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Sand Veil: Evasion is increased by 20% in a sandstorm.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

ScarfBite Adamant Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Stone Edge / Rock Slide
Iron Head
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

One of the best revenge killers in NFE, Gabite has a great Attack stat, boosted by Choice Scarf to outspeed most of its normal counters such as HP Ice Grovyle, Magmar, Electabuzz, Kadabra and Sneasel (if it doesn't use Ice Shard), while having just enough defenses to help it take a hit for any attacks that fall short of KOs. Stone Edge is the preferred attack for this set, as it 2HKOs the standard Dragonair, Togetic, almost any Monferno, OHKOs the standard Magmar, and guarantees a KO on any Sneasel that chooses to switch-in, all things that Rock Slide cannot do. Iron Head has a nice 30% flinch rate, and with Gabite's Speed it can make good use of the event.

The Speed EVs put Gabite at a Speed of 394, effectively outspeeding all non-scarfed Pokemon as well as Scarf Quilava and Staravia. If outspeeding Scarf Quilava or Staravia is not a concern, an option is to drop to 168 Speed EVs, allowing Gabite to outpace a max Speed Sneasel by one point. Any remaining EVs should be put into Defense to help with priority moves, although Gabite usually faces a OHKO from fearsome Ice Shard regardless. Attack is maximized to give Gabite the best attacking potential.

Team Benefit mantyke poliwhirl monferno

Gabite makes an exceptional revenge killer in OU with the combination of QuakeSlide and high Attack power. It is a good partner for Pokemon such as Mantyke, as it can switch in on any Electric attack, and proceed to threaten most Electric attack-users (Electabuzz, Metang, Magmar and Haunter, most notably), and retaliate with a STAB Earthquake or Outrage. However, Gabite's 4x weakness to Ice Shard makes other Water-types better options, as most of them resist the attack. Poliwhirl takes Ice Shards very well, and can counter Sneasel with Brick Break, although Piloswine is a harder foe to deal with. Monferno takes more damage from Ice Shard because of its low Defenses, but it can take on Sneasel with Mach Punch and can take Piloswine down with a STAB Fire or Fighting attack.

Counters sneasel piloswine marshtomp

Nearly any Ice Shard will end Gabite quickly. Sneasel outspeeds the Life Orb set, and can hit with Ice Punch, but even the ScarfBite set can be dealt with with Ice Shard. Piloswine is likely the best counter, carrying enough Defense to weather any of Gabite's attacks bar Fire Blast, and access to Ice Shard. Grovyle outspeeds the Life Orb set, and can hit Gabite with Hidden Power Ice, while Gabite lacks a priority move to hit it with. Metang cannot take Fire Blast or Earthquake well, but can switch into a locked Outrage or Stone Edge, and immediately threaten Gabite with Ice Punch. Marshtomp can also threaten Gabite with Ice Punch, but is 2HKOed by Outrage and Earthquake, meaning one must predict Iron Head or Stone Edge to be able to take Gabite down the next turn with Ice Beam or Ice Punch.


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