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Hustle: Damage from physical attacks is boosted by x1.5, but average accuracy is dropped to 80%. Increases wild encounter rate.


HP 72
Atk 85
Def 70
Sp Atk 65
Sp Def 70
Spd 58

Set Name Nature Item

Happy Dragon Lonely Wide Lens

Moves Ability EVs

Work Up
Draco Meteor
12 HP / 132 Atk / 208 Sp Atk / 136 Sp Def / 20 Spd

Zweilous' unique typing and access to Work Up gives it many opportunities to switch-in and set up Work Up. With resistances to Fire, Grass, Water, Ghost, Dark, Water and an immunity to Psychic, it can easily come in on Kadabra, Grotle and most versions of Magmar and Electabuzz, and almost always forces a switch on Haunter. The results of a Work Up boost are huge when facing the OU NFE tier. With Work Up, Zweilous can OHKO the standard Gurdurr, a max HP Machoke and a max HP Croconaw with Outrage, while 2HKOing Togetic, max HP Marshtomp, and even a max HP Metang, all factoring in Stealth Rock damage. Crunch is a wise alternative against Togetic, Kadabra, Gothorita, Electabuzz and Magmar, as both 2HKO these foes without Zweilous having to be locked into Outrage, which makes it unable to switch or use another attack, which can result in a revenge kill. Draco Meteor, in spite of a modest base 65 Special Attack, plays a very devastating role on this set.

With Draco Meteor boosted one stage, Zweilous can OHKO a 0 Sp Def and HP Gligar, Magmar and Electabuzz, while still 2HKOing a max HP Croconaw. When this is factored with the fact that Zweilous can still use Crunch or Outrage after this powerful attack without any stat-lowering consequences, it has no reason to switch out after KOing one foe, meaning it may be able to take down another foe, or possibly even two before the foe takes Zweilous down. The Speed EVs on Zweilous ensure it can outspeed a minimum Speed Tangela, as well as a max Speed Metang and Shelgon for a 2HKO or OHKO with the appropriate attack. The extra Sp Def and HP are very important to this set, as it allows Zweilous to survive a Timid Life Orb Kadabra's Hidden Power Ice all the time, factoring in Stealth Rock damage. This makes Zweilous the second largest Kadabra check in NFE next to Sneasel, as Zweilous doesn't even need a Work Up boost to take Kadabra down with Crunch.Credit to PDC for part of this set.

Set Name Nature Item

Switch Forcer Impish Leftovers

Moves Ability EVs

Work Up
Sleep Talk
Dragon Tail
252 HP / 180 Def / 76 Sp Def

This set works amazingly with entry hazard support, and is the real niche for this set. With Work Up and a Hustle boost, Dragon Tail needs no Attack EVs to do considerable damage to the foe as Zweilous shuffles the foe's team around with the effects of Dragon Tail. Rest is Zweilous's only means of recovery, but it works well enough to make this set viable in OU NFE. There is also a lot less fear of Sleep Talk using the incorrect move with this set - If Dragon Tail isn't used via Sleep Talk, a Work Up boost is not something that Zweilous doesn't need; with +1 and a Hustle Boost, Zweilous can 2HKO a max HP Togetic, max HP Marshtomp, and OHKO any Dragonair who doesn't invest extremely heavily into Defense. Credit to DialaceStarvy for this set. The EVs on this set are Klinked into physical defense to ensure that Sneasel cannot OHKO Zweilous with Ice Punch, while a Choice Band Sneasel's Ice Shard doesn't even 2HKO.

Other Options

Team Benefit    metanggurdurrhauntermachoketesshiido

Metang works very well with Zweilous in that it takes down common problematic Pokemon for Zweilous. Sneasel, Machoke and Piloswine are all threatened by Metang one way or another, making Zweilous's setup turn easier to accomplish. Shuca Metang can accomplish this particularly well, as it does much better against Piloswine and Rhydon. It also gets Stealth Rock, which is absolutely mandatory if Zweilous is to get all the 2HKOs and OHKOs that the Work Up set is meant for.

Machoke and Gurdurr are also notable teammates, in that Zweilous can very easily take Kadabra down, Pokemon who otherwise shut Machoke and Gurdurr down entirely. Even Ghost-types such as Haunter and Misdreavus work well, as they can switch-in for free if Zweilous is faced with a Fighting attack from Sneasel or an opposing Gurdurr or Machoke.

Finally, Bulky Grass, Water and Psychic Pokemon work very well, as Zweilous has a huge list of resistances that these Pokemon can take full advantage of. Golett is weak to Water, Ghost and Dark attacks, all things that Zweilous can switch into, while Croconaw can easily switch into an Ice attack that Zweilous may be faced with, or even weaker Fighting attacks coming from an unboosted Gurdurr or Pignite.The Force-switcher set almost needs entry hazard support to be fully viable. Roselia is still one of the best Spikes setters in the NFE metagame, but it shares an Ice weakness with Zweilous, meaning other teammates should accomodate for this if Roselia is chosen for an entry hazard setter. Ferroseed is another useful teammate as an entry hazard in tandem with Zweilous - it learns both Spikes and Stealth Rock, and can easily switch to Zweilous when faced with a Fire attack, although one should consider the dual Fighting weakness that comes with this combo.

Checks/Counters   machokelaironmetangsneaselpiloswine

Scarf Machoke instantly deals with Zweilous. It can survive any one attack from Zweilous if it hasn't gotten a Work Up, and even if it has, Scarf Machoke can always outspeed and KO with Dynamicpunch. Gurdurr cannot switch into a Work Up-boosted Outrage, but can instantly KO Zweilous with Superpower. Metang can somewhat check it with a STAB Meteor Mash or Ice Punch, although it is 2HKOed by a boosted Outrage, meaning it cannot switch in unless it carries a Choice Scarf. Sneasel and Piloswine can easily take Zweilous down with a swift Ice Punch or Ice Shard, although only Piloswine can switch into any of Zweilous' boosted attacks. Lairon also works extremely well, as it can easily take even boosted Draco Meteors, and absorbs Outrage and Crunch easily, while threatening Zweilous with a STAB Head Smash.


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