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Oblivious: Grants immunity to infatuation and Captivate.

Own Tempo: Prevents confusion.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

CurseTung Careful Chesto Berry

Moves EVs

Aqua Tail
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Sp Def

After two Curses, Lickitung becomes incredibly difficult to take down, especially with Rest to negate Toxic damage. After a single Curse, Lickitung's Defense stat becomes 279. Putting this into perspective, an Adamant max Attack Rhydon's Choice Band-boosted Hammer Arm only has a 41% chance to OHKO when factoring in Stealth Rock damage. At any rate, the idea here is to send Lickitung in on a Special attacker such as Haunter (even a Specs-boosted max Special Attack Haunter's Energy Ball is a 3HKO), and set up Curse. When Lickitung's HP gets low, Rest is used to instantly recover Lickitung's HP thanks to Chesto Berry. From there, attempt a sweep on your foe's team with the unresisted combo of a STAB Normal-type attack and Aqua Tail. The beauty of this set is that Toxic and Will-O-Wisp will have little effect because Lickitung can always use Rest again, and with boosted Defense and rather good Special Defense, Lickitung hardly fears the two wasted turns.

Set Name Nature Item

SubPunch Adamant Leftovers

Moves EVs

Ice Punch
Focus Punch
252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 Spd

Lickitung's low Speed to be able to always set up a Substitute without it being immediately broken makes it an actually useful SubPuncher in the NFE metagame. With its passable defenses, it can often survive an attack with over 25% health remaining, allowing it to hit the foe back with a rather powerful Focus Punch. Wish works well on Lickitung if it faces a foe such as Duskull, Tangela, Machoke and Marshtomp, allowing it to switch out and heal a wounded counter to one of these Pokemon, while being able to absorb the switch-out damage thanks to Wish. Of course, Lickitung will not enjoy a STAB Dynamicpunch or Superpower from Marshtomp or Machoke, meaning Wish is a somewhat situational option. Ice Punch covers Haunter (who is immune to Focus Punch), Roselia, Weepinbell, Gligar, Gabite, Shelgon and Golbat, all of whom take little damage from Focus Punch.

On this set, Defense is maximized to help aid in taking Fighting attacks from Sneasel, Shelgon and Rhydon to allow Lickitung to set up Substitute. The 4 Speed is important in that it puts Lickitung one point over Nosepass, allowing Lickitung to set up Substitute before Nosepass explodes or attempts to use Toxic, the latter which is a huge burden to this set.

Set Name Nature Item

Support Careful Leftovers

Moves EVs

Heal Bell
Seismic Toss
252 HP / 156 Def / 96 Sp Def

One could call this a 'bootleg Blissey'; it works almost exactly the same way, except Lickitung isn't shut down by Fighting attacks as badly. This Lickitung provides a useful answer to double powder Pokemon such as Tangela and Roselia who aim to infect one's team with status effects, and with Lickitung's bulk, has little trouble in using Wish during a foe's attacking turn. If Lickitung does take too much damage, Protect can simply recover away the damage, allowing the user to send out another Pokemon. Seismic Toss works extremely well on this set in that Lickitung can simply alternate between recovering with Wish and Protect, while slowly chipping away at the foe's HP, regardless of what typing the foe may be (albeit Ghost).

Set Name Nature Item

Toxic Stall Careful Leftovers

Moves EVs

252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp Def

After an Amnesia, Lickitung becomes extremely hard to KO without Machoke being around. The access to Wish and Protect to heal away any damage makes the task no easier. Amnesia is first used against a physical sweeper (if of course it doesn't pack a STAB Fighting move), while Toxic is then used to slowly sap the foe's HP. Sandstorm/Hail and Stealth Rock support greatly aid Lickitung in this role, needless to say.

Set Name Nature Item

SpecsTung Modest Choice Specs

Moves EVs

Muddy Water
Hidden Power Ground
Ice Beam
248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Sp Atk

In terms of 'bulky Special sweeper', Lickitung makes a fine choice in that it has nearly no weaknesses to worry about, and is one of the only ones who isn't immediately threatened by a Togetic switching in and using Thunder Wave. While a Choice Band set sounds like an attractive alternative, Aipom does a much better role at this because of its much higher Speed. At any rate, the magical combination of Water, Ground and Ice hit almost the entire OU NFE tier for super-effective damage, meaning Lickitung can do a good amount of damage in spite of its rather average Special Attack. Flamethrower covers both Steel-types and Grass-types, particularly a standard sweeper Metang who is KOed by it, while Hidden Power Ground has no such chance.

Team Benefit kadabra magmar machoke piloswine rhydon haunter monferno

For any set, one should ensure that Machoke is completely out of the picture before attempting anything with Lickitung. Kadabra works well as a counter to Machoke, as does Electabuzz or Magmar carrying Psychic. Sneasel is also a consideration, especially if it's a lead Sneasel who usually carries Taunt. One's own Machoke can remedy this, as can Monferno and Piloswine.

The supporter sets demand that no Taunters are on the foe's team. Sneasel, Haunter, Golbat and Misdreavus are the most common Taunters. One's own Sneasel can handle all of these threats to an extent, as can Rhydon carrying Crunch.

With Lickitung's only exploitable weaknesses being Taunt and Fighting moves, an offensive Haunter works well as a teammate. One's own Specs Haunter has the ability to take down Machoke, and can switch to Lickitung when faced with a Shadow Ball from Misdreavus, Roselia or opposing Haunter.

Counters machoke marshtomp piloswine haunter misdreavus bronzor

Machoke is Lickitung's main counter. Nothing Lickitung can throw at it, bar a Return that has received at least 2 boosts, can KO it, while Dynamicpunch causes massive damage to any Curse Lickitung who hasn't accumulated a very high amount of Curses. Marshtomp can shrug off any attack Lickitung carries without a huge amount of Curse boosts, and can slam it back with Superpower.

The Curse set is in general the most difficult to counter. Piloswine can use Earthquake and then Superpower to take Lickitung down, but if Lickitung has already used Curse, it will likely Rest off Piloswine's efforts. Electabuzz can hit Lickitung hard with Focus Blast, as can Kadabra with Hidden Power Fighting, but both will fall to a boosted Return. Any Pokemon with Trick, however, easily shuts down the Curse set. This includes Haunter (who can switch into a predicted Return), Bronzor and Misdreavus.

On the stall set, Taunt completely shuts Lickitung down. Even the Curse set must be wary of Taunters if it hasn't accumulated at least one or two Curses. Golbat is the best choice for this role, as it is immune to Toxic that a stall Lickitung may try to use on a possibly predicted Taunt. Haunter makes a very good overall counter for both the stall and supporter sets, carrying Trick and Taunt, while being immune to both Seismic Toss and Toxic, forcing Lickitung to switch out, or if Taunt hasn't been used yet, use Wish and then switch out.


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