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Suction Cups: Negates moves that force switches on this Pokemon.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

CurseLeep Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Rock Slide
Seed Bomb
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Atk

High Special Defense and access to Curse make Lileep a very potent threat in late game when the foe's main faster counters are dealt with. Use Curse as many times as you can, and use Recover along your way to heal damage. After a Curse and with maximum Special Defense, little can 2HKO it, allowing for another Curse and Recover. After that, sweep with the appropriate attack. Rock Slide and Seed Bomb has issues against Steel-types, but is Lileep's best option for a secondary physical attack, other than Return, which is also walled by Steel-types, and doesn't benefit from STAB.

Special Defense is maximized to give Lileep the best chance at sponging Special attacks from foes such as Numel, mix Croagunk, Houndour and Roselia to allow Lileep the chance to use Curse. After a Curse and with maximum HP, Lileep has little trouble with physical attacks, bar a critical hit. On Sandstorm teams, less Special Defense is needed because of the Special Defense boost Sandstorm brings, and the extra EVs should generally be put into Attack to aid Lileep in attacking power.

Set Name Nature Item

Toxic Stall Careful / Calm Leftovers

Moves EVs

252 HP / 176 Def / 80 Sp Def

This is an annoying set that takes advantage of Lileep's notable defenses and access to both Stockpile and reliable recovery to stall the foe out with Toxic. This set, of course, absolutely hates Taunt, and so Choice users and all-out attackers are of note for teammates. Stockpile is generally used first to aid Lileep in its defenses, while the second move depends on what the foe sends in. If it's a bulky Water-type such as Lombre expecting the Curse set, Toxic and Protect is generally the way to go, and start Toxic stalling. If however the switch-in can be relatively walled off for another turn without Lileep facing Toxic, or you wish to gamble against the super-effective Water attack, another Stockpile may be used to heighten Lileep's defenses even more. Either way, Toxic and Protect are the main ways of dealing with the foe. This set benefits greatly on Sandstorm teams thanks to the extra damage and Special Defense boost, but Lileep needs team support with this set, as it is walled to no end by any Steel-type or Poison-type, as well as the occasional Immunity-carrying Pokemon such as Wailmer.

Defenses are maximized on this set to aid Lileep in walling the foe for as long as possible for Toxic damage. An investment in 20 Speed allows Lileep to outspeed a neutral-natured, 0 Speed Duskull, Makuhita and Rhyhorn, which may prove useful in Stockpiling, but is a generally rare counter to Lileep. The EVs should be sacrificed from Special Defense in this case to aid against such counters.

Team Benefit hippopotas mantyke wingull

A very assetable tank in stall teams, and a useful neutrality to Water and Grass attacks along with respectable defenses makes Lileep a very potent tank in UU NFE with a bit of set up. Of course, Lileep shines most in Sandstorm teams, making Hippopotas a natural candidate. This gives a team an automatic Ice issue, which should be dealt with by other teammates such as Omanyte, Kabuto, Magnemite and Prinplup. Lileep also typically needs aid from other teammates so that it can switch-in and set up Stockpile or Curse. Lileep's typing resistance-wise is hard to synergize with, only having Normal and Electric as resistances. Wingull and Mantyke are useful lures for Electric attacks that Lileep can switch into. Mantyke is notable for its immunity to Water, and its resistance to Bug, Steel and Fighting, all of which Mantyke can usually switch into easier than Wingull can. However, it may face trouble fitting into a Sandstorm team.

Counters gastly duskull nidorino ivysaur

Nearly any Taunter stops Lileep cold. Gastly is notable for this for its resistance to Grass-type attacks and immunity to Toxic. Koffing, Shuppet, Duskull, Stunky and Skorupi all work for the same reasons, while the first three can also shut Lileep down with Will-O-Wisp, ruining Lileep's offenses. Opposing bulky Toxic-users such as Nidorina, Nidorino and Ivysaur also work well, as Lileep doesn't appreciate being poisoned.


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