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Overgrow: Increases power of Grass-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.

[Hidden Ability] Contrary: Stat boosts and drops are reversed.


HP 60
Atk 60
Def 75
Sp Atk 60
Sp Def 75
Spd 83

With average stats and a movepool consisting mostly of Normal and Grass attacks and only a 2 other types (Iron Tail for Steel and Pursuit for Dark) and Hidden Power, Servine at first glance does not seem to be very threatening. However with access to a fairly rare move, Coil, and a blessing in being given the Contrary ability, Servine can prove to be extremely threatening given the right battle conditions.

Set Name Nature Item

Smugleaf'd Modest Choice Scarf

Moves Ability EVs

Leaf Storm
Hidden Power Ice
252 Sp Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Any OU NFE team should consider this set as a huge threat to any team-in-making. With a STAB base 140 Leaf Storm that is boosted by +2 every time it is used, there is very little a OU NFE team can do if it does not take the necessary precautions. No priority move in OU NFE, even Piloswine's Life Orb Ice Shard, can singlehandedly OHKO Servine, which means teams may lose at least one or two Pokemon before being able to take Servine down. In many cases, Leaf Storm is the only attack that really is needed to make most of this set. After +2, not much in OU NFE can survive a Leaf Storm, and even less after +4. It should be noted, however, that a super-effective Hidden Power Ice does more damage to any particular foe than does a +2 Leaf Storm. This is applicable to Servine's main nemeses - Golbat and Togetic. While both are 3HKOed, they take much more damage from Hidden Power Ice than they do even a +2 Leaf Storm. Servine has a very slim movepool, making Glare and Toxic the best choices for this set. With Glare's accuracy boosted to 90% in Pokemon Black and White, it becomes much more usable. Glare works against fast checks to Servine such as Haunter, Magmar and Sneasel, although it requires a good amount of prediction. Golbat isn't shaken as badly by paralysis, although Servine has absolutely no other options outside of a 3HKO with Hidden Power Ice as it is. On the flipside, Toxic hits hard what Glare doesn't - Togetic, Pignite, Tangela and Grotle, all of whom are sound switchins to Servine if Leaf Storm is predicted. The Speed EVs put Servine at a Speed of 397. This is enough to outspeed anything slower than a Scarf Gabite (even Pokemon who aim to outpace it by one point), which includes max Speed Sneasel, +1 Jolly Fraxure, Choice Scarf Mankey, +1 max Speed Combusken, Kadabra and Electabuzz. It is highly recommended not to go lower, as Scarf Gabite can easily KO with a STAB Outrage. Servine is very vulnerable when it is first sent out - a non-boosted Leaf Storm does not gain many OHKOs unless it hits for at least super-effective damage, as you will see in the calculations below. The key to using this Servine effectively is switching it in on something that it threatens immediately with Leaf Storm after you analyze the majority of the foe's team and ensure that Servine's counters are dealt with. While Servine has exceptional power after +2, it needs a fair amount of help getting there.

Credit for calculations goes to ChoboMarky, and DialaceStarvy for the set.

Other Options

Servine gets Swords Dance and a handful of useful physical attacks, but its base 60 Attack is too low to make it a true threat. While it may surprise some of Servine's counters, it can barely even 2HKO Chansey with +2 Leaf Blade.

A physical Coil set is a very viable choice to use alongside Iron Tail and Aqua Tail, both moves that have imperfect accuracy...just make sure to use Overgrow instead of Contrary.

Team Benefit    sneaseltangelapiloswinemurkrow

For Servine to sweep effectively, Golbat and Togetic must be completely cleared. Sneasel is a very useful candidate for this since it can threaten both of them with a STAB Ice Punch. Without Stealth Rock damage, Sneasel misses out on a KO against Togetic however, unless of course it resorts to a Choice Band. Piloswine can also deal with these two threats with Ice Shard and Superpower. Tangela and Grotle are effective lures for both Golbat and Togetic, although this means you must carry two of the same type of Pokemon on one team, which should be remedied by other teammates. Servine cannot easily switch into much in OU NFE, but if one can clear its typical counters, there isn't much that can stop it once it gets +2 to its Leaf Storm. Murkrow with Sucker Punch can help clear Haunter and Magmar from stopping Servine, but doesn't fare as well against Golbat and Togetic.

Checks/Counters   golbattogeticmagmarhaunter

Golbat is the most reliable counter against Servine. It doesn't even take 25% from an unboosted Leaf Storm, and can threaten Servine with a multitude of attacks, including Brave Bird, Sludge Bomb, Heat Wave and Air Slash. Even if Servine predicts correctly and uses Hidden Power Ice, it still only manages a 2HKO at the very most, allowing Golbat to easily KO on the next turn. This leaves Servine with nothing but Toxic and Glare, the former of which Golbat is immune to. Togetic is the next best counter, most notably the Special wall variation. While it can't KO it, it can use Thunder Wave and consecutive Seismic Tosses to wear it down until it faints. Even without Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave makes Servine much easier to deal with. Choice Specs variations can easily take Servine down with Hidden Power Flying or Fire Blast. Aside from these two, nothing can completely counter Servine - checks are the only solution. Choice Scarf Magmar and Haunter can outspeed Servine and KO with Flamethrower or Hidden Power Ice, respectively. They can also take a +2 Leaf Storm and survive, but not a normal Leaf Storm and in succession a +2 Leaf Storm. Pignite can also take a +2 Leaf Storm and KO with either Superpower or Flare Blitz, while Piloswine can deal 76.63% - 90.42% with Ice Shard, making it a useful revenge killer if Servine has taken previous damage.


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