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Intimidate: Lowers the foe's Attack by one stage upon entering battle. Decreases wild encounter rate.

Moxie: Raises Attack if the foe faints.

[Hidden Ability] Anger Point: Maximizes Attack if attacked by a Critical Hit.


HP 60
Atk 82
Def 45
Sp Atk 45
Sp Def 45
Spd 74

Set Name Nature Item

LOBiru Jolly Life Orb

Moves Ability EVs

Hone Claws
Stone Edge
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd

Krokorok at first glance seems like an odd candidate for the OU tier given its lackluster Speed and defenses and no access to priority attacks, but its typing, access to Moxie and passable movepool make it a very usable Pokemon, even in a tier that demands speed or bulk. Earthquake on this set is Krokorok's main STAB attack, OHKOing the standard Choice Band Pignite, max HP Metang (it needs 252 HP / 204 Def with a neutral Nature or 252 HP / 100 Defense with a +Defense Nature for a guaranteed 2HKO with Stealth Rock damage), and a max HP Nosepass, all of this without Hone Claws. If Krokorok does manage to get a Hone Claws up, it also gives Krokorok a OHKO on a minimum Defense Croconaw, any Dragonair, Rhydon or Machoke who doesn't invest very heavily in Defense, a max HP Marshtomp 79% of the time and even a maximum Defense Metang.

Stone Edge is mainly on this set for overall coverage, and truthfully has no better merit from Earthquake outside of OHKOing a max HP Togetic. Said Togetic also must run either 172 Defense with a Neutral nature or 84 Defense with a +Defense Nature to survive, which in many cases does not matter because Krokorok is immune to Thunder Wave, and isn't KOed by anything but a Life Orb Tri Attack.

Crunch provides a secondary STAB attack, but like Stone Edge, has little advantages over Earthquake, and even Stone Edge itself, being inferior to Earthquake when faced with Machoke, Marshtomp, Shelgon, Dragonair, Croconaw and Fraxure. It does prove its worth against Misdreavus, however, as it gives Krokorok a guaranteed OHKO on any Misdreavus set that is viable in OU NFE (even max Defense Misdreavus is OHKOed 85% of the time with Stealth Rock damage).

Other Options

Team Benefit    misdreavustogetictesshiidopururirumonferno

Krokorok works well in tandem with Ghost-types, most notably Misdreavus thanks to Krokorok's weakness to Fighting attacks. Haunter also works, but is a less superior option because of Haunter's tendency to attract Aqua Jet and Ice Shard, things that Krokorok can easily be KOed by. Frillish, although UU, synergizes fantastically with Krokorok because of its weakness to Electric, Ghost and Dark. When faced with a Water or Fighting attack, Frillish gets a free switch in. It also works well for a team as a check to Croconaw, Poliwhirl and Marshtomp with Will-O-Wisp and Energy Ball, all foes that give Krokorok trouble.

Multiple entry hazards also make Krokorok much more viable, as it gives a team a higher chance that a foe switches in a new Pokemon when it immediately dies because of entry hazards. With Moxie, this means Krokorok gets a much-needed Attack boost. If Krokorok can combine that with a Hone Claws boost, not much can stop it without the foe having a priority attack. Ferroseed naturally comes to mind for the purpose of Spikes-setting, and actually works well with Krokorok in that it is resistant to Water-type attacks. Roselia also works well, but shares an Ice weakness with Krokorok. Toxic stallers that synergize with Krokorok, such as Misdreavus, Lampent and Grotle and Metang can utilize this strategy another way by switching to Krokorok just before the foe is about to faint from Toxic damage. With resistances to Rock, Dark and Ghost, Krokorok can more easily switch into attacks and utilize the Moxie Attack boost at the end of the turn.

using Piloswine and Sneasel lures like Archen, Kadabra and Togetic is also a recommended strategy, as Ice Shard is the end of either Krokorok set. With that said, Monferno and Pignite are viable teammates, be able to take down both Sneasel and Piloswine, ensuring Krokorok isn't quickly KOed by either of these foes before it has a chance to induce damage.

Checks/Counters   gurdurrgrotlemachokewartortle

Piloswine is the best counter to Krokorok in OU NFE. With high Defense and HP, not even a +1 Earthquake can KO it, while Piloswine easily deals a KO with Ice Shard. Sneasel works in the same fashion, but cannot switch into any attack Krokorok carries outside of Crunch or Hone Claws.

Without a Hone Claws or Moxie boost, bulky Water-types do very well against Krokorok, which considers Croconaw, Marshtomp and Wartortle. Machoke and Gurdurr can easily KO Krokorok with Dynamicpunch or Mach Punch, respectively, although Gurdurr is of course more reliable thanks to Mach Punch's priority.

Grotle also boasts enough Defense to take any attack Krokorok can throw at it, boosted or not, and can easily OHKO with a STAB Seed Bomb.


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