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Soundproof: Nullifies sound-based moves.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

LO(u)Dred Rash Life Orb

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Grass
Fire Blast
220 Atk / 208 Sp Atk / 80 Spd

With equal offensive stats, decent defenses and only one weakness, a simple Life Orb set goes a bit farther on Loudred than other Pokemon. Return is Loudred's most reliable STAB attack bar Double-Edge, and 2HKOs a 252 HP / 0 Defense Cubone over 90% of the time. Return also scores a 2HKO on max Defense Spoink, and even max Defense Tentacool. The EVs on this set are extremely specific, and are required to score many important OHKOs and 2HKOs. With 220 Attack, Loudred will always OHKO Shieldon and Flaaffy with Earthquake, while always KOing Luxio and Scarf Quilava. Hidden Power Grass is recommended over Hidden Power Water to allow Loudred to OHKO Barboach and Wooper, feats that cannot be attained with Hidden Power Water, as well as ensuring Croagunk doesn't get a free switch-in because of Dry Skin. Hidden Power Grass with the given EV spread ensures that max Sp Def Rhyhorn, Onix, Geodude and Larvitar for a clean OHKO, while Fire Blast covers Grass-types, in particular max Sp Def Ivysaur, who is always 2HKOed by Fire Blast.

With the given Speed EVs, Loudred can outpace 4 Speed Rhyhorn, which is important in that Rhyhorn can cause a severe amount of damage to Loudred with Earthquake, and Loudred itself has the potential to OHKO it back before doing so. The Speed EVs also ensure Loudred outpaces Grimer, Baltoy and the majority of Prinplup.

Team Benefit gastly duskull natu combusken venonat

Ghost-types synergize best with Loudred. Gastly is notable because it can take down Machop with ease, as well as Makuhita if it carries Psychic. Duskull works well in crippling these foes with Will-O-Wisp, making Mankey much less threatening. Natu also works well in that it has a x4 resistance to Fighting, and can switch back to Loudred when faced with a Ghost attack. It can also threaten Machop, Riolu and Mankey with Psychic.

With Loudred's poor Speed, it works fantastically if one can Baton Pass Agility to it. This makes Combusken an extremely notable teammate. With 2 Speed boosts, Loudred hits a Speed of 272, allowing it to outpace anything slower than a max Speed Stunky (including Stunky itself). Would-be checks such as Pidgeotto and Spearow are now threatened with a OHKO with Hyper Voice, factoring in Stealth Rock damage. Venonat works in a similar fashion of Combusken, although its typing and weakness to Stealth Rock may be an undesirable addition to a particular team.

Counters wartortle doduo taillow mankey

With such amazing UU coverage and above-average defenses, taking Loudred down requires careful prediction if one is to switch into it. Fortunately, it is rather slow. Wartortle with Brick Break works well as a counter, fearing at worst a 3HKO from Return. Taillow, Pidgeotto and Doduo can all switch into Hidden Power Grass or Earthquake, and cause massive damage with Brave Bird, OHKOing Loudred if they hold a Life Orb or Choice Band or, in Taillow's case, a Guts boost. Vibrava can also switch into Earthquake, and can OHKO Loudred with Outrage factoring in Stealth Rock and Life Orb damage. Mankey can outpace any Loudred, and immediately KO with Close Combat.


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