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Rivalry: Raises Attack if the foe is of the same gender.

Mold Breaker: Attacks used by this Pokemon aren't affected by the foe's ability.

[Hidden Ability] Unnerve: Prevents the foe from using a held berry.


HP 66
Atk 117
Def 70
Sp Atk 40
Sp Def 50
Spd 67

Set Name Nature Item

DDNondo Adamant Life Orb / Yache Berry

Moves Ability EVs

Dragon Dance
Night Slash
Aqua Tail
252 Atk / 236 Spd / 20 Sp Atk

In spite of a very limited physical movepool, Fraxure can be a very threatening physical sweeper after a Dragon Dance. Night Slash works well in taking down Misdreavus and Haunter, as well as providing a straightforward way of attacking anything that doesn't resist it without Fraxure having to lock itself into Outrage.

Without a Life Orb, Fraxure misses out on a lot of important KOs, including a KO on Electabuzz and Magmar with Night Slash after a Dragon Dance, a 2HKO on any Misdreavus who invests more than 252 HP and 200 Defense into its EVs, and only muscling a 2HKO on any Metang who invests in HP or Defense (which constitutes many sets), even with a Dragon Dance. Physically defensive Gligar also becomes a problem without Life Orb, as a 252 HP / 160 Defense Gligar (or a +Defense Nature Gligar with 252 HP and just 56 Def EVs) will always be 2HKOed by a +1 Outrage. On the other hand, even a max Defense and HP Gligar only has a 53% chance to survive a +1 Fraxure's Outrage.

The EVs here are for outrunning max speed Kadabra and Electabuzz. The rest of the EVs are mainly used for max attacking power and leftover bulk. The item choice depends if you want to survive a Sneasel's Ice Punch or Piloswine's Ice Shard, or just get as much power as possible. If you have something on your team that can beat these two, however, Life Orb is the superior option. The moveset on this set is aimed mainly for STAB and power, but in all honesty is Fraxure's best movepool it can muster. STAB Outrage tears through almost anything in its path, while Aqua Tail covers perfectly alongside Outrage to hit Steel-types like Metang. Night Slash is the last decent thing in Fraxure's shallow movepool besides Dig. It can hit Ghost-types and Psychic-types without getting locked into Outrage.

Other Options

Team Benefit    metangchaobuu

Fraxure is a great Pokemon to use with screens. No matter what set it uses, it will always benefit one way or another. Metang is a great canidate for this, as it can cover quite a few of Fraxure's weaknesses and common counter Pokemon. Choice Band Metang is the best option because it can more easily deal with Piloswine than the other variations, a common problematic Pokemon for Fraxure. Water-type Pokemon are also great partners. They can lure in Grass-types that Fraxure can easily set up on, most notably Grotle. It can switch in on Seed Bomb, then either use Dragon Dance or Substitute depending on the set. Pokemon that can get rid of Sneasel and Piloswine are also great ideas, making Pignite a good teammate, as well as Monferno.

Checks/Counters   piloswinesneaselmetangrhydon

Piloswine can take any attack Fraxure can throw at it, even Dragon Dance-boosted ones, and can immediately KO with Ice Shard, although Yache Berry variations will beat Piloswine one-on-one. Sneasel works well in the same way as a check (Adamant Sneasels must resort to Ice Shard, whereas Jolly variations can freely use Ice Punch), although it cannot take any attack Fraxure has bar Night Slash. Metang works well if it can predict Dig from Fraxure, KOing it while underground, but without the prediction, it will fall to Dig + Night Slash.

Scarf-holders work well at revenge-killing Fraxure, as it cannot outpace many of them without 2 Dragon Dance boosts. Poliwhirl only fears Outrage (Dragon Dance boost or not), and can outspeed and KO Fraxure with Ice Punch if it holds a Choice Scarf.

Rhydon also destroys Fraxure. Even with Dragon Dance and a Life Orbed Outrage, Rhydon can survive if it invests heavily in HP (if Fraxure doesn't get a Rivalry boost, that is), and can KO back with a STAB Earthquake.


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