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Flame Body: Has a 30% chance of burning the foe if this Pokemon is hit by a physical move.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

MixMar Naive Life Orb

Moves EVs

Fire Blast
Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
56 Atk / 252 Spd / 200 Sp Atk

With Magmar's naturally reasonable bulk and high Speed and attacking power, it makes one of the best mixed sweepers in OU NFE. Fire Blast is Magmar's main STAB attack, and KOs nearly any Metang, Piloswine and some forms of Bronzor with no trouble. Hidden Power Ice ensures that Gligar is dealt with easily, and covers Dragonair and Shelgon for more damage than its other attacks. However, without Hidden Power Grass, Magmar will be countered by both Marshtomp and Rhydon, and as such, one should consider their team when making the decision on which Hidden Power to use. Psychic seems like an odd choice, but is Magmar's best answer to both Monferno and Machoke, the latter whom can do serious damage with Dynamicpunch. Thunderpunch covers Water-types to an extent, although Magmar will still have issues with bulkier Water-types such as Poliwhirl.

200 Sp Atk allows Magmar to always OHKO the standard Bronzor with Fire Blast, while muscling a 92% chance to do so with no SR at all. If said Bronzor has Heatproof, however, Magmar has only a 64% chance of 2HKOing, which is still useful in itself. It also guarantees a OHKO against the standard Piloswine, even with no Stealth Rock support, and also KOs the standard Screen-setting Metang. 200 Sp Atk also 2HKOs the standard Dragonair and Bulky DD Shelgon, while the remaining Attack EVs also score a 2HKO against the standard Seadra and Croconaw, although it should be noted that Magmar's Fire Blast does more damage to Golbat and Murkrow than either Hidden Power Ice or Thunderpunch thanks to STAB.

Set Name Nature Item

BellyMar Jolly Leftovers

Moves EVs

Belly Drum
Brick Break
Fire Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Odd-numbered HP stat

Magmar's blazing Speed and ability to scare off a lot of OUs from fake threats of the MixMar set make it a perfect candidate for a surprise Belly Drum and Substitute combo. Even with no Attack investment, Magmar gets enough Attack to OHKO nearly the entire OU NFE tier. Even Rhydon cannot weather a +6 Brick Break. Nosepass also falls to Brick Break, as does Poliwhirl after Stealth Rock damage. Marshtomp and Shelgon are 2HKOed by Magmar, so prior damage to them is needed for a KO. Disposing or weakening of Magmar's typical counters before using this set is key to its success, as Magmar's Belly Drum and Substitute combo is a one-shot pony because of lack of recovery. If Shelgon or Marshtomp switch in while Magmar finally finished setting up, its biggest asset would be a 2HKO on either of them, ruining a sweep. Electabuzz is also a considerable foe when using this set, as it also isn't OHKOed.

After Belly Drum and Substitute, Magmar will have no need for defensive investment, and its Substitutes are broken by almost any attack aimed at it in NFE, making Speed and Attack power Magmar's main selling points. It's important to have an odd-numbered HP stat with this set because without it, Magmar cannot use Belly Drum and Substitute together, ruining its strategy. One would have to use Belly Drum immediately if an even-numbered stat is used, making Magmar extremely susceptible to priority attacks that will end it. Even Sneasel's Ice Shard will end up finishing it in spite of being resisted.

Set Name Nature Item

ScarfMar Naughty Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Fire Blast
Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
200 Atk / 140 Sp Atk / 168 Spd

While this set may have the same moves as MixMar, it plays very differently. Scarf Magmar serves as a nasty surprise for Haunter, Diglett and Electabuzz who expect to outspeed and damage/KO Magmar.

The Speed EVs allow Magmar to outpace the standard Scarf Gabite by one point thanks to Choice Scarf, and allows Magmar to outspeed Sneasel. 200 Attack is invested to ensure a 2HKO against a standard 252 Atk / 252 Spd Seadra and Croconaw with Thunderpunch, even with no Stealth Rock in play. The remaining EVs are delegated to Special Attack to aid in Hidden Power and Fire Blast damage, although it should be noted that the majority of Marshtomps will always be 2HKOed by this set. If you fear Marshtomp more than Croconaw and Seadra, one option is to switch to a Mild Nature and go with 252 Sp Atk, which will OHKO any Marshomp who doesn't carry a Careful Nature, or with an alternative Nature, one who doesn't invest very heavily in Special Defense.

Team Benefit mantyke tentacool tangela

Magmar makes a very useful mixed sweeper for any OU NFE team. Even with a Naive Nature, it can survive a Life Orb Kadabra's Psychic, making it somewhat of a Kadabra counter for teams who need one. However, with Stealth Rock damage, this is not the case. And because Magmar takes a painful chunk of damage from Stealth Rock in itself, a Rapid spinner gives Magmar an easier time switching in. Staryu works well for this purpose, but only has synergy in the sense that it allows Magmar to switch-in on Grass-type attacks. Tentacool works the best in this department as a Rapid Spin-user. Other useful teammates include Mantyke, who is immune to both Water and Ground attacks, and Tangela, who can switch into any Water attack and do heavy damage to Marshtomp, Poliwhirl, Seadra and Croconaw with Energy Ball.

Counters marshtomp machoke

Magmar is a relatively hard Pokemon to counter in regards to its superior Speed and coverage options. Marshtomp takes little damage from almost all of Magmar's attacks, and can hit Magmar with a STAB Waterfall or Earthquake, although Hidden Power Grass will invariably OHKO it. Machoke is one of Magmar's best counters, posessing enough defenses to take all of Magmar's attacks, and can KO with Dynamicpunch on the spot. Rhydon works well against Magmar if it doesn't carry Hidden Power Grass, allowing Rhydon to hit Magmar for a KO with Earthquake while not being KOed by even Hidden Power Ice. Without a Choice Scarf, Diglett can outspeed Magmar and always KO with Earthquake, although it cannot switch into anything except Thunderpunch because of its very low defenses.

Credit to PDC for this set.


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