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Sturdy: Negates OHKO moves.

Rock Head: Prevents recoil damage.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Lead Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Stealth Rock
Stone Edge
Explosion / Focus Punch
192 HP / 96 Atk / 220 Sp Def

Graveler makes a good lead, with passable defenses to allow the initial Stealth Rock setup, and Explosion to ruin your opponent's first lead in many cases. Focus Punch is also an option due to the fact that many people use attacks like Taunt or their own Stealth Rock the first turn in battle, but this means you will run into problems with Drifloon, Gastly and Haunter if your opponent decides to switch to one of these, all of which can be dealt with with Stone Edge.

96 Attack EVs guarantee that you'll put a big dent in anything that doesn't resist Explosion, while guaranteeing a OHKO with Stone Edge on a standard Lead Golbat. The rest of the EVs are designed to maximize Graveler's defenses to aid in Stealth Rock setup, and to allow it to attack more often after it is used.

Set Name Nature Item

Rock Polish Jolly Leftovers

Moves EVs

Rock Polish
Rock Slide / Stone Edge
Fire Punch
252 Atk / 60 Def / 196 Spd

After a Rock Polish, this Graveler hits a Speed of 340, enough to outspeed anything slower than max Speed Kadabra and Electabuzz. Rock Slide or Stone Edge is completely up to preference in consideration of power over accuracy. In the last moveslot, Fire Punch is preferred, as it is your best option against Bronzor if it does not carry Heatproof (in which case Earthquake can usually KO it, and is your best answer to Grass attacks that can threaten a KO with a STAB Grass attack.

As mentioned before, 196 Speed with a Jolly Nature allows you to outspeed anything slower than max Speed Kadabra and Electabuzz. Although Scyther is banned to the Uber realm, Kadabra can always cause trouble with Energy Ball, or even HP Ice with its very high base Special Attack. If you have other ways of dealing with it, a drop to 165 Speed EVs is recommended to allow you to outspeed Sneasel after a Rock Polish. There is not much notable to outspeed without Rock Polish being used, apart from the occasional Marill, who can always Aqua Jet you anyway.

Team Benefit roselia bayleef tentacool mantyke

Graveler makes a sturdy Stealth Rock lead for any OU NFE team, and works well as a suicide lead. It works best in conjunction with Grass types, as Grass Pokemon resist Water and other Grass attacks, something that highly hampers Graveler, as most of these types of attacks are specially-based, hitting its exploitably low Special Defense. Roselia works well for an entry-hazard setter in conjunction with Graveler, as it resists Grass and Water attacks, although it falls to lead Monfernos, who usually pack Flamethrower. Tentacool is resistant to Vacuum Wave, Ice, and Water attacks, and can set-up Toxic Spikes for a stall-oriented team, while serving as a Rapid Spinner. Gloom can switch into a Grass or Water attack, and use a switching turn to set-up Substitute or Swords Dance. Although Croagunk is rather frail, it resists Grass and Fighting attacks, and is immune to Water-type attacks thanks to its Dry Skin ability. It can then proceed to attempt a sweep with Nasty Plot if the foe lacks another move to hit it with.

The Rock Polish has similar benefits for switch-outs, although it is important to switch Graveler in safely to set up Rock Polish. Pokemon who are weak to Rock or Electric attacks serve well for potential lures for a switch-out to Graveler. Most notably is Mantyke, who is x4 weak to Electric attacks, and has low-enough Defense to make any Rock attack do serious damage, which gives Graveler a chance to switch-in. With an immunity to Water attacks, Graveler can switch back to Mantyke, giving it an opportunity to thwart the threatening Pokemon that hampers Graveler. With Water Absorb, Mantyke effectively switches in for free if Stealth Rock is up. Wingull works in the same way, although it is much more frail than Mantyke, and doesn't recover from Water attacks.

Counters bayleef wartortle vibrava lombre

In general, any STAB Water or Grass attack works well against Graveler. Bulky Grass-types such as Bayleef, Ivysaur, Grotle and Gloom make good counters with Energy Ball or another STAB Grass attack, although they must be cautious of Fire Punch if they have taken past damage. Max Speed Seadra and Staryu can outspeed Graveler before a Rock Polish, and KO with a STAB Surf. Lombre is at best neutral to most of Graveler's attacks, and can threaten with a STAB Surf or Energy Ball, which can make switching Graveler out tricky with the opponent not knowing which attack of the two will be used. Wartortle has enough Defense to take anything Graveler can hit it with, and can hit back with a STAB Surf. Vibrava resists QuakeSlide and Fire Punch, and can threaten with a STAB Earthquake, although it will almost never be a OHKO if Graveler has not taken past damage.


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