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Pressure: Enemy attacks lose 1 extra PP. Increases wild encounter rate.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Standard Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Pain Split
Night Shade
Rock Slide
Focus Punch / Will-O-Wisp
252 HP / 216 Def / 40 Sp Def

Dusclops' access to Night Shade and great defenses make it a very potent Pokemon in the Uber metagame. Because Night Shade always does 100 damage (50 if you're playing in such a style), and because of the fact that most NFEs have low HP, Dusclops can 3HKO almost all Pokemon in NFE not named Munchlax or Chansey, while being protected by its respectable defenses long enough to lead to a KO if it's not faced with repeated Dark- or Ghost-type attacks. The listed moves give Dusclops the most potent use in Uber NFE, although Dusclops has many options of dealing with the same threats. Pain Split is Dusclops' only recovery option, and does a useful amount of damage to any full HP Munchlax or Chansey. Focus Punch deals with the burden of these 2 Pokemon recovering away damage with Softboiled and Rest, respectively, landing a 2HKO on both of them.

Dusclops' movepool is shallow but specific, and this set reflects this. Pain Split provides Dusclops with recovery when its health is low, even though not very reliable. Arguably Dusclops could use Rest as well, but those two turns allow Scyther or Munchlax to set up Swords Dance or Curse, while also giving Wynaut a free switch in. Will-O-Wisp works well in cutting the Attack of Munchlax, as well as some forms of Pikachu and Vigoroth, preventing Dusclops from becoming setup fodder, and adding to Dusclops' Seismic Toss damage.

Rock Slide is solely for Scyther, who proves to be one of Dusclops' top counters with access to Swords Dance and Night Slash. One may be inclined to substitute Fire Punch for Rock Slide to aid in countering Magneton. However, if this is done, it would take a considerable amount of Attack EVs to be able to 2HKO Scyther with Fire Punch. It takes even more EVs to be able to 2HKO Magneton itself, while Dusclops' precious defensive power would be sacrificed for the boost, which makes Fire Punch not recommended.

The Defense EVs insure that Dusclops is never 2HKO'ed by a Jolly Life Orb/Choice Band Scyther's Night Slash without Stealth Rock damage. A +2 Jolly Night Slash from a Jolly Scyther also falls short of a OHKO. No EV investment is needed to always 2HKO a 0 HP / 0 Defense Scyther with Rock Slide, which will OHKO if Stealth Rock is in play. Focus Punch also proves a 2HKO on both Chansey and Munchlax, which is always a OHKO after Pain Split is taken into account. Pain Split with max HP seems pointless, but is worth it nonetheless. Sacrificing Dusclops's amazing bulk to recover 30 more HP with Pain Split is almost never a good idea. Duslops's walling ability increases about 30% when it uses max HP, which is a huge difference. Pain Split should only be used at lower health as it stands, so it still works the same way.

Set Name Nature Item

SubPunch Impish Leftovers

Moves EVs

Shadow Sneak / Night Shade
Focus Punch
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Unlike the other set, which requires Pain Split to be used first, this Dusclops can 2HKO both max Defense Munchlax and Chansey with Focus Punch, while being able to shut down Munchlax, Vigoroth and Scyther's attacking power with Will-O-Wisp. This set also has an easy time with Wynaut, a Pokemon that gives the standard set many issues because of lack of reliable recovery. Shadow Sneak is Dusclops' best option to finish of Sashed Pokemon, although Night Shade provides Dusclops with an answer to bulkier Pokemon such as Gligar, Grotle and Scyther, and does more damage to Magneton, Magmar and Electabuzz if Dusclops is not behind a Substitute.

Team Benefit rhydon piloswine

Scyther is one of Dusclops' best counters, and so Stealth Rock support on one's team is nearly necessary for Dusclops to be able to handle Scyther effectively. Even with Rock Slide, it cannot deal with Swords Dance-boosted Night Slashes. Notable Stealth Rock users include Graveler, Rhydon and Piloswine, who can all deal with Scyther. Dusclops serves as a great anti-Rapid Spinner in itself, allowing Stealth Rock to be up longer if the opponent hasn't already used Scyther. While it may seem that Dusclops would make a great partner for those who are weak to Fighting attacks (Lairon and Shieldon come to mind), it should be noted that Fighting is one of the most common attacking types in Ubers for the simple fact that half of the tier is weak to it. This means that Pokemon who are resistant to Ghost- and Dark-type attacks, and are at most neutral to Fighting, usually serve as better teammates. A good example is Murkrow, who can come in on Taunt, counter Scyther with Sucker Punch (one must be wary of Quick Attack), and can use Thunder Wave to aid Dusclops later on in Speed conflicts.

Counters scyther haunter sneasel togetic

Scyther is Dusclops' main counter. It is resistant to Focus Punch, is 3HKO'ed by Night Shade, and can set-up Swords Dance on Dusclops, then attack with Night Slash for a 2KO. Haunter is immune to Pain Split and Focus Punch, and can cause serious damage with Shadow Ball, especially if it has Choice Specs. Sneasel renders Focus Punch useless if it attacks and doesn't hit a Substitute, and can cause major damage with Faint Attack. Machoke appreciates a Guts boost from Will-O-Wisp, and can hit Dusclops with Payback. Although Machoke usually outspeeds Dusclops, Dusclops cannot do major damage back to Machoke, especially against the bulkier sets.

Dusclops is greatly hindered by Toxic or Will-O-Wisp, and usually doesn't carry Rest to be able to recover it off. This makes bulky Toxic stallers like Togetic and Grotle useful. Grotle isn't 2HKOed by anything Dusclops carries bar the rare Ice Punch, and can easily stall Dusclops out.


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