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Synchronize: Passes on Paralysis, Poison or a Burn to the foe if the user is inflicted with it.

Inner Focus: Prevents flinching.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Game Over Timid Life Orb

Moves EVs

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Hidden Power Fire
40 HP / 252 Sp Atk / 216 Spd

Calling Kadabra a great special sweeper is a gross understatement. With Life Orb and enough Speed to outpace everything in the game except Sneasel and Scarfed Pokemon, Kadabra proves to be the best special sweeper in NFE. Its STAB Psychic is enough to OHKO nearly any foe that doesn't resist it, while Signal Beam, Shadow Ball and the chosen Hidden Power slam the entire OU tier with heavy damage. When used correctly, this set can sweep entire teams, although one must be aware of priority attacks, as Kadabra's extremely exploitable Defense and HP are its downfall. Hidden Power Fire is an option in the last slot to hit Bronzor for harder damage, as it's a susceptible switch-in for Psychic. One should be sure that Bronzor doesn't carry Heatproof, however, as Shadow Ball hits Bronzor for more damage if that is the case.

252 Speed ties Kadabra with max Speed Electabuzz, allowing for a chance at outspeeding and KO'ing it with Psychic, although the extra 40 HP gives Kadabra an extra Life Orb'ed attack. Be sure to give Kadabra an odd-numbered HP stat to give it yet another Life Orb'ed attack before it is eventually taken down. No Pokemon are outsped between 216 and 252 Speed, so a 50/50 chance to outspeed a max Speed Electabuzz is the only inclination for 252 Speed.

Set Name Nature Item

Anti-Lead Timid Focus Sash

Moves EVs

Energy Ball
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Sp Def

This Kadabra serves as another role-to counter most OU leads. Protect saves Kadabra from Fake Outs from the likes of Monferno, Glameow and Aipom, while the listed attacks hit some of the most common leads (Marshtomp, Graveler, Rhydon and Golbat, for instance) for lethal damage, usually a OHKO or, if the lead has a Focus Sash itself, 2 hits. The selling point here is because Kadabra has its own Focus Sash, it can outspeed the foe after its initial damaging move to allow Kadabra to always come out on top. Those who set-up Stealth Rock on the turn Kadabra attacks will have an even harder time, as they will need to survive 2 hits from Kadabra in order to take it down thanks to its Focus Sash (assuming a priority attack doesn't come into play). Taunt also works well by forcing switches on certain leads, such as Nosepass and later in the game against Bronzor, allowing Kadabra to hit the foe's switch-in with one of its attacks, and combined with its Speed, may muscle a 2HKO if not met with a priority user.

As with the previous set, 216 Speed allows Kadabra to outspeed all non Choice Scarf leads other than Electabuzz and Sneasel. However, this set doesn't rely on Life Orb recoil damage, and therefore doesn't need the extra HP as badly, so Speed is maximized to allow Kadabra a chance at outspeeding Electabuzz, although who comes out on top will always be a gamble.

Set Name Nature Item

Sub Encore Timid Leftovers

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Fighting
40 HP / 252 Sp Atk / 216 Spd

A different strategy that relies on set-up moves to allow Kadabra a chance to use Substitute to block priority attack-users that would normally be able to OHKO Kadabra. This set also works well as a lead, as some players will expect a powerful Special attack, compelling them to switch to a Special wall while you set up Substitute on the switch. Hidden Power Fighting is recommended to hit Metang, Shieldon and Lairon for major damage, who otherwise are 2HKO'ed, while still hitting Sneasel, one of Kadabra's main counters, for a guaranteed OHKO (on standard sets) if it does not carry a Focus Sash.

Team Benefit poliwhirl marshtomp machoke

Kadabra serves as an exceptional sweeper for nearly any NFE team with its monstrous Speed and Special Attack. Its weakness lies in priority attacks, so packing bulky Pokemon to handle these attacks is usually necessary. Marshtomp has enough Defense to take any kind of priority attack, while countering Metang, Piloswine and Staravia with Earthquake and Ice Punch, respectably, while also having access to Stealth Rock. Anti-priority Poliwhirl works very well with Kadabra in this respect, although it doesn't particularly synergize well. Tangela also has very high Defense, is resistant to Aqua Jet, and can set-up Substitute or utility attacks on a switch, although it must be wary of Ice Shard, and has no real answers against Metang or Sneasel. Machoke has enough Defense to take most priority attacks, and directly threatens Sneasel with Bullet Punch, although Pursuit variants can KO Kadabra on the turn it switches.

The Life Orb set and Encore sets are best used late in the game after you ensure that the opponent doesn't have priority attack-users, Electabuzz or Sneasel. Without these 3 things, the opponent is put in a very difficult position, most of the time allowing you to sweep an entire team. Machoke is a notable teammate, as it counters Sneasel, Diglett, Piloswine, Lairon and Metang with a combination of Bullet Punch and Dynamicpunch, all of which are the most common priority attack-users in OU. With investment in Defense, it can switch into any of these priority attacks with little trouble.

Counters sneasel duskull murkrow

Sneasel is Kadabra's best counter. The max Speed variety can outspeed Kadabra, and KO a non-Sashed set with Ice Punch or Faint Attack. It is also immune to Psychic, allowing Sneasel to switch-in and shutting down Kadabra immediately if one can predict correctly. Duskull is also a notable counter, as it has enough Special Defense and HP to take even Psychic, allowing it to KO with Shadow Sneak, bypassing Kadabra's Speed. Murkrow can only switch into Energy Ball or Psychic, but can instantly KO Kadabra with Sucker Punch. Mantyke and Togetic don't suffer a super-effective hit from Kadabra's most common attacks, and have enough Special Defense to ward off an attack long enough to retaliate with a STAB attack. While Kadabra has passable Special Defense, its low HP count means that even attacks such as Mantyke's Surf will 2HKO Kadabra, allowing a weaker priority attack-user to finish Kadabra off, especially if it has taken Life Orb recoil.


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