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Inner Focus: Prevents flinching.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

LeadBat Jolly Leftovers

Moves EVs

Brave Bird
252 Atk / 212 Spd / 44 Def

A mini-Crobat essentially, but it works just as well in NFE. Use Hypnosis on the first Pokemon if you suspect they're not holding a Lum Berry, then either Brave Bird it away, or use U-Turn to switch out. Roost helps with recovery, and gives Golbat an easier time with weaker Rock-attacks, such as lead Graveler's Rock Slide, which becomes a 2HKO.

252 Atk EVs give Golbat a chance to OHKO a lead Aipom after it takes Life Orb damage, while guaranteeing a 2HKO on generic lead Glameows. The rest of the EVs are dumped into Defense to better sponge priority attacks and Fake Outs from the aformentioned Pokemon.

Set Name Nature Item

PlotBat Timid Leftovers

Moves EVs

Nasty Plot
Air Slash
Heat Wave / Sludge Bomb
Hidden Power Water / Taunt
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

This set makes a good lead, where people expect the more popular Hypnosis / U-Turn variant, not to mention Golbat's immunity to flinching, effectively leaving Aipom and Glameow that much more optionless. Since Rock-types can get in the way, HP Water deals with them, also aiding with lead Gravelers, but if you feel that Taunt can help out more by denying your opponent Stealth Rock, the latter 2 attacks are options.

The EVs are pretty straightforward, giving Golbat the most Speed it can get, while making sure its decent Special Attack is enough to do major damage to most threats after a Nasty Plot.

Team Benefit metang sneasel lairon bronzor

Golbat makes a very useful anti-lead with its immunity to flinching, Speed and access to Taunt. It acts as a good lure for Ice and Psychic attacks from lead Marshtomp and Kadabra, allowing one to send in a Fighting or Steel Pokemon to set up. Bronzor works well in conjunction with Golbat, as it is resistant to Rock and Ice attacks, and only receives 1/4 damage from Psychic attacks. Bronzor can then proceed to set up screens, Stealth Rock, or Hypnosis if you don't want to risk Golbat for it. Metang works in the same way, but offensive Metang sets can work just as well. Golbat's U-Turn makes this switch more assetable if Golbat isn't faced with a priority move, as well. Golbat has a large Fighting resistance, so using it in conjunction with Pokemon such as Sneasel or Lairon can possibly lead to an easy switch-in to foes such as Monferno or Machoke. It can also switch into Ground attacks that may attack said Lairon or Electric Pokemon for no damage, while giving one a chance to set up a Nasty Plot.

Counters rhydon electabuzz sneasel piloswine marshtomp

Rhydon leaves Golbat nearly answerless if it doesn't pack Hidden Power Water. Resistances to Poison, Flying and Fire means Golbat's best option is to U-Turn out, or attempt Hypnosis, while Rhydon threatens it with Stone Edge, Ice Punch or Thunderpunch. Electabuzz isn't OHKOed by anything apart from a STAB Nasty Plot-boosted Sludge Bomb, and can KO Golbat with Thunderbolt. Marshtomp is resistant to Poison and Fire, has enough defenses to be 2HKOed or 3HKOed by anything Golbat possesses, and packs Ice Beam to take Golbat down. Piloswine has enough Defense to take anything but a Nasty Plot-boosted Heat Wave, and can slam Golbat with a STAB Ice Shard for a OHKO. Sneasel doesn't enjoy U-Turn or Hypnosis, but can always outspeed and KO Golbat with a STAB Ice Punch.


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