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Early Bird: Halves the amount of time this Pokemon stays asleep in battle, rounded down.

Run Away: Guarantees fleeing from wild battles.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Choice Scarf Adamant Ability-Early Bird Choice Scarf

Moves EVs

Quick Attack
Brave Bird
252 Atk / 216 Spd / 40 Def

With Doduo's higher-than-average Speed, a Choice Scarf equipped to it ensures that it outspeeds almost the entire UU NFE tier. Pursuit works well against Abra, as it ensures that it will always be KOed thanks to Doduo now being able to outspeed it. Quick Attack seems redundant on Doduo, but with the abundance of priority in UU NFE, it's required to ensure Doduo isn't easy revenge kill fodder for foes such as Buizel, Swinub, Carvanha, Houndour and Makuhita. Return and Brave Bird are Doduo's main STAB attacks, although one should scout for Steel and Rock Pokemon before attempting either move, as both types effectively wall this Doduo.

With a Choice Scarf, Doduo hits a Speed of 360, which effectively outspeeds Mankey, allowing Doduo to KO it with Brave Bird (Quick Attack only manages 63% damage at best). While Doduo could be dropped to a lower Speed, it has almost no need for defenses, and the ability to outspeed Mankey is a main selling point of this set, as Mankey otherwise has no problem KOing Doduo with literally any of its attacks, bar U-Turn.

Set Name Nature Item

Choice Band Jolly Ability-Early Bird Choice Band

Moves EVs

Quick Attack
Brave Bird
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

This is a more risky set because of Doduo's average Speed and defenses, but offers more immediate attacking power. Doduo can now OHKO a 0 HP, 0 Defense Flaaffy with Return when factoring in Stealth Rock damage, and almost always 2HKOs a max Defense Exeggcute with Return (Brave Bird is always a OHKO). In addition, the bulkiest Gloom and Ivysaur are OHKOed by Brave Bird, feats that cannot be reached with the Choice Scarf variation. Brave Bird also OHKOs a maximum Defense Tentacool, while Quick Attack on this set ensures Abra cannot immediately end Doduo when it hasn't used its Choiced attack yet. Pursuit works well on this set because it 2HKOs all Psychic-type Pokemon in the tier (bar Beldum), even with maximum Defense. Unfortunately, almost none of these Psychic-types will meet a OHKO from Pursuit unless they are below 60% health (assuming they run maximum Defense).

Doduo has almost no need for defenses, so Attack and Speed are maximized to aid in Doduo's attacking potential. With maximum Speed, Doduo can outspeed a neutral, 252 Spd Staryu and Wingull, as well as a max Speed Stunky, for a guaranteed OHKO with Brave Bird.

Set Name Nature Item

SubLiechi Jolly Ability-Early Bird Liechi Berry

Moves EVs

Steel Wing
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

With Doduo's high Speed, it's not hard for it to stall out with Substitute long enough for it to reach 1 HP. Foes who try to switch to a faster foe such as Abra or a Choice Scarfer will be rudely met by an Agility boost that will leave them outsped and allow Doduo to continue using Substitute to wittle itself down to 1 HP (no Pokemon in UU NFE can outspeed Doduo after this unless they use a priority move). With a Liechi Berry and a STAB base 200 attack under Doduo's belt, only Pokemon such as Shieldon, Aron, Onix and Ghost-types will not take a serious chunk of damage from Flail, if not a OHKO. Doduo's physical movepool is seriously lacking, only having Faint Attack (which is illegal with Flail), U-Turn (which defeats the purpose of this Doduo) and the highly-resisted Steel Wing, which proves as the most useful attack to use. This means Doduo needs strong team support in making sure that Pokemon such as Onix (who is 3HKOed even with a boosted Steel Wing), Beldum, Omanyte, Aron and Shieldon are completely out of the picture before attempting this set. Priority attack-users are also an important concern.

With this set, an odd-numbered HP stat is needed not only to allow Doduo 4 switches into Stealth Rock, but also to allow it to use Substitute down to 1 HP, giving Flail its maximum damage output. Doduo has little need for defenses with this set, making all-out Attack and Speed maxed out. An Adamant nature is not recommended here because without it, Stunky, Drifloon, Spearow, Treecko, Pidgeotto and some forms of Wingull and Taillow can outspeed Doduo, ruining its strategy before it even starts.

Set Name Nature Item

Pressure Jolly Ability-Early Bird Leftovers

Moves EVs

Faint Attack / Baton Pass
Drill Peck
176 HP / 252 Spd / 80 Sp Def

Acupressure combined with reliable recovery and rather fast Speed makes Doduo a tough Pokemon to take down if it gets the right Acupressure boosts. This set is much riskier, and heavily relies on team support to pull off effectively, but can pay off rather well in the long run. Acupressure is used to give Doduo a sharp boost in one of its stats (randomly), while Roost is used to recover off damage. After a Special Defense, evasion or Defense boost, Doduo will have a much easier time walling off attacks to rack up more Acupressure boosts. What makes things a bit better is that Acupressure will not boost a stat that is already maxed out, giving Doduo a better chance at getting something useful if one can stall out for a long enough time. Faint Attack and Drill Peck together give passable coverage, only hitting the occasional Steel-type for half damage. For Baton Pass teams and those that don't need the extra coverage against Psychic Pokemon that Faint Attack brings, Baton Pass on Doduo allows it to pass a nice stat boost to another Pokemon on one's team that could use the stat boost better than Doduo can, such as Ponyta or Wingull if Doduo gets the misfortune of getting a useless Special Attack boost.

The EVs are driven to help Doduo with its at best average defense to give it a chance to use Roost and Acupressure enough times to get a defensive or evasive boost to allow it to continue its strategy. While Doduo has no Attack EVs, Drill Peck is still a guaranteed OHKO on the standard Nuzleaf, and also OHKOs Skiploom if Doduo can manage a Speed boost with Acupressure. Faint Attack hits a max Defense Chingling for a guaranteed 2HKO when factoring in Stealth Rock damage, and also 2HKOs a max Defense Drowzee.

Team Benefit phanpy baltoy houndour quilava

As far as revenge killers with a Ground immunity go, Doduo is one of the best choices for a team in UU NFE. While it's arguable that Taillow outclasses Doduo because of its higher Speed, Doduo has more Attack power than Taillow. Taillow, however, can outspeed a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Elekid and Yanma, as well as a max Speed Charmeleon, Gastly and Skiploom. With this said, Doduo works on a team only if these Pokemon are not a huge threat to one's team, or Skiploom's status effects are dealt with somewhat easily.

As with all Flying-types, Doduo highly appreciates Rapid Spin support, as Stealth Rock is a huge pain to it in switching in. Phanpy works well here, attracting Grass attacks that Doduo can switch into, while giving Phanpy a possible switch-in if one predicts an Electric attack is being aimed toward Doduo. Both of these Pokemon, however, share an Ice weakness. Tentacool can attract Ground attacks rather well, but shares an Electric weakness with Doduo. The rest of one's team should be somewhat focused on whichever element is the issue in either of these scenarios. Wartortle and Staryu can also work, but still have an Electric weakness issue. Using a Ground-type or possibly Chinchou on one's team (because of volt Absorb) can help accomodate for these weaknesses.

The Acupressure set requires that common counters to Doduo are taken down because Doduo may need multiple turns using Acupressure for it to boost a desirable stat. Doduo only has a 12.5% chance of getting a useful stat boost, an overall 25% of those boosts being useless in the event that Accuracy or Special Attack is raised. Using Fire-types to combat priority Ice Shard-users is useful here, such as Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta or Quilava. On a likely switch, Growlithe can use Pursuit to damage a fleeing foe, which can prove useful for taking such targets down easier. Alternative common lures for Ice Shard-users include frail and fast Grass-types or Ground-types, including Treecko, Vibrava, Skiploom and Nuzleaf, although none of these particularly synergize well with Doduo.

Counters seel phanpy onix aron swinub

Phanpy, Shellder and Seel all have enough Defense to take any of Doduo's attacks, and can all hit Doduo back with Ice Shard, bypassing Doduo's Speed and scoring a likely KO if Doduo has taken previous Stealth Rock damage. Swinub, Snorunt and Snover can all do the same, but are KOed by the Choice Band set. Geodude, Rhyhorn, Aron, Onix and Shieldon all laugh at Doduo's STAB Brave Bird and Return, and take very little damage from Pursuit or Faint Attack, allowing them to hit back with a STAB Stone Edge or Head Smash for a OHKO, respectively. Omanyte also resists Doduo's attacks, bar Faint Attack, and can do a considerable amount of damage with Surf or Ice Beam. Kabuto can switch into almost anything (only fearing Faint Attack, which from the Choice Band set only muscles a 3HKO on a minimum Defense Kabuto, allowing Kabuto to hit back with a STAB Aqua Jet.


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