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Torrent: Increases power of Water-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

DDNaw Jolly Life Orb

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Ice Punch
252 Atk / 220 Spd / 36 HP

Croconaw makes a potent physical sweeper after a Dragon Dance, and has a good physical movepool to make use of it, including Return, Body Slam, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Shadow Claw and Aerial Ace. The listed moves give you the best coverage in OU NFE, however. Ice Punch takes down Grass-types, as well as Gligar and Shelgon. Superpower is your best option to manage Bidoof before it sets up, as well as Sneasel, while Waterfall provides a reliable STAB attack.

220 Speed EVs allow you to outspeed max Speed Electabuzz and Kadabra after a Dragon Dance, allowing you to hit them with the appropriate attack for a KO, while outspeeding max Speed Pupitar for a OHKO with Waterfall. The remaining EVs are dumped into HP to aid in Life Orb recoil and Dragon Dance set-up time, although you should ensure that Croconaw has an odd-numbered HP stat to give it 11 hits with Life Orb.

Set Name Nature Item

SDNaw Jolly Life Orb

Moves EVs

Swords Dance
Aqua Jet
Ice Punch
252 Atk / 240 Spd / 16 Def

This is a more risky set because of Croconaw's average Speed and defenses, but offers more immediate attacking power, and after Swords Dance, Aqua Jet makes up for Croconaw's Speed. Ice Punch provides coverage against Bayleef, Shelgon and Skiploom who resist Aqua Jet, and outspeed Croconaw, while still putting a dent in Gligar and Murkrow, who also outspeed Croconaw.

240 Speed EVs allows you to outspeed anything slower than a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Chinchou. A drop to 232 Speed is optional to give more defensive investment, and means you cannot outspeed a max Speed, 252 Spd Nidorina, who otherwise can attack with Thunderbolt, although it is recommended to not go lower, as you will not outspeed a neutral-natured, 252 Speed Electrike or Roselia, who can attack Croconaw with STAB Electric or Grass attacks, respectively.

Set Name Nature Item

Anti-Lead Jolly Lum Berry

Moves EVs

Aqua Jet
Ice Punch
Focus Punch
220 HP / 252 Atk / 36 Sp Def

Packing a priority move, Focus Punch and passable defenses, Croconaw works well in taking down the majority of OU NFE leads. Foes who try to status Croconaw with sleep, such as Golbat, Roselia, Skiploom and Haunter will be disappointed when Croconaw shrugs the move off with Lum Berry, and then proceeds to use Substitute, preventing them from using it again. Ice Punch hits all the aforementioned Pokemon for hard damage, and is a 2HKO on Haunter, who usually carries a Focus Sash, making a KO rather useless. For Pokemon weakened by Ice Punch or Focus Punch, Aqua Jet can finish them off. While Aqua Jet's STAB and x4 effectiveness against the latter 2 Rock-type Pokemon seems like the best option, it should be noted that Aqua Jet only gets a 3HKO on a 212 HP / 0 Defense Rhydon, while Focus Punch results in a 2HKO. a lead Murkrow also loses the fight in the combination of Ice Punch and Aqua Jet, while it won't be scathed by Thunder Wave, and will only suffer a 3HKO from Sucker Punch if it elects to use that to harm Croconaw before it is KOed back with Aqua Jet. In addition, Kadabra has no chance in taking Croconaw down before taking down by a finishing Aqua Jet, as Energy Ball is never a OHKO, bar a critical hit.

Croconaw as a lead Pokemon has little choices in which outspeeding anything would prove a make-or-break situation. A Jolly nature with 252 Atk / 200 Spd / 56 Sp Def is an alternative option to allow Croconaw to outspeed a max Speed Pupitar for a 2HKO with Ice Punch, as well as outspeeding a max speed Metang and Mantyke, although Mantyke and Pupitar aren't common for lead Pokemon. However, the more defensive spread listed above means Croconaw isn't 2HKOed by a lead Kadabra's Energy Ball, Magmar's Hidden Power Grass, Haunter's Thunderbolt, and even a max Attack Rhydon's Earthquake, all things that make Croconaw's role as an anti-lead much easier to accomplish.

Team Benefit rhydon bayleef exeggcute grotle

Croconaw serves as a sturdy set-up sweeper for any team that can take advantage of its Water element to switch-in from Steel attacks (namely Bullet Punch), Ice, Fire or other Water attacks. Grass-types can switch-out from Fire or Ice attacks to give Croconaw a possible set-up turn, namely Nuzleaf, who is frail enough to be heavily damaged by a STAB Bullet Punch. Rhydon and Onix make good teammates, as they can lure Water, Steel or Ice attacks, although Croconaw must still be wary of Grass attacks. Cranidos works in the same way, and is more susceptible to Aqua Jet or Bullet Punch. Croconaw also benefits greatly from Light Screen and Reflect to aid it in setting up Dragon Dance or Swords Dance, and with its passable defenses, can usually pull off at least 2 Dragon Dances if it is not met with a super-effective STAB attack. This makes screen-setters such as Bayleef, Skiploom, Exeggcute and Grotle notable teammates.

Counters electabuzz roselia chinchou tangela bayleef

Electabuzz can outspeed the Swords Dance set, is usually 2HKO'ed by a Swords Dance Aqua Jet, and can cause heavy damage with a STAB Thunderbolt or Thunderpunch. While it doesn't outspeed the Dragon Dance set, it takes manageable damage from Aqua Jet. Chinchou is resistant to most of Croconaw's attacks, and has enough bulkiness to withstand a Dragon Dance-boosted Superpower, while hitting back with a STAB Thunderbolt. Roselia is resistant to Aqua Jet, can outspeed Croconaw before a Dragon Dance, and KO with Leaf Storm or, with residual damage, Energy Ball. Staryu is resistant to Aqua Jet, and can outspeed a non-Dragon Dance-boosted Croconaw and hit with Thunderbolt. Tangela, Bayleef and Grotle also work well with access to Energy Ball or Leaf Storm, and only have trouble with repeated or boosted Ice Punches.