand a turn or two to set up before attempting something toward a foe's team.

Counters ivysaur tangela weepinbell lombre

Bulky Grass-types such as Grotle, Ivysaur, Tangela, Weepinbell and Bayleef work best, as Marshtomp has a very exploitable x4 Grass weakness, although one should be wary of Ice Punch. Lombre is arguably Marshtomp's best counter, only fearing a neutral Ice Punch, and being able to hit with a STAB Energy Ball. Grovyle and Haunter are frailer options, but both can hit Marshtomp with Energy Ball for a KO, while the latter can switch into a predicted Earthquake.


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