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Guts: Raises Attack if inflicted with a status problem.

Sheer Force: Attacks with a secondary effect have their power boosted by x1.3, but lose the secondary effect.

[Hidden Ability] Iron Fist: Increases the power of punch-based moves by 20%.


HP 85
Atk 105
Def 85
Sp Atk 40
Sp Def 50
Spd 40

Despite his abysmal Speed, Gurdurr still manages to be one of the most destructive Pokemon in NFE. He boasts an incredible base 105 Attack and, to take advantage of it, two very useful moves in Drain Punch and Mach Punch, both receiving a STAB boost. Thanks to his ability, Guts, he does not fear being burned and will instead become even more powerful. Gurdurr is no slouch defensively either. Although his Special Defense seems unusable, it is remedied by his respectable 85 base HP and Defense, allowing him to almost always leave a dent before going anywhere. Gurdurr is definitely a Pokemon that every team should prepare for or end up regretting it.

Set Name Nature Item

Bulk Up Brave Leftovers

Moves Ability EVs

Bulk Up
Mach Punch
Drain Punch
36 HP / 252 Atk / 220 Sp Def

This set is widely considered to be one of the biggest threats in the metagame, and for good reason. With a massive 508 Attack stat and a great 309 Defense stat after just one Bulk Up, Gurdurr becomes an extremely powerful and bulky tank. Drain Punch is crucial to the success of this set because it allows Gurdurr to both hit hard and increase his survivability significantly. Mach Punch overrides Gurdurr's terrible Speed and allows him to finish off weakened checks, as well as act as a check for threats such as Sneasel and Magneton. Payback allows Gurdurr to hit Ghost-types and complements his STAB Fighting-type moves for near-perfect neutral type coverage. Guts rounds off the set as it prevents burns and other status effects from being completely disadvantageous and instead makes Gurdurr even more deadly. With a Guts boost, Gurdurr can easily 2HKO max HP / max Def Wartortle with +1 Drain Punch and, after Stealth Rock damage, OHKO min HP / min Def Magmar with +1 Mach Punch.

The EVs allow Gurdurr to hit as hard as possible while giving the highest Special Defense stat with maximum Leftovers recovery. A Brave nature and 0 Speed IVs are recommended to allow Gurdurr to hit Dusclops and Duosion with full-powered Paybacks. Making Gurdurr as slow as possible also maximizes the effectiveness of Drain Punch's recovery. An alternative spread of 164 HP / 252 Atk / 92 SpD ensures that a +6 Aerial Ace from the standard Swords Dance Gligar will not 2HKO Gurdurr after four Bulk Ups while still maintaining maximum Leftovers recovery. This spread therefore allows Gurdurr to continue setting up safely as Gligar switches in and Swords Dances. However, Gurdurr's Special Defense is cut considerably, giving Life Orb Magmar and Lampent's Fire Blasts good chances to OHKO.

Gurdurr generally has problems with Pokemon that resist or are immune to Fighting-type attacks because they hinder recovery from Drain Punch. Such Pokemon will be able to weaken or even KO Gurdurr. Carrying only one move that is able to hit Ghost-types gives Gurdurr a hard time if faced with a skilled Substitute + Disable Haunter player. Gurdurr can use Mach Punch on the turn Haunter is expected to use Disable, but Haunter can simply Substitute again.

Other Options

Force Palm can be used for paralysis support, but is illegal with Mach Punch. While Guts is mostly the superior ability, you could use a Sheer Force + Life Orb set, taken advantage of with Force Palm and Rock Slide, but Gurdurr is usually too slow to make this effective. Another option is to use Flame Orb or Toxic Orb to give reliable Guts activation, but both heavily sacrifice survivability. If you decide to do this, Flame Orb would be the preferred option as Toxic Orb does more damage than it over time.

Team Benefit    

Checks/Counters   gligarhauntergolbatdaburan

Defensive Swords Dance Gligar is perhaps the most reliable counter to Gurdurr as he can take any hit from him, set up with several Swords Dances, hit back with STAB Aerial Ace and Roost to recover off any damage. With the right EVs, Golbat can take Gurdurr's hits easily, prevent him from using Bulk Up with Taunt and bring his HP down with Super Fang and Brave Bird, Roosting off any damage. Haunter can come in on a predicted Fighting-type attack and exploit Gurdurr's lesser side of defenses with Shadow Ball. Haunter's chances are significantly improved if he runs a Substitute + Disable set, abusing the fact that Gurdurr usually only runs one attack to hit Ghost-types. Duosion can switch in on any Fighting-type attacks and threaten Gurdurr with Psychic. Kadabra can also achieve this, but cannot take a +1 Drain Punch.


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