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Blaze: Increases power of Fire-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.


Element Symbol




Sp Atk

Sp Def




Set Name Nature Item

DDMeleon Adamant Life Orb / Leftovers

Moves EVs

Dragon Dance
Brick Break
Flare Blitz
72 HP / 252 Atk / 186 Spd

After a single Dragon Dance, Charmeleon hits a Speed of 362 with this set, which effectively outspeeds Sneasel. From there, you can use the appropriate attack to sweep the opponent's team, or pull off another DD if the opportunity arises, and sweep the opponent's team with the appropriate moves. Fire and Electric are walled by Dragons, namely Shelgon, as well as Graveler and Onix, so Brick Break is put in the final moveslot to take care of Onix and Graveler easier, who can carry Earthquake to KO Charmeleon, as well as hit Shelgon for neutral damage. Charmeleon also gets Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Body Slam, Crunch and Dig as additional options, although Earthquake hits through Dig, so you may still have problems against Rock-types if you don't opt for Iron Tail or Brick Break.

186 Speed EVs allow you to outpace neutral-natured, 252 Speed Pidgeottos before a Dragon Dance use, and after said Dragon Dance, the ability to outspeed Sneasel. 252 Speed allows you to outpace max Speed Roselia, Nidorino and Houndour before a Dragon Dance, which is not very notable, and gives you no more outspeeding potential after a Dragon Dance than without one, so 186 Speed will usually suffice. Keep in mind that the recoil for Flare Blitz can be painful, so HP investment isn't a bad idea, as well as keeping in mind to have an odd-numbered HP stat to allow you to switch into Stealth Rock 4 times before dying, though that situation is a bit gimmicky.

Set Name Nature Item

BellyMeleon Jolly Salac Berry

Moves EVs

Belly Drum
Fire Punch
Dragon Claw
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Odd-numbered HP stat

A mini BellyZard, but works better in NFE coverage-wise due to the absence of Heatran to resist the Fire/Dragon coverage combo. Set up a Substitute, then use Belly Drum to maximize your Attack power, and give yourself a Speed boost with the Salac Berry, then sweep with 908 base Attack power. Again, Dragon Claw and Fire Punch are unresisted in NFE.

The odd or even HP number is highly debatable with this set, which revolves around the ever-popular Stealth Rock being on the field. If Charmeleon has an even-numbered HP stat, you will take 25% from Stealth Rock when you switch in, and in essence be forced to use Belly Drum right away and take the Salac boost, not only giving your opponent a free turn, but without a Substitute, Charmeleon is easily KO'ed in this situation. However, if you give Charmeleon an odd-numbered HP stat, and Stealth Rock is NOT on the field, you will have no way of reaching 25% health or the Salac boost unless you have taken minor damage prior to this, or if Sandstorm or Hail is in effect. The sweet and short story is if you have an odd-numbered HP stat, be sure that Stealth Rock is on your side of the field, otherwise you will not hit 25% for the Salac Boost. If you have an even- numbered HP stat, be sure that Stealth Rock is NOT on your side of the field, otherwise, you will have to choose between either Sub or Belly Drum on the switch-in, since you have no form of recovery. The Attack EVs are a given, since Charmeleon needs all the attacking power it can get to get a decent use of Belly Drum.

Set Name Nature Item

MixMeleon Rash Life Orb

Moves EVs

Fire Blast
Hidden Power Grass
100 Atk / 156 Sp Atk / 252 Spd

While Charmeleon has serious competition with Monferno in terms of a mix role, it is granted the move of Crunch, which helps this set out a lot. It covers Misdreavus, a common OU Spin blocker, as well as Haunter, who both are common to attempt in keeping Stealth Rock in play, with Charmeleon being weak to it. Fire Blast is Charmeleon's most powerful STAB move, and because of its hardly passable Special Attack, is needed over Flamethrower to do the most damage, and KO Metang, Bronzor, Grotle and other threats that would in the end take the most damage from it, such as Lairon, Electabuzz and Machoke, all of whom can threaten Charmeleon one way or another. Hidden Power Grass covers Rhydon, Graveler, Onix and most forms of Marshtomp, while ThunderPunch is Charmeleon's answer to special defense-oriented Water-types that may threaten it, such as Tentacool.

100 Attack EVs ensure that Charmeleon's Crunch always 2HKOs the standard Misdreavus, while ensuring a 2HKO on even the most physically bulky of Tentacools. Speed is maximized to tie Charmeleon with max Speed Skiploom, allowing it to outspeed some forms of Murkrow, as well as Poliwhirl, Gligar and Staryu. The remaining EVs are delegated to Special Attack to aid in damage potential.

Set Name Nature Item

SDMeleon Jolly Life Orb

Moves EVs

Swords Dance
Dragon Claw
Flare Blitz / Fire Punch
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Odd-numbered HP stat

After a Swords Dance, Charmeleon hits an Attack stat of 454, enough to make a passable sweeper in NFE. Charmeleon has many physical options, including Dig, ThunderPunch, Rock Slide and Shadow Claw that can be substituted in for Return or Body Slam, although Fire and Dragon give you unresisted coverage in NFE. The choice between Fire Punch and Flare Blitz is a matter of risk and reward. Life Orb recoil + Flare Blitz recoil + Swords Dance turn damage + Stealth Rock can add up quickly for damage, and while Flare Blitz only solves a portion of that, it can sometimes restrict you to one Flare Blitz, rather than 2 Fire Punches before Charmeleon is taken down by residual or direct damage. The same holds true for Double-Edge in the second slot. Be sure to give Charmeleon an odd-numbered HP stat to allow you the most Life Orb uses, while being able to switch into Stealth Rock 4 times before being knocked out.

Team Benefit skiploom wartortle prinplup tentacool

Charmeleon works well on Sunny Day teams because of the STAB boost it gets from the sun, and pairs well with Grass-types, in particular Grass/Flying-types, such as Skiploom. Charmeleon boasts resistances to both Fire and Ice, which Grass-types are weak to, and can switch out to a Flying-type when faced with a Ground-type attack. If your team cannot boast Grovyle as a special sweeper because of weaknesses, Charmeleon makes an acceptable substitute, but will need a setup turn to be able to sweep effectively. Using bulky Grass-type lures such as Wartortle, Prinplup and Lombre as lures can potentially give Charmeleon a resisted switch-in, forcing the Grass-type out in fear of a STAB Fire attack, which can give Charmeleon a free set-up turn. This works much better in the sun, however, since STAB Sunny Day-boosted Fire attacks is something not even Lombre will enjoy.

Being a Fire-type, Charmeleon appreciates Rapid Spin, especially the Belly Drum set, due to the 25% damage completely ruining its strategy. That said, a lead Pokemon with Taunt is very useful for said set, as many leads that are used utilize Stealth Rock, and attempt to get it up early in the game. With barely passable defenses, Charmeleon also appreciates Light Screen and/or Reflect to aid it while it sets up, in particular the Dragon Dance set. Otherwise, it may suffer an attack, and be finished off by a priority attack later in the game. Tentacool works well as a Rapid Spinner, resisting Water attacks aimed at Charmeleon, but Baltoy offers a Ground and Rock resistance.

Counters wartortle staryu chinchou prinplup carvanha

Wartortle is the biggest counter to Charmeleon. It isn't OHKOed by any of Charmeleon's attacks, bar a critical hit, and immediately threatens even Dragon Dance-boosted sets with Aqua Jet. Prinplup works in the same fashion, but lacks Aqua Jet, which means it will have to resort to Surf or Hydro Pump to take Charmeleon down. Diglett, Buizel and Staryu can outspeed Charmeleon with the right EVs and no Dragon Dance, and can KO with Earthquake or Surf, respectively. Albeit a manageable Quick Attack, Charmeleon has no priority moves, allowing these Pokemon to strike before being hit with its sub- par defenses. Chinchou is resistant to Fire, Electric and Ice, takes manageable damage from Dragon Claw, and can hit back with a STAB Surf. Carvanha can switch into an unboosted Fire attack or Dragon Dance set-up, and immediately threaten Charmeleon with Aqua Jet.


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