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Early Bird: Halves the amount of time this Pokemon stays asleep in battle, rounded down.

Flash Fire: This Pokemon is immune to Fire attacks. Fire-type attacks used on this Pokemon raise its own Fire-type attack power by 50%.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

TrapDour Naive Ability-Flash Fire Life Orb

Moves EVs

Substitute / Hidden Power Ground
Sucker Punch
Fire Blast / Flamethrower
44 Atk / 212 Sp Atk / 252 Spd

TrapDour is quite a situational Pokemon. It is highly suggested only if your team has problems with Psychic or Fire-types. This set effectively traps and KOs all Psychic Pokemon (excluding Scarf Meditite which requires some prediction to work around), slamming Baltoy for a 2HKO with Pursuit, and an instant KO on Abra. The choice of Sucker Punch and Pursuit may seem redundant, but they perform completely different and key roles in the moveset. Sucker Punch is meant for priority on any Psychic Pokemon that may try to KO Houndour via Hidden Power Fighting or another type of strong Special attack. Pursuit is used, as previously stated, on Abra and Baltoy for dealing serious damage as it retreats, which in the end plays some interesting mind games with the opponent. A more difficult choice is the one to make between Hidden Power Ground and Substitute; they all work differently and greatly affect how TrapDour is played. Substitute should be used if Houndour is meant to fill a more sweeper-oriented role, blocking status while firing off moves safely behind a Sub. Hidden Power Ground is mentioned so you can hit opposing Houndour, Rhyhorn, Onix, Geodude and Larvitar for more damage than any of other Houndour's attacks can manage.

The EVs given are assuming that Houndour is using Hidden Power Ground; with 212 Sp Atk, the standard 252 HP Flaaffy, max Special Defense Rhyhorn and max Special Defense Onix are all 2HKOed, even with Leftovers recovery, allowing Houndour to KO them if they decide to switch in, expecting a Fire attack, or Sucker Punch. It should be noted, however, that Flamethrower does more overall damage to Flaaffy, meaning one should use Flamethrower or Fire Blast on it on the turn after it switches in to ensure a KO. The Speed EVs tie Houndour with max Speed Roselia and Electrike, both of whom are heavily dented/KOed by Hidden Power Ground or Flamethrower/Fire Blast. The remaining EVs were delegated to Attack power to ensure that Drowzee and Baltoy are both 2HKOed by Crunch and Pursuit when factoring in Leftovers and Stealth Rock damage.

Set Name Nature Item

ScarfDour Mild Ability-Flash Fire Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Flamethrower / Fire Blast
Thunder Fang / Sludge Bomb
Hidden Power Grass
120 Atk / 232 Sp Atk / 158 Spd

This set surprises foes that aren't scared off by Sucker Punch, and who expect to hit Houndour with some type of finishing move, such as Mankey and at times, Abra. The choice between Flamethrower and Fire Blast is mainly up to preference of accuracy over power, with one of the most important considerations being whether you absolutely must revenge kill a standard wall Ivysaur, as Flamethrower always manages a 2HKO, while Fire Blast causes an instant death. Thunder Fang is the preferred move for the second moveslot. The only reason Sludge Bomb is suggested is for teams who have a hard time with Lombre, as none of Houndour's attacks can 2HKO the majority of sets without Fire Blast. Hidden Power Grass covers Rock and Ground-types, mainly Onix, Geodude, Rhyhorn and Larvitar, who may expect the standard set, and attempt to use Stone Edge or Earthquake to KO Houndour. With the given EV spread and a Mild Nature, Hidden Power Grass always OHKOs a max Sp Def Rhyhorn and Onix unless Sandstorm is present, and always KOs Larvitar unless it runs a very high amount of Special Defense. Crunch is a secondary STAB move that covers Abra, Drowzee and Gastly, and does the most damage to Slowpoke, although it usually results in a 3HKO.

This set is a proverbial magnet for Aqua Jet and Mach Punch-users. It is highly advised that a teammate who can cover this is on a team that includes this Houndour. Croagunk, Poliwag, Ivysaur and Gloom are all useful candidates, as they all resist or are immune to Water attacks, while 3 of them are resistant to Fighting attacks. Counters to Aqua Jet users such as Prinplup, Wartortle, Carvanha, Marill and Poliwag are advised if these 3 choices are not desirable.

Team Benefit onix ivysaur croagunk baltoy

Houndour works somewhat well on teams that need some type of Abra counter. While it takes some strong prediction to decide between Pursuit and Sucker Punch (Houndour is immediately threatened by Hidden Power Fighting), it puts the foe into the same situation. If luring out Abra is a keypoint in your team, Geodude, Onix and Tentacool work well, luring Energy Ball and Psychic, respectively. Houndour can easily switch into Psychic, and is 2HKOed by Energy Ball even with Stealth Rock damage. As for general teammates, Houndour is weak to Fighting, Rock and Water attacks. Gloom and Ivysaur resists two of the three, and have enough defenses to take Stone Edge from both Onix and Rhyhorn, while threatening both of them with a STAB Energy Ball. Croagunk is resistant to both Rock and Fighting attacks, and through Dry Skin, is immune to Water attacks, also making it a great candidate. Baltoy can serve as a useful Rapid Spinner for a team with Houndour (Houndour highly appreciates spin support, as it stands) because of its immunity to Ground and resistance to Rock, but shares a Water weakness.

Counters prinplup wartortle magby makuhita

Prinplup and Wartortle aren't OHKOed by any of Houndour's attacks, and can immediately threaten with Aqua Jet. Magby, though unable to switch into Crunch or Hidden Power Ground, can outspeed Houndour with Mach Punch (even if it attempts using Sucker Punch), and score a KO. Buizel can outspeed Houndour, and KO it with a STAB Aqua Jet, although it takes considerable damage from Crunch and Hidden Power Ground. Without said Hidden Power Ground, Rhyhorn, Onix and Geodude can all threaten Houndour with Earthquake or Stone Edge, while taking little damage from Fire Blast or Sucker Punch. Makuhita resists Sucker Punch, and carries Thick Fat to sponge Fire Blast, while it can hit back with a STAB Fighting attack.


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