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Sand Rush: Doubles Speed in a sandstorm.

Sand Force: Boosts the power of Rock-, Steel- and Ground-type attacks in a Sandstorm.

[Hidden Ability] Mold Breaker: Attacks used by this Pokemon aren't affected by the foe's ability.


HP 60
Atk 85
Def 40
Sp Atk 30
Sp Def 45
Spd 68

Set Name Nature Item

SandThrowMole Adamant Life Orb

Moves Ability EVs

Swords Dance
Rock Slide
Sand Stream
252 Atk / 8 Def / 248 Spd

Drilbur is a very effective pokemon with the proper support. This set needs Sandstorm to sweep due to the very essential Speed boost. In this way, it can use Swords Dance without having to waste a turn and be KOed before it has a chance to attack. Drilbur also has a rather high attacking stat, good enough to take out even the most powerful walls with some prior damage.

Earthquake is Drilbur's general STAB attack, while Rock Slide gives it the QuakeSlide combo which is only resisted by Baltoy, who is only 2HKOed if Baltoy invests extremely heavily into Defense. After a Swords Dance, Drilbur becomes an extremely powerful force on a team, dealing 86% - 102% to a max Defense Hippopotas, 89% - 106% to a max Defense Wartortle and 89% - 105% to a max Defense Phanpy, making even fully-Defensive walls possible OHKOs.

The EV spread is designed to outspeed almost any threat Drilbur may encounter in OU NFE; by outspeeding +1 neutral Fraxure. If you are using this set in UU NFE, you should consider an EV spread of 252 Atk / 152 Def / 104 Spd - this allows Drilbur to outspeed Scarf Vibrava, max Speed Abra, Scarf Mankey, Voltorb, Ponyta and Meowth, with additional Speed EVs bearing no practical advantages. Max Attack is a given on such an offensively-minded set, while the remaining EVs are dumped into Defense to aid in taking priority attacks. In UU NFE, With 152 Defense, a max Attack Life Orb Carvanha's Aqua Jet only has a 41% chance of OHKOing after Drilbur takes Stealth Rock damage at max health (although the Life Orb recoil will KO it after it takes down Carvanha). A Life Orb Kabuto's Aqua Jet never OHKOs, while a neutral-natured, 252 Attack Life Orb Croagunk's Sucker Punch always 2HKOs Drilbur. In addition, a max Attack Choice Band Swinub's Ice Shard never OHKOs this set. Houndour's STAB max Attack Sucker Punch also fails to KO Drilbur, making any and all UU NFE priority attack-users, bar Poliwag and Carvanha, unable to KO.

Other Options

Team Benefit    hippopotascacneadrifloon

Hippopotas is a mandatory teammate for Drilbur to allow it to get its all-important Sand Stream ability working. Cacnea works very well as a teammate with Water Absorb to take Aqua Jet or Surf from foes that try to check Drilbur, and synergizes very well overall with Sandstorm teams in that it is resistant to Grass. Its Ice weakness is a concern, however. Chinchou works in the same way, although it is weak to Grass attacks.

Using Flying-types that carry a sleep move, most notably Drifloon and Skiploom, can be useful to Drilbur both by putting the foe to sleep and allow it to switch-in for free, and also to lure Rock attacks that it can switch into. In Drifloon's case, Electric attacks are also lured very well.

Checks/Counters   vulpixpoliwhirlwartortleninetales

Wartortle is one of the only true counters for Drilbur. Even after a Swords Dance boost, it is never OHKOed by any of Drilbur's moves bar a critical hit, and can threaten with Aqua Jet for an immediate KO. Vulpix cannot take any of Drilbur's boosted attacks, but it can remove Sandstorm thanks to Drought, which decimates Drilbur's Speed and allows it to then OHKO immediately with Fire Blast or even Energy Ball.


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