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Limber: Prevents paralysis.

Own Tempo: Prevents confusion.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Lead Adamant Life Orb

Moves EVs

Fake Out
Quick Attack
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

With the combination of Fake Out and Quick Attack, Glameow can deliver quite a bit of damage to a foe's lead before it even has time to use its first move. Frail leads such as Abra are also KOed by this combination unless they have some type of very powerful priority attack that can outspeed Glameow's Quick Attack. For slower foes, Hypnosis is the weapon of choice to shut the foe's lead down, and usually force a switch, while U-Turn finishes the job by revealing the foe's switch-in, allowing the player to send in an appropriate counter. After all this is done, Glameow usually still has around 70% of its HP intact, meaning Glameow can easily come in later on in the game and repeat this process if the foe's sleeping Pokemon is KOed during the course of battle, but even if this isn't the case, Fake Out and U-Turn can still be used to do a good amount of damage to a foe, while an appropriate switch-in can be sent out to sponge the attack that Glameow would normally take on the U-Turn phase. Glameow has some serious competition with Meowth for such a role, and this is covered later on in the Team Options portion.

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Band Jolly Choice Band

Moves EVs

Shadow Claw
Sucker Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

A more offensive Glameow that can still be used to scout a foe's team because of U-Turn. Glameow is outsped by a handful of Pokemon such as Abra, Poliwag, Ponyta and Elekid, and ties with Aipom, Wingull, Taillow and Buneary, making Sucker Punch a useful attack against these foes, as it KOs Abra, Taillow and Wingull (the latter after Stealth Rock damage or 2 turns of Life Orb recoil). Shadow Claw seems redundant alongside Sucker Punch, but means that Glameow doesn't have to rely on a weak attacking move from foes such as Drowzee, Shuppet, Baltoy, Slowpoke, Spoink, Natu and Kirlia to ensure a OHKO or 2HKO. Foes predicting Sucker Punch and choosing to use an attack such as Hypnosis or Will-O-Wisp will quickly cripple Glameow to a very large extent, and will usually force a switch. Slowpoke in itself can freely set up Curse if it predicts Sucker Punch. Return provides Glameow a reliable STAB move against any foe who doesn't take super-effective damage from Glameow's other attacks, or teams who have no Ghost or Steel-types remaining on their team.

Team Benefit gloom anorith croagunk

For a lead, Glameow has some stiff competition with Meowth, as both of them can learn the same moveset, and are of the same element. Aipom even gives it extreme competition, as the only move it lacks is Hypnosis. Glameow's selling point, however, is Quick Attack. With Quick Attack, frail leads that otherwise outspeed Glameow such as Poliwag, Ponyta, Voltorb and Scarf Mankey all take a surprise KO from the combination of Fake Out + Quick Attack. Magby is also taken down in surprise if it attempts to use Mach Punch to take Glameow down. Meowth and Aipom, on the other hand, cannot do these. While they can very well use U-Turn to switch out, it's up to one's team and somewhat to preference whether an immediate KO on the foe's lead is desired, or a Pokemon like Meowth or Aipom who can scout to a sweeper to set up, favoring the foe's lead as set-up bait. Common Pokemon for this task include Gloom, Anorith, Drowzee and Croagunk. All of these Pokemon are at worst neutral to Fighting attacks, meaning they can easily set up against Fighting attack-using leads such as Mankey, Riolu and Wartortle.

One large flaw in using U-Turn, however, is leads who use status moves, such as Skiploom, Ivysaur, Poliwag, Ponyta, Gastly and opposing Glameow and Meowth. While Fake Out and Quick Attack together cannot KO all of these Pokemon, it's worth considering that the foe will very likely end up putting your U-Turn switch-in to sleep, or possibly paralyzing it, virtually ruining any kind of sweeper and usually forcing a switch. While Taunt and a Lum Berry together could work around this, no UU NFE Pokemon pack the speed necessary to switch in, and outspeed Skiploom or Glameow to be able to use Taunt, and freely set up. This means one should have a solid plan for status-inducing leads if U-Turn Meowth or Aipom are elected over Glameow.

Glameow, with Limber, pairs well with fast Special sweepers or Scarf users. Common Thunder Wave users such as Kirlia, Drowzee, Voltorb, Drifloon, Chingling and Mime Jr. can provide Glameow a possible switch-in if these Pokemon choose to use Thunder Wave, and can allow Glameow to use a super-effective Shadow Claw on all of them. This tactic relies heavily on prediction, however. Special sweepers make this task easier, as Will-O-Wisp from Drowzee, Kirlia and Drifloon are much less likely to be used versus Thunder Wave.

Counters gastly onix rhyhorn drifloon

Gastly and Drifloon shut Glameow down completely with an immunity to Fake Out and Quick Attack, as well as carrying a x4 resistance to U-Turn. They can then proceed to hit Glameow with Thunderbolt, or put it to sleep with Hypnosis, although Glameow is faster, and can hit with its own Hypnosis first. Onix, Rhyhorn and Aron all take very little damage from Glameow's main attacks, and only fear being put to sleep, while being able to 2HKO Glameow with Earthquake or Stone Edge. Magnemite also takes manageable damage from most of Glameow's attacks, but still fears Hypnosis.


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