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Adaptability: Increases the power of STAB moves to x2 instead of x1.5.

Run Away: Guarantees fleeing from wild battles.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Epic Flail Adamant Salac Berry

Moves EVs

Quick Attack
Bite / Dig
252 Atk / 248 Spd / 8 Def

Although a bit risky to utilize, considering priority moves, Eevee can be a very threatening late-game sweeper if this is pulled off correctly. Use Substitute to wittle Eevee down to 25% to activate the Salac boost (ensure that Eevee can outspeed the foe, however), and sweep with a boosted Flail, which is powered by x2 STAB with Adaptability. Quick Attack utilizes the same boosts, and gives you priority for those who outspeed Eevee after the Salac boost. The choice between Dig and Bite is a consideration of whether you would rather have Eevee answerless to Aron, Shieldon, Onix and Omanyte, or be answerless to Gastly, Duskull and Drifloon. This decision should be made in consideration of the rest of your team. If you're using Eevee in OU, it's recommended to use Dig unless your team has serious issues with Haunter or Misdreavus.

248 Speed allows Eevee to outspeed Flaaffy, Chingling, Seel and Chikorita without a Salac boost, and after a Salac boost, max Speed Meowth, Ponyta and Abra. Eevee has little use for defensive power with this set because of the strategy behind it.

Set Name Nature Item

Scarf Sweeper Jolly Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Return / Body Slam
Quick Attack
Iron Tail / Dig
252 Atk / 236 Spd / 20 Def

Eevee has an extremely shallow movepool, but this set can still pass as a useful revenge killer. With a Scarf, this Eevee reaches a Speed of 307, outspeeding a max Speed Ponyta, Abra and Meowth. Body Slam is an option over Return for the paralysis chance if you don't mind the loss of 22 points of attacking power. Eevee has a very shallow movepool, making the other listed attacks its best overall options. Iron Tail is Eevee's second best attacking option, and hits Rock-types for the same super-effective damage as Dig. What should be the deciding point is how much your team fears Fire-types. Bite is Eevee's best option against Gastly and Psychic-types such as Kirlia, Gastly, Drowzee and Exeggcute.

Set Name Nature Item

CurseVee Adamant Leftovers

Moves EVs

Quick Attack
Last Resort
Iron Tail
252 HP / 252 Sp Def / 4 Atk

Curse and access to a priority move makes Eevee a decent Curse-user. While it does have serious competition with CurseDoof, and is trumped for Bidoof's Simple ability and nothing more, Eevee has higher defenses and raw attacking power than Bidoof, which sometimes buy it another Curse. Eevee's Adaptability ability makes up for Bidoof's doubling stats to a point, as well. Last Resort is undoubtedly Eevee's most powerful attack. After a Curse or two and Adaptability, it's not something that most UUs other than Shieldon or Aron would enjoy. Iron Tail aids Eevee in attacking said Aron, Omanyte, Geodude and Shieldon for neutral damage.

Special Defense is maximized with this set to help ensure that Eevee cannot be KO'ed by special sweepers who may try to attack Eevee on its non-boosted side of Special Defense.

Team Benefit drifloon duskull gastly

Eevee's Curse set has serious competition with Bidoof in UU, but has its own strongpoints. First off, it has higher initial defenses than Bidoof, aiding it in setting-up Substitute. It also has higher Speed, allowing it to outspeed foes such as neutral-natured, 0 Speed Lombre, Mantyke, Prinplup and Pupitar, all of whom Eevee outspeeds, and Bidoof doesn't. If your team needs the extra Speed to be able to do damage to these foes, and don't want to rely on Bidoof's Quick Attack, Eevee may make a better teammate. However, Bidoof's selling point is its superior ability, Simple. Because of Eevee's higher defenses, it can take the first hit from the foe better than Bidoof can before Eevee uses its own Curse, but after the turn Curse is used, Bidoof has higher defenses and Attack power. This means that you should decide between these two on the basis of synergy, and how easily your team can introduce them to allow them to set-up their initial Curse attack.

Eevee tends to draw Pokemon such as Drifloon, Gastly and Duskull, who take little damage from most of its attacks, so having a Ghost-type of one's own is wise. Having a Ghost-type also gives Eevee much-needed synergy for Fighting attacks aimed at it, and allows Eevee a free switch-in if the ally is attacked by a Ghost-attack. The same Pokemon who work well against Eevee (Duskull, Drifloon and Gastly) also work well with it because of this.

Counters duskull drifloon aron shieldon

Duskull is immune to Normal and Ground attacks, only fearing a non-STAB Iron Tail, which with Duskull's Defense, usually does not result in serious damage. It can then proceed to use Will-O-Wisp to damage Eevee's attacking potential. Gastly takes more damage from Iron Tail, but can do more effective damage to Eevee through Dark Pulse or Thunderbolt. Combusken outspeeds Eevee, and can attack with Brick Break for serious damage. Aron only fears Dig, and can take advantage of the move by using Earthquake, doubling its power, and doing serious damage to Eevee. In OU, Grotle is hardly scathed from anything other than Last Resort and a boosted Flail, and can attack with STAB Grass attacks, while bulkier versions of Grotle can Rest away damage.

In OU, Machoke is arguably Eevee's best counter. Bulkier sets don't fear most of Eevee's attacks, and Dynamicpunch takes down nearly any Eevee in the game. Gligar is immune to Dig, and has enough Defense to take most of Eevee's attacks while it uses Swords Dance to set-up, and proceed to outspeed Eevee and attack with a STAB Earthquake. Bronzor is resistant to all of Eevee's most common attacks, and can set-up entry hazards or screens on Eevee to allow another Pokemon to counter it. Sneasel only fears switching into Iron Tail, and can KO Eevee with Brick Break.


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