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Steel Thorns: Deals 12.50% damage to foes that touch this Pokemon.


HP 44
Atk 50
Def 91
Sp Atk 24
Sp Def 86
Spd 10

Set Name Nature Item

Lead Careful Leftovers / Lum Berry

Moves Ability EVs

Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave
252 HP / 144 Atk / 64 Def / 48 Sp Def

Ferroseed's very high defenses and access to both Spikes and Stealth Rock make it a very useful entry hazard-setter. Its typing is also a blessing, giving it resistances to Grass, Ghost, Dragon, Psychic and Electric, making it very viable as a lead, as it puts Metang, Piloswine and Sneasel in a very uncomfortable position. The main idea with this set is to use Stealth Rock and Spikes to get entry hazards up before using Thunder Wave to destroy the foe's Speed, or explode to cause major damage. Thunder Wave works well against the aforementioned Sneasel and will make Electabuzz, Magmar, Kadabra and Magneton think twice before switching in. Be very aware, however, that because of Ferroseed's horrible Speed, it will not be outspeeding much even after Thunder Wave - anything with more than 224 Speed will still be able to outspeed Ferroseed and potentially do unspeakable things. Unfortunately, this includes all of the aforementioned switch-in Pokemon.

Explosion with 144 Attack EVs ensures that Ferroseed can always KO Tentacool, almost any form of Lombre, max HP Ivysaur and max HP Whirlipede. Skiploom, however, is never KOed if it invests heavily in Defense, although Ferroseed can run a Lum Berry and use Thunder Wave as Skiploom attempts to use Sleep Powder if one's team is particularly afraid of Skiploom leads.

Set Name Nature Item

Don't Touch Me! Careful Rocky Helmet

Moves Ability EVs

Stealth Rock / Spikes
Toxic / Thunder Wave
Leech Seed / Protect
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp Def

This set works very well on stall teams. With Rocky Helmet and Iron Barbs, any physical attack that hits Ferroseed punishes the foe for 26% of its HP, quickly wearing any Pokemon down when combined with Hail or Sandstorm, or with entry hazards. Rest is the main move on this set to allow Ferroseed multiple surprise switch-ins to physical threats such as Gabite, Fraxure, Scyther, Sneasel, Marshtomp and Zweilous, robbing them of 26% of their health whenever Ferroseed switches in. Ferroseed can easily Rest away damage after a few turns of damage or switching in and switching out, but its other moves can still be of good use. On stall teams that don't use Toxic Spikes, Toxic is an option to take down tanks such as Marshtomp, Porygon2, Lickitung, Frillish and Hippopotas, the latter two whom can use Slack Off or Recover to shrug off the residual damage. Thunder Wave, however, is a very good option against fast Special or mixed attackers, allowing other teammates to set up or revenge kill, Pokemon who aren't as hardly-scathed by Toxic. Leech Seed can be used to aid in recovery if this set is being used on a Hail set or a stall team that doesn't utilize weather effects, and can force more switches, encouraging lots of entry hazard support. Protect can work well if Toxic Spikes is the main motive of a stall team, making Thunder Wave the preferred third option on this set. Defense is maximized on this set because this Ferroseed's main role is to switch into physical attacks; the Rocky Helmet and Iron Barbs combo only works if Ferroseed is hit with a physical move. Ferroseed has no need for Speed EVs, and doesn't gain any key 2HKOs or 3HKOs from Special attacks without significant Special Defense investment, making maximum Defenses optimal for this set's main role.

Other Options

Team Benefit    pururiruranpuraahippopotas

Lampent and Frillish synergize nearly flawlessly with Ferroseed, both resisting Fire attacks and being immune to Fighting attacks, Ferroseed's only elemental weaknesses, which makes them perfect teammates for the entry hazard set. Lampent is notable because it actually benefits from Fire attacks thanks to Flash Fire and can take down common checks to Ferroseed such as Kadabra, Haunter and Misdreavus (Taunt) and Tangela (Sleep Powder), allowing Ferroseed a more safe return to setting up entry hazards once these checks are dealt with. Ferroseed works better on sandstorm teams than it does hail teams because of its immunity to sandstorm and the incredible synergy it offers sandstorm teams. With a x4 resistance to Grass and an resistance to Water attacks, as well as a neutrality to Ice attacks, it immediately makes up for Hippopotas' weaknesses and is an invaluable entry hazard setter with its access to both Spikes and Stealth Rock, making Ferroseed a near staple to a NFE sandstorm team. On hail teams, it shares a x4 Fire weakness and Fighting weakness with Snover, NFE's only permanent hail setter, which means careful team planning should be done if Ferroseed is chosen to be on a hail team. The residual damage set completely relies on luring physical attacks, and still works extremely well on sandstorm teams. Using physical lures such as Kadabra, Chansey and Haunter can work well at this, luring many forms of priority moves for Ferroseed to switch into. Anti-Taunt Pokemon are also very helpful, making a scarf Mankey a useful teammate.

Checks/Counters   dragonairgurdurrchaobuumagneton

Dragonair completely shuts Ferroseed down with Fire Blast, and can even use Ferroseed as setup fodder for Dragon Dance thanks to Shed Skin or Rest healing it from Thunder Wave. Gurdurr has a high amount of Defense to take anything but Explosion and can threaten with a STAB Drain Punch or, like Dragonair, use Bulk Up multiple times.

Nearly any Pokemon with a Fire attack can take Ferroseed down, ones that do not mind paralysis are best in particular. Pignite has an acceptable base Defense and HP, doesn't mind being paralyzed or poisoned, and can immediately KO Ferroseed with a Fire or Fighting attack, which puts the foe in a difficult situation, as the combination of Fire + Fighting is only resisted by Frillish and Lampent. Combusken is in a similar stance, although it will be highly crippled by Thunder Wave.

Magneton also ruins Ferroseed completely, trapping it with Magnet Pull and able to OHKO with Hidden Power Fire, although it will not want to switch into Thunder Wave if it has a Choice Scarf.


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