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Anger Point: Maximizes Attack if attacked by a Critical Hit.

Vital Spirit: Prevents Sleep.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

SubPoint Jolly Ability-Anger Point Salac Berry / Leftovers

Moves EVs

Close Combat
Ice Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP

Rather risky, considering priority moves and faster opponents, but this set has the potential to sweep entire teams if pulled off. Simply use Substitute until you get down to 25%, and sweep regardless if the Anger Point is activated. The choice between Leftovers and Salac Berry depends on how much one fears being outsped by foes after Anger Point is activated. With Leftovers, Mankey is outsped by a handful of UUs, including Pidgeotto, Diglett, Magby, Buizel, Taillow, Poliwhirl and Anorith, all threatening to hit Mankey's low defenses for a KO, but it gives Mankey a higher chance of activating Anger Point thanks to an extra Substitute set-up from the Leftovers recovery. If you use a Salac Berry, Mankey has a lower chance of getting Anger Point activation, but will outspeed all of the above threats if it is pulled off. Just be sure to use Substitute stall against a Pokemon that's slower than Mankey, so you can repeatedly use Substitute.

As for the listed attacks, Ice Punch and Thunderpunch provide BoltBeam, and Close Combat is recommended for STAB. Fire Punch and Seed Bomb are also good options as substitutes for the last 2 slots.

Be sure to give Mankey an even-numbered HP stat so that Salac Berry will activate upon the third Substitute.

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Adamant / Jolly Ability-Vital Spirit Choice Band / Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Close Combat
Ice Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

A less reckless set, which focuses on all-out offense and speed. A very standard set that requires little strategy information. Rock Slide, Dig, Fire Punch, Seed Bomb and Outrage are all options in this set, although the listed attacks give you the best overall coverage.

Generally, a Jolly nature and Choice Band is the best option, giving you an Attack stat of 388 and a Speed stat of 262, but with a Choice Scarf and Adamant nature, you can reach a speed of 358, allowing Mankey to outpace anything in the UU NFE tier that isn't Scarfed, including Voltorb.

Set Name Nature Item

Encore Sweeper Jolly Ability-Vital Spirit Life Orb

Moves EVs

Focus Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Sp Def

Mankey gets Encore through HeartGold and SoulSilver move tutors, and it can make use of Encore relatively well with its respectable Speed. Encore on a predicted setup move, which will allow you a free Substitute when the opponent switches. Then hit back with a STAB Focus Punch, or Outrage. The combination of Dragon and Fighting is unresisted in NFE, so you will be able to hit everything for at least neutral damage.

Both abilities can work with this set, but generally, Anger Point is better, since Substitute is utilized with this set. Vital Spirit allows you to switch into the likes of neutral-Speed, 252 Skiploom, max Speed Roselia and any kind of Vulpix, Encoring their useless Hypnosis and allowing you a free Substitute. However, Anger Point can give Mankey a huge boost to help immensely with sweeping, but with Focus Punch requiring not being hit, and Outrage confusing you afterward (the confusion damage will really hurt after Anger Point), it can sometimes be a downfall.

The EVs are standard to allow Mankey the highest Speed, allowing it to Encore trap as much as it possibly can, while the Attack allows Mankey to do as much damage as possible afterward. Mankey is frail, and won't weather much damage anyway. Just be sure to give Mankey an odd-numbered HP stat to allow you 4 Substitutes and 6 Life Orbed attacks, even though Mankey might not make it that far.

Team Benefit croagunk carvanha houndour

The SubPoint set can work as a very effective sweeper in any team, but often requires careful prediction and teammate support to be pulled off successfully. It should be noted that priority-users cause extreme difficulty for any of Mankey's sets, in particular the SubPoint set, so it is a good idea to rid of these Pokemon before attemping that set. Croagunk works well as an anti-priority UU Pokemon, but means a team will have a considerable Psychic weakness. Using Dark-types that resist Aqua Jet, mainly Nuzleaf and Carvanha, can synergize a team further.

For the Choice sets, Switching Mankey into a non-STAB, or low-powered Dark- or Rock-type attack gives Mankey the best chance at revenge-killing without having to sacrifice one of your Pokemon to send it in, or utilizing difficult pivoting. Frail Flying- and Psychic-types such as Mantyke, Abra, Pidgeotto and Drifloon can attract Dark and Rock-type attacks, while Mantyke has a high Special Defense stat, allowing it to switch into Psychic attacks aimed at Mankey. Natu is weak to both Rock- and Dark-type attacks, and can also be switched into Psychic attacks. Again, priority attack-users are a problem with these sets, making Nuzleaf, Carvanha and to an extent Ivysaur and Gloom good teammates.

Counters abra drowzee beldum

Abra can take down all but a Choice Scarf Mankey and obliterate it with a STAB Psychic. Beldum has enough Defense to take even Close Combat, and can KO Mankey back with Zen Headbutt. Drowzee can switch into Close Combat or Focus Punch and threaten Mankey with Psychic, but it won't enjoy boosted Thunderpunches or Outrages.


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