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Static: Has a 30% chance of paralyzing the foe if this Pokemon is hit by a physical move.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Special Sweeper Timid Life Orb

Moves EVs

Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Water
Focus Blast / Cross Chop
66 Atk / 8 Def / 180 Sp Atk / 4 Sp Def / 252 Spd

Electabuzz's amazing Speed, sturdy defenses and respectable Special Attack make it a very dangerous Special sweeper for any team in need of one. While it has competition with Magmar in this duty, Electabuzz is not weak to Stealth Rock, and has higher Speed than Magmar, allowing it to tie with Kadabra. This means Electabuzz can take on Diglett without having to resort to priority attacks, and can take on a max Speed Haunter, whereas Magmar is outsped by both of these threats. Thunderbolt is Electabuzz's main attacking move, OHKOing the standard Croconaw, Seadra, Golbat, Murkrow and Staravia, while 2HKOing most forms of Togetic. The choice between Hidden Power Water and Grass is determined on how prepared your team is for Marshtomp, as Electabuzz cannot OHKO it otherwise, and is immediately threatened with Earthquake. Hidden Power Water, however, gives Electabuzz a reliable way of covering Magmar, Gligar and Diglett. Cross Chop works to ensure Electabuzz isn't walled off by Nosepass, and works better in Ubers to take down Chansey and Munchlax. It also does more damage to Piloswine. It also scores a KO on Sneasel, and while Focus Blast can do the same, the accuracy cut can be the death of Electabuzz. Needless to say, if you're not using Cross Chop, dump the EVs into Special Attack instead of Attack to make Electabuzz's Special attacks more powerful. Psychic on this set ensures Machoke is taken care of, and is notable because Machoke can easily hit back with Dynamicpunch for a OHKO without it.

The small investments in Electabuzz's defenses have two key roles. With 8 Defense and 4 Sp Def, Kadabra cannot OHKO Electabuzz with Psychic after Electabuzz takes Stealth Rock damage, while a Jolly Sneasel cannot OHKO with Ice Punch. If said Sneasel runs an Adamant Nature, Electabuzz will be able to outspeed and hit with Focus Blast.

Set Name Nature Item

Rain Buzz Naive Life Orb

Moves EVs

Rain Dance
Hidden Power Water
Ice Punch
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Atk

For Rain Dance teams, Electabuzz provides a sturdy Rain Dance setter, and can make complete use of the rain through Thunder, something that almost all OU NFEs will take heavy damage from. Hidden Power Water covers Ground-types that are immune to Electric attacks, mainly Gligar and Piloswine, who are both 2HKOed. Diglett, Rhydon and Pupitar are all OHKOed from Hidden Power Water, however. Ice Punch covers Shelgon, Gligar, Gabite and Dragonair, all of whom take little damage from Thunder or Hidden Power Water, while scoring a OHKO on Grovyle.

Max Sp Atk allows Electabuzz to always OHKO a DeepSeaScale Clamperl with Thunder after Stealth Rock damage, and 2HKOs a lead Gligar (a Gligar with no HP or Special Defense investment is automatically KOed) with Hidden Power Water. Life Orb is the suggested item because it provides Electabuzz many key OHKOs that it cannot get with a Damp Rock. Without Stealth Rock on the field, Electabuzz cannot score a OHKO against Magmar without a Life Orb. A standard sweeping Metang, as well as a Scarf Metang, also cannot be OHKOed with Thunder without the aid of a Life Orb. With Stealth Rock damage, Thunder is a OHKO on the BulkyDreavus set only if Electabuzz carries a Life Orb, while support Togetic has an 83% chance of being OHKOed by Thunder with Life Orb, while without it, is always a 2HKO, even with Stealth Rock damage. Because of this, Electabuzz is more suitable for a secondary Rain Dance setter, rather than a lead Damp Rock abuser.

Team Benefit mantyke tangela grotle

Electabuzz proves to be one of the most potent sweepers in NFE with its blazing Speed and rather high Attack and Special Attack stats. However, with many Ground attacks present in NFE, one's team should have a Flying-type Pokemon, or a Pokemon with Levitate, to allow Electabuzz a switch-out. Common Earthquake-users include Gligar, Rhydon, Cranidos and Piloswine. This makes Mantyke a very useful teammate. While it can't survive a Stone Edge from Gligar, the Life Orb set can KO Piloswine and Rhydon, and if Cranidos holds a Choice Scarf, gives Mantyke a free turn to set up Agility while the foe switches out. On Rain Dance teams, Mantyke works even better thanks to Swift Swim, assuming Electabuzz has been given the opportunity to use Rain Dance. Tangela and Grotle also makes a useful teammates, as they can switch into Earthquake with little worry, and immediately threaten Rhydon, Piloswine and Cranidos with a STAB Energy Ball.

Counters rhydon piloswine haunter

Rhydon is at worst 2HKOed by all of Electabuzz's attacks bar Hidden Power Water, and can always KO Electabuzz back with Earthquake. Piloswine can switch into a predicted Thunderbolt, is 2HKOed by Cross Chop and Hidden Power Water, and can shut Electabuzz down with Earthquake, although Focus Blast can take Piloswine down before it gets the chance to do so. Haunter only fears Thunder from the Rain Dance set, and can 2HKO Electabuzz with Shadow Ball. The Scarf variation will in the end win over Electabuzz because of being able to outspeed it.


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