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Blaze: Increases power of Fire-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.

[Hidden Ability] Thick Fat: Halves the power of Ice- and Fire-type attacks done to this Pokemon.


HP 90
Atk 93
Def 55
Sp Atk 70
Sp Def 55
Spd 55

Set Name Nature Item

CBBuu Adamant Choice Band

Moves Ability EVs

Flare Blitz
Stone Edge
Wild Charge
252 Atk / 124 Def / 132 Sp Def

It's surprising how much a simple Choice Band can turn some otherwise deadweight attackers into decimating tanks. Any team who has a Sneasel weakness can be immediately relieved with this set, as Sneasel's Brick Break isn't enough to do anything to Pignite, while Pignite can KO it with all 4 of its attacks, making switching very tricky for the foe. While Pignite only deals around 83% - 98% to Sneasel with Wild Charge, Stealth Rock ensures that it will be KOed in any situation, but even without it, Pignite has a 53% chance to KO if Sneasel takes Life Orb damage. Superpower is a devastating attack on this set, KOing Dragonair (unless it invests very heavily in Defense), max Defense Piloswine, max HP Marshtomp, Gurdurr and a max HP Rhydon. Flare Blitz is just as powerful as Superpower, KOing the same Pokemon above who take neutral damage, as well as any form of Grotle, Metang (unless it runs Occa Berry) and Gligar. The beauty with this set is that Pignite can KO many Pokemon with more than one attack; because Flare Blitz and Superpower have the same base power, Machoke, Gurdurr, Piloswine and Electabuzz are all KOed by either Flare Blitz or Superpower, which can lead to some interesting mind-games in Pignite's favor; no OU NFE resists both Fire and Fighting attacks bar Frillish (who is KOed by Wild Bolt), meaning there is no 100% safe switch-out if Pignite is sent in. Haunter in itself is KOed by Stone Edge, Flare Blitz AND Wild Charge, as is Murkrow.

Stone Edge on this set is needed to give Pignite the KO on almost any Togetic ran (anything with more than 252 HP and 228 Defense becomes problematic), although it truthfully has little other use and little other options. Wild Charge is needed to come out on top against Clamperl, Poliwhirl (Poliwhirl only has a 20% chance to OHKO Pignite with Waterfall after it takes Stealth Rock damage), Mantyke and Wartortle. The Defense EVs on this set are invested to allow Pignite to survive a Gurdurr's +1 Drain Punch all the time after Stealth Rock damage if it doesn't first get a Bulk Up boost, which is important because Pignite can otherwise KO it with Flare Blitz or Superpower. A Max Attack Metang's Earthquake also falls short of a OHKO, allowing Pignite to hit back with Flare Blitz. The Sp Def EVs allow Pignite to always survive a max Sp Atk Haunter's Psychic or Thunderbolt to allow it to hit back with any attack but Superpower for an instant KO.

Other Options

Team Benefit    gligarkadabra[grotle]

Being the #1 counter to Sneasel, Pignite works best when combined with Pokemon who normally would always lose out to Sneasel. Cottonee, Zwelious, Kadabra, Gligar and Togetic are notable teammates because of this. Dark-types such as Zwelious and Murkrow are more notable in that they compliment Pignite's weakness to Kadabra and Magmar's Psychic attack, which otherwise KOs Pignite, while Zwelious can take any attack Magmar carries bar Hidden Power Ice, Brick Break or Focus Blast. Sneasel in itself works well as a teammate to lure out Kadabra, although it cannot reliably take down Magmar.

Checks/Counters   marshtompcroconawpiloswinegligar

Bar Superpower, Marshtomp can come in on any of Pignite's attacks and threaten with Surf, Earthquake or Waterfall. If it has the fortune of coming in on Wild Charge, it has no choice but to switch out. Croconaw is also another nearly flawless counter, not being KOed by Pignite's Superpower, and always able to OHKO with Waterfall if it carries a Life Orb. Rhydon only fears Superpower, and can KO Pignite with Earthquake, although Rhydon needs a good amount of Speed EVs to be able to outspeed Pignite. Gligar and Piloswine are situational checks for Pignite, as Gligar can only switch in if Flare Blitz isn't used, whereas Piloswine fears both of Pignite's STAB attacks. Regardless, both of these Pokemon can threaten Pignite with a STAB Earthquake, although Gligar needs a Life Orb and max Attack to do so.


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