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Overgrow: Increases power of Grass-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Stockpile Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Leech Seed
Seed Bomb / Body Slam
252 HP / 8 Def / 248 Sp Def

After a few Stockpiles, Grotle is nearly impossible to 2HKO, while Leftovers and Leech Seed recovery mean the foe's only real solution is to use Taunt on Grotle, or use Toxic and hope for the best with Toxic stall. Stockpile is Grotle's first priority to get its defenses to a ridiculously high level. After 1 Stockpile, a max Special Attack Haunter with Choice Specs has no hope of 2HKOing Grotle with Shadow Ball, while a max Attack Metang's Ice Punch when equipped with a Life Orb also falls short of a 2HKO. After 2 Stockpiles, Sneasel's Ice Punch is nearly worthless if it ends up being hit with Leech Seed, while Magmar's Flamethrower is easily stalled out with Leech Seed. Synthesis, although it has varying degrees of recovery (at worst 1/4 in hail, rain or a sandstorm), it's enough when coupled with Leftovers, Stockpile and Leech Seed, to provide Grotle enough recovery to stall out the foe in the majority of cases. The choice between Body Slam and Seed Bomb is dependant on what you want Grotle to cover. With Seed Bomb, Rhydon, Gligar, Piloswine, Marshtomp and Croconaw take more damage (Rhydon is always 2HKOed with Seed Bomb). However, common Taunters such as Murkrow and Golbat, as well as mix Magmar, take more damage from Body Slam, and the chance of paralysis is highly useful in Leech Seed stalling.

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Band Adamant Choice Band

Moves EVs

Seed Bomb
252 Atk / 220 Def / 36 Spd

With sturdy defenses and a very usable Attack stat, Grotle makes a useful Choice Bander for any team who can create synergy with it. The idea here is to synergize with a counter for Magmar, Haunter (everything but Crunch is essentially walled off) and Misdreavus, or use this Grotle as a lure for these threats. At any rate, Grotle can switch into many physical attacks without fear, including Gligar's Stone Edge, Sneasel's Ice Shard (Ice Punch is a 2HKO, however) and Poliwhirl's Ice Punch, while shrugging off Haunter's Thunderbolt, allowing Grotle to hit back with the weapon of choice. Crunch is a OHKO on all Haunters without a Focus Sash, while Superpower hits an incoming Sneasel, Lairon or Nosepass for serious damage. Seed Bomb works well for a powerful STAB attack, but is best used later on when you scout the foe's team because many OU NFEs resist Grass, and the majority of those who don't would never dream of switching into Grotle as it stands (Rhydon, Pupitar, Marshtomp, Piloswine and Cranidos as examples).

36 Speed is invested to allow Grotle to outspeed a minimum Speed Rhydon for a guaranteed OHKO with Seed Bomb. It also allows Grotle to outspeed a minimum Speed Lairon, and KO with Superpower, in spite of its high Defense. The Defense EVs allow Grotle to survive an Ice Punch from a max Attack Sneasel in time for Grotle to KO it with Superpower, while letting Grotle switch into Gligar, Marshtomp, Croconaw and Metang relatively easily.

Team Benefit rhydon croconaw clamperl poliwhirl

For teams who need a lure for Haunter or Misdreavus, Grotle is one of the best options. Seed Bomb, Return, Body Slam and Superpower are all shrugged off by these two Pokemon, allowing one to switch to an appropriate counter and dispose of them to allow another teammate to sweep. Common Pokemon who are highly hindered by Haunter and Misdreavus are Croconaw, Rhydon, Monferno, Pikachu and Clamperl, while counters to the aforementioned two can serve as secondary teammates. Grotle can also flush out Golbat by using Seed Bomb or Superpower on the Choice set.

Grotle works well as a switch-in from Electric and Grass attacks from Water-type Pokemon such as Croconaw, Seadra, Marshtomp, Poliwhirl and Clamperl. It can also switch into Electabuzz and scare it away with a STAB Seed Bomb, although it won't enjoy a Fire Punch. What sets Grotle apart from other Grass-types is its higher defenses. While Tangela and Grovyle can switch into an Electabuzz or Pikachu's Thunderbolt, neither of them will appreciate the second hit that these Pokemon aim (usually Hidden Power Ice), something that Grotle will have less trouble with.

Counters magmar haunter misdreavus

For the stall set, Taunters work best. Haunter and Misdreavus work best because of their ability to shrug off Seed Bomb or Body Slam, while forcing Grotle to switch out. Murkrow also works, but won't enjoy Body Slam, and is highly crippled in the event that it causes paralysis. Golbat can do the same thing, although it has a hard time denting Grotle if it gets a few Stockpiles up. Magmar is the best counter for this set in its ability to wall Seed Bomb, and shut Grotle down with a STAB Flamethrower or Fire Blast. However, it will have a harder time doing so after two or more Stockpiles. Monferno also works well, as it can use Nasty Plot or Swords Dance to boost its Fire attacks, which can immediately threaten Grotle, although it can't take Body Slam very well.

For the Choice Band set, Haunter is likely the best counter. Three times out of four, it can switch into Grotle's attacks and 2HKO it with Shadow Ball. Misdreavus can also work, switching into the same attacks, and burning Grotle with Will-O-Wisp, leaving it nearly worthless because of the Attack cut. Sneasel only fears Superpower, and can always 2HKO Grotle with Ice Punch. Even if Grotle switches into Ice Shard or Brick Break, an Ice Punch on the second turn will take it down. Metang also works well, taking at worst neutral damage from Crunch, but can only manage a 3HKO with Ice Punch.


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