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Blaze: Increases power of Fire-type attacks by x1.5 when 33% or less health is remaining.

[Hidden Ability] Iron Fist: Increases the power of punch-based moves by 20%.


HP 64
Atk 78
Def 52
Sp Atk 78
Sp Def 52
Spd 81

Set Name Nature Item

CBFerno Jolly Choice Band

Moves Ability EVs

Mach Punch
Close Combat
Fire Punch / Flare Blitz
U-Turn / Thunderpunch
Iron Fist
252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def

Monferno's new toy, Iron Fist, gives its Mach Punch (at first glance) a small, but certainly helpful power boost. Choice Band further boosts Mach Punch's power, and turns Monferno into one of the best revenge killers in OU NFE. Capable of dealing at least 40% damage to a neutral-natured, 0 HP / 4 Def Servine and even 46% damage to a neutral-natured, 0 HP / 4 Def Kadabra, Mach Punch is a move your opponent will have to be aware of before they attempt a sweep. Choice Band Close Combat seriously dents anything that does not resist it, although unfortunately it does not get the Iron Fist boost. Flare Blitz can replace the generally useful Fire Punch if you are willing to lower Monferno's survivability for raw power. It should be noted, however, that Flare Blitz is capable of 2HKOing even 252 / 4 neutral natured Gligar and OHKOing less physically defensive variants of Tangela, something that Fire Punch cannot do. This set plays similarly to Scizor in the OU tier - while there are no statistically huge advantages to Iron Fist, it is the recommended ability on this set simply for the extra boost in the event that it becomes useful - Blaze is a much more situational ability.

U-turn is very useful, especially with Monferno's extremely risky exploit of Lampent switching in, and is the recommended move on this set for that very reason, and also takes advantage of allowing Monferno to scout out the opponent's answer to Monferno. Repeated onslaughts of U-turn and entry hazard damage could really soften your opponent's team, making Mach Punch even more deadly later on in battles. ThunderPunch can replace U-turn to boost Monferno's chances against Water and Flying types, especially Mantyke, Golbat and Frillish. It also receives a good increase in power thanks to Iron Fist.

While little can switch in on Monferno's attacks, its poor defenses only allows him to safely fight against slower Pokemon and those who fear Mach Punch. Monferno's speed is also only above average at best, as a considerable portion of OU NFE outspeeds it. This fact and Choice Band's limiting drawback means that this particular Monferno set will need to be used with careful prediction, especially when switching in. However, in spite of this, Monferno makes a great choice for wall-breaking due to its devastating power.

Credit to DialaceStarvy for this set.

Other Options

Team Benefit    mantykediglettgligar

Clearing Lampent from the foe's team is essential if the Choice Band set is used. Marshtomp, Croconaw and Gligar can all accomplish this by using Earthquake or Waterfall respectively. Mantyke can also accomplish this, and is immune to both Ground and Water attacks, which is very helpful in tricky switch outs when Monferno is faced against Marshtomp or Poliwhirl.

Diglett also helps out with Monferno's Lampent problem. Its Arena Trap can turn Lampent's trapping abilities against it, and allows it to KO with a single Earthquake, leaving Lampent no way to escape.

Checks/Counters   pururirucroconawmarshtomp

Frillish is one of the best answers to Monferno if it does not carry Thunderpunch. Flare Blitz merely 3HKOs a physically defensive variation, while threatening Boiling Water or Surf for an instant OHKO. Croconaw is in the same category, and can easily wipe Monferno out with Aqua Jet, while not being OHKOed by Mach Punch.

Marshtomp can easily come in on Fire Punch and even Flare Blitz, and threaten with either Waterfall or Earthquake. Monferno has a mere 2% of 2HKOing Marshtomp with Flare Blitz after it takes Stealth Rock damage.

Because of Monferno's mediocre Speed, it has many checks. Choice Scarf Gabite, Poliwhirl, Haunter, Staravia and Vigoroth can easily outspeed and KO Monferno with their main STAB attacks. Even Electabuzz can OHKO Monferno with a Life Orb-boosted Thunderbolt while always outpacing Monferno unless it uses Mach Punch.


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