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Honey Gather: May pick up Honey after an in-game battle.


Element SymbolElement Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

Mixed Attacker Naive Life Orb

Moves EVs

Bug Bite
Ominous Wind
Air Cutter
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Odd-numbered HP stat

While Combee's limited movepool makes it easily predictable, its high Speed and passable Special Attack can provide for an effective NU sweep. Mud-Slap is mainly filler, but is useful for giving Combee a chance to hit twice before being attacked, although the damage dealt is outclassed by one of its other 3 attacks. Bug Bite is your best option against Ralts, and is Combee's secondary main sweeping attack. Ominous Wind is mainly filler, but against a weaker Ralts, can possibly give Combee a stat boost, which could be highly useful for a mixed sweeper of its kind.

It is important to have an odd-numbered HP stat to aid Combee in taking Stealth Rock damage, as well as giving it 11 hits from its Life Orb before being KO'ed.

Team Benefit squirtle tyrogue cynaquil

Combee makes one of the best NU NFE sweepers for a NU NFE team with its high Speed (only being outsped by Magikarp and Feebas) and passable NU NFE type coverage, and provides a good switch-out from Ground attacks from the likes of Slakoth and Tyrogue. The combination of Bug and Flying doesn't win any awards for resistances, but Combee provides a useful switch-out for Water-types when faced with a Grass-type such as Turtwig or Bulbasaur if you have already elected to use Zubat on your team. Combee is severely hit by Stealth Rock, robbing it of half of its HP before it gets the chance to sweep, making it wise to have a Pokemon like Tyrogue on a team to be able to threaten Igglybuff, who is one of the only Stealth Rock setters in NU NFE. Tyrogue not only threatens Igglybuff with a STAB Fighting attack and higher Speed, but it also has access to Rapid Spin. Turtwig, the most common Stealth Rock-setter in NU NFE, can be dealt with by Cyndaquil, Zubat or Torchic, the latter two having much better synergy with Combee. While Squirtle doesn't really deter Turtwig, it is the bulkiest Rapid Spinner in NU NFE, making it a very good consideration for Rapid Spin support. Squirtle also has resistances to Fire and Ice, both of which Combee is weak to. You must be able to take down any opposing Igglybuff or Turtwig before it lays down Stealth Rock, or Rapid Spin it away if Combee is to switch in safely and attempt a sweep.

Counters squirtle cyndaquil torchic

Squirtle, with defensive investment, can use priority attacks to bypass Combee's Speed, and weather its attacks long enough to KO it. Ice Punch in itself is a OHKO on Combee if Squirtle invests in Attack power, or is the Choice Band variation. Cyndaquil and Torchic do not suffer a super-effective hit, and can retaliate with Flamethrower for a KO. Stealth Rock in itself when set-up by Igglybuff or Turtwig automatically halves Combee's HP when it switches in, and with Life Orb recoil, can lead to nothing more than a priority attack from Tyrogue, Squirtle or Ralts for a KO.


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